When HorMa returns home, she realises the situation and believes SaYi was telling the truth and that she has change, accepting her back =D  SaYi was so touched that HorMa believed her and after this, I think the family truly forgives her =) Her husband also returned to her! I really like Sa Yi! XD I wonder how long it will last though?

Ah Hong gets JoBao to have a wedding for her, putting on the sympathy act.  It’s so annoying watching Linda so excited and supportive about it. She should know how much it’ll hurtHorMa’s side. At first, JoBao agreed but Ah Hong kept asking for more. She wanted JoBao to personally invite HorMa and her kids to the wedding as well >< When JoBao refused, Ah Hong deliberately leaked to the media about how she’s 48 and still getting married because of insecurities about her relationship with her husband and about the conflicts within the ‘two’ family. She pressures JoBao in thinking that the perfect way to settle the media is if HorMa also came, to show there’s ‘nothing’ between them.

At first Raymond and the others got mad at JoBao, but HorMa sticks up for him and willingly accepts the invitation. Can someone really be that ‘Wei Dai’?? That woman just slapped her at the restaurant the other day! She mucked up her family and children. Does HorMa think that by attending the wedding she’ll help Ah Hong feel a little more secure about her marriage?

On the night, JoBao and Ah Hong were singing together. Later Ah Hong invites all the children to come on stage to sing with them (thinking she can grab all the fame and a glorious win over HorMa?) The children started snging “Needing you every minute” As they sung, JoBao and HorMa were looking at each other and started getting teary as they think back to the times together when they were young.  At the end, Tavia and Moses says the song is dedicated to their mother and father, and raises a glass and give a toast to them- HorM and JoBao!!! hahha! Take that Ah Hong!! XD YAY!! Go HorMa and her children!! =D

Ah Hong must have been so angry!! XD

On the other hand, Linda tries avoiding Bosco but he keeps calling her and Linda keeps crying at the hospital. Honestly I’d be a little concerned if my doctor was so emotionally unstable. She’s such a weak character, turning to Raymond to help her with all her troubles and he is always spending time with her when she needs it.

Once when Linda and Raymond were having lunch, Linda notices Bosco with his girlfriend and she leaves, and Bosco chases after her and the two hug outside on the streets. When Raymond notices Bosco’s girlfriend coming out to look for Bosco, he quickly runs and takes Linda away from him.

Linda:  Goon Ga Jai, my heart is very chaotic. I want to cry but I can’t, I feel so much pain.
Raymond: Yu So Chau, don’t be like that.
Linda: Sorry GoonGaJai, sorry. I thought I can, but I can’t. I can’t tell what is right and what is wrong.. I’m sorry..I’m wasting your time.
No matter if you can distinguish between what’s right or not, as long as you’re unhappy, I can lend you all the time I have.

10 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 27 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    i love tis episode, on HUng’s wedding ceremony.. haha.. i never wonder Ho Ma & Jo Bao children will go tat to them as well to HUng.. haha.. ” Hung get it lo “… if she dun kept on wan all Ho Ma + children to attend the ceremony, she wont get tis.. haha.. great job ” Ga, Ho, Yue, Hing, Zhung ” ( Yuen and Chow , always not in the list of doing something to Hung )

    To Ling B & Dr.Yu.. haiz.. start to get bored on tis paired… love, give up, love give up..and love and give up.. haiz… sound like they 2 … so sien ..and so ” poh ma “

  • rachel says:

    ahh! once again linda is annoying me, but on the other hand, loved the drama going on at the wending and sa yi!. i’m glad everybody in the family forgave her and it’s really nice seeing her good side. but as always good things don’t last long. at the wedding, i was laughing so hard at Hung when the six siblings gave their toast to their dad and “mom” and subtly toasting to Hor Ma. yeah! in your face Ah Hung!! lol i absolutely loved the surprise and anger on her face. it was so obvious, i bet the guest sitting up close could see her angry hahahah, i watched that part over and over again! 😀

  • belle says:

    I am new to this site. I have been reading your thoughts and translations to the episodes and i want to let you know, you are doing a GREAT job! You translate them very well. Keep it up.

    haha. i watched the last part where the kids were up on stage like twice and even a third or fourth. i thought it was really funny and GO KaHoYuetYuenHingJiongChau!

  • Vivian says:

    waa , when I watched the wedding of Jobao and Ah Hong , the song”need you every second” plays, the memories in the past emerge , I was really touched , I realized : Just when you lost something , you can realize how valuable it is .
    Ah , your translation is really good . Thanks !
    By the way , I don’t like the love story : Linda-Bosco much ! Something is nonsensical ! How can Linda love Bosco like that ! Such as a blind love !

  • chibi says:

    yay for the family =D The wedding part was awesome when the kids toasted to HorMa and JoBao =D yay….. take that!!Ah Hong is ridiculously demanding >_>

    Bosco and Linda are extremely boring to watch… the whole way through since the beginning of their relationship is so much non-sense!! She should just get over Bosco already… there’s already a guy there so much better than him, geez- someone has high expectations XD

    She seems to be the one creating the most mess, and making everyone hurt- Raymond, Bosco and Bosco’s gf!!

  • michelle says:

    Very beautiful look on Michelle!
    but fun to watch her lose

  • michelle says:

    Mo Sum Hoi Lei..

  • Maggie says:

    JoBao and HongYi’s wedding was very emotional when the kids gave a toast to HorMa and JoBao!! Haha take that Ah Hong! xD xx

  • Karington says:

    May i know the tittle of the song that Michelle Yim and Ha Yu sang at their wedding? Thanks

    Reply from KTVB:
    They sang 漫步人生路 which roughly translates as “Strolling through life’s road” 🙂 You can download the original song here 🙂

  • Karington says:


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