This episode was so annoying and I felt so bad for Tavia!

Originally she was going to go on a business trip with Moses to Hawaii and was really excited about it because she’s never been out before! However Kate wanted to go too even though she was not needed and pleaded Moses to bring her with them. That wasn’t enough for Kate though- she wanted to go alone with him >< She took Tavia’s passport, tore it up and threw it in the bin out on the streets and then acted innocent and lied, saying she accidentally left it on the taxi! No one believed Tavia when she angrily confronted her, saying she did it on purpose, because Kate has always acted like a good girl in front of everyone. As a result, Tavia missed out on the trip. One night when Tavia was at the office working, Moses came online and started chatting with her and what was so frustrating about it was it was actually Kate on Moses’ account >< and she pissed her off by showing photos Moses had took with her on the trip, and how much fun they were having.

Sa Yi has moved to another unit in the same block (down stairs I think?) and as Tavia was getting the mail, she saw a postcard written to “Grandma Salina” (i.e Sa Yi) from her grandson who missed her, asking why he was abandoned etc. Confronting SaYi right away, SaYi took the postcard back and denied Kate having a son! When Moses and Kate returned, they declared that they were officially going out and Kate deliberately stirred up Tavia’s heart by acting ‘innocent’ because she couldn’t stand how fake Kate was. She confronted her about her having a son but no one believed her. SaYi and Kate denied it and said she had just sponsored the boy >< Kate & Sa Yi also used the opportunity to make Tavia look bad, saying how she deliberately wanted something to accuse her because she was angry at her for ‘losing her passport’ and that she actually secretly had a crush on Moses! Tavia was so upset … 🙁

Tavia didn’t want to give up easily, and deliberately forges the identity of Kate’s child’s father, asking the orphanage for personal information. However, Susanna and Kate found out and deliberately forged a letter back to Tavia, setting up another trap for Tavia to fall into!! She made it seem like Tavia forged the letter from the orphanage etc to accuse Kate >< Tavia slaps Kate and HorMa slaps Tavia back.. At the end, Tavia ran away from home again after no one believed her..

Finally, Tavia wrote a letter back home..

HorMa, do you remember the last time I ran away from home? You said you were really angry, but at the same time really worried. You don’t have to worry about me, I’m fine. I can look after myself. Last night I walked back to the telephone booth. Last time I ran away form home I hid at that telephone booth. Back then I looked out from the booth and saw you all looking for me everywhere. Grandpa even cried. I’m only adopted, why do you all have to be so nice to me? I told myself I would never do anything to upset you anymore- But now I actually made a big mistake and hurt you so much. HorMa, I’m really scared. I don’t know what I can do to ask for your forgiveness. I’m writing this letter to everyone in hope to be honest and to admit all the mistakes I’ve done. I really hate Ga Mei; when I see her smiling I’d get really angry. I want to reveal her evil side in front of everyone. I made a lot of phone calls to the Orphanage because I want them to prove that GaMei really has a son, but at the end they still wouldn’t tell me. At the end, I ended up faking the boy’s father’s identity and wrote them a letter in hope they would send me information. I know doing his is really bad and illegal. Since I was small, you taught us to be honest. I feel very bad and guilty, I don’t know how to face you anymore. There’s actually one more thing I lied to you about. SaYi said I liked Ah Ka, I loudly yelled back at her that she was crazy…but I actually did fall in love with him. I don’t know when it started. I just know that facing problems with him, I’m really happy. I want him to succeed. That time when I found I could go Hawaii with him to work, I was so happy that i couldn’t fall asleep. But all because of GaMei’s appearance, everything is destroyed. HorMa, I’ve already been honest with you in everything. As for that fake letter, i really didn’t write it. I don’t know why there’s a letter like that. HorMa, can you forgive me once more? Really, just once more is enough.

On the other hand, Raymond realised Linda was all happy again and thought she was finally able to put Bosco behind her. However it turns out that she has gone back with Bosco instead and being the third party..what the heck ? ? ? -_- Why do you even bother Raymond?? Linda is not worth it >< Later JoBao and Ah Hong see Linda and Bosco together and realises she has a boyfriend.

10 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 28 Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    Ga Mei is a total biatch! sometimes i just don’t get how everyone else can’t see the evilness in her, only tavia can. how can someone be so oblivious to her wicked ways when it’s so obvious, how can everything that ga mei does is a coincidence? it’s so annoying!

  • chibi says:

    yes, total biatch she is! It would be pretty bad to actually know someone like her in real life, lol. Well, I’m glad everyone came back for Tavia again… just hope the truth comes out soon so Moses can dump her.

    And man, I’m so sick of Linda, I have no sympathy for her character at all.. just extremely annoying.

  • Lina says:

    That damn Kate-biatch…if I could, I would jump in and strangle her and her damn mother for good…so for Linda, got nothing to say to her…she is just a hypocrite…nothing more…contradict herself…saying I don’t want to be like my mother yet she still does it…erg…why bother Raymond…toying his heart…really, she don’t deserve someone as great as Ray!!!

  • j00ky says:

    I liked how the boys tried to make Tavia happy again by pressing their faces against the glass lol

    In their own little ways, Kate and Linda are both equally annoying! Dislike them both so so so much >_<

    I voted for Linda to be with Bosco! Only cos Raymond is too good for her kekeke

  • CindyFan says:

    I thought Kate and Moses are cousin…you can actually date your cousin?

  • miina tsukiyomi says:

    ugh! OMG! i hate kate! and i’m really starting to hate linda! kate is such a bitch! i really hope that something really bad happens to her and i dont mean getting find out that she’s evil in front of everyone.

    and linda is a freaking hypocrite. saying she wont interfere but she just does anyways. thinking that what she’s doing is right and it was meant to be.

    and if i were tavia i would just run away and never return. i wouldnt even bother to write a letter to say that i’m sorry. i mean it’s not even her fault so what the hell did she apologize for. ><

    oh..and to CindyFan….sa yi is not moses bioligical aunt. she was adopted so technically kate is not moses cousin. and even if they were, it’s legal for cousins to date each other.

  • sugar says:

    Three words: I HATE KATE

  • Tina says:

    To CindyFan: not technically, Kate’s mother was actually not related to the family whatsoeve3r (recalling back on the episode where she kept saying how Hor-Ma was the one belonging to the wrong family). So technically, they aren’t cousins because her mother is not related to anyone. 🙂

  • Tina says:

    Oh, and so sorry for spammin but I forgot to say:
    Oh god. Even if it was just a movie, Ibi was like inches away from punching my TV screen cause Kate was such a biiitch. I actually cried many times cause I could actually feel Tavias burning pain, rofl! And, as much as I love Bosco, I voted for Raymond to be with Linda because I couldn’t bear to see his sweet self get hurt anymore.

  • agnes says:

    I hate kate in this show!! And raymond should be with linda instead of bosco!he’s a two-timer.

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