Bosco and Linda continue to their relationship ‘undercover’

When Linda is shopping with her mum, they bump into Bosco’s girlfriend who was the sale assistant and Linda becomes uncomfortable and leaves and Ah Hong finds out that Linda is actually the third party in the relationship and assures her that there’s nothing wrong with it -_- Ah Hong also later encourages Bosco not to give up on her daughter that easily.

She recognises Linda’s watch (that Bosco bought) and the 3G phone and invites her out to eat, where she tells her that ‘she knows’ and hints to Linda to back off. She also tells Linda how she had an abortion before when Bosco was in England, but hasn’t told him because she doesn’t want him feeling guilty over it.

When Raymond was there to look after and comfort Linda, she angrily yells at him, saying that’s she wants to be the third party and told him not to bother her again ..omg….what a total argh ><

Linda: Why don’t we settle everything today. Adding last night to the amount I already owe you, I’ll shout you dinner or I’ll buy you a very expensive present. I don’t need you to lend anymore time to me. I’ve already decided that, rather than three people suffering, I’d rather be the bad person for once. I remember when I was young I asked my mum ‘Why do you have to snatch HorMa’s things? Why do you have to hurt HorMa?’ Mum’s right, there’s no wrong in loving someone.

Raymond:You’re not like this. Yo So Chau isn’t like this.
Linda: I am! In a moment later I’m going to call Chi Sun (Bosco) and force him to break up with his girlfriend. If he’s not going to I will. Mum’s right. Fighting for love is like fighting in war. I don’t want to lose! I want to be the one who will win!
Raymond: Don’t say things like that, you’re not like that!
Linda: I am! I’m a selfish person, I’ve never told you that because I was scared that you won’t care about me and keep me company.
Raymond: I know you were unhappy last night, but you don’t have to say that kind of thing about yourself.
Linda: You don’t understand. To you, your world is only as small as the cake shop, you only know how to treat HorMa, AhHeng and the others well.Y ou don’t know what is love! If not, TengTeng(Tracy) wouldn’t have broken up with you! Don’t bother me! I don’t want you in my way! I don’t need you to lend anymore time to me. You’ve mistaken! I’m not the victim here, I’m born to like to steal and snatch things. I am willing to be the third party! I don’t want to see you, don’t get in my way! Let go! Don’t make me hate you! I don’t want to see you!

Later, Linda writes an email to GoonGaJai (that she doesn’t send) expressing how she really feels. Still. I dislike her character and I’m finding her rather annoying.

Goon Ga Jai,
I’m actually very selfish and self-willed. If from the start after I found out he had a girlfriend, and didn’t again and again go to Nam Wah Island with him, if I can be more rational, and more determined, not answer his calls or see him, eyes don’t see, heart doesn’t think, I might have been able to put him down already. To you I am the same, if every time I was sad I didn’t go find you, you wouldn’t have to be like me now; liking someone so painfully. Last night at the bar, when you kept me company for 8 hours I was determined that I can’t go on being so selfish. I don’t deserve you to treat me so nice. I don’t want you to waste your time anymore. I actually don’t mean that you’re bothering me, I don’t want to keep bothering you. It’s now 2:52am. From this minute on, I’ve decided to separate from the two nicest guys in my life. From then on, Yu So Chau will be alone. I rather I suffer myself.

Raymond was so upset when Grandma found him. He couldn’t help but open up to Grandma and pour his eyes out with tears…=( He was so hurt!!  Grandma got him to tell her who the one he liked was.. He knows that Linda was only saying those things because she didn’t want to bother him; but the fact was he wanted to.

Grandma wanted to help Raymond and went into Linda’s room and took some tapes to give to him, where Linda did some recording, about her liking him before but was unsure when they were going to start their relationship.

When Ah Hong notices Grandma around Linda’s room looking through her things (or returning the tapes), Ah Hong digs up Linda’s diary and started reading it, including the email Linda wrote to herself (I thought she deleted it though?)

When the family was over, Ah Hong wanted to openly put Raymond down and humiliate him by telling him off in front of everyone how he’s after his own sister,  how he’s not good enough for her daughter and that they cannot communicate- one being a cake shop boy the other being a doctor. When Grandma appeared to defend Raymond, she blurted out the fact Linda is a third party in a relationship and questioned whether it was easily to ‘communicate’ with someone who already has a girlfriend. Raymond quickly defends Linda and started lying to Grandma, saying he only made that up because he was just jealous of Bosco. Finally, Linda couldn’t stand it anymore and rushes down and speaks out!

Linda: GoonGaiJai, stop hurting yourself! It’s not worth it! Don’t ask anymore (to Ah Hong), yes. I like someone, he has a girlfriend already. I’m the third party in the relationship. I feel so much pain! GoonGaiJai always accompanies me, not because he is pursuing me, he just wants to help me! In my room I have a lot of tape recordings and a lot of letters, not because he is pursuing me! It’s because I once loved him. Afterward, Dr Ling appeared so I gave up in that relationship; that’s how I became a third party and so bad and painful.

Ah Hong: Go back to your room now!

Linda: Other people won’t understand this feeling! You don’t understand this feeling? Now things turned into this, you’re happy now??

10 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 30 Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    i am disliking linda’s character more and more now. she is completely selfish and i was crying when i saw ray crying on his grandma’s shoulder. how can linda do this!?!?! even though in her email she says that she won’t bother him anymore, i don’t think it’s true. she’s so emotional and sensitive and seeing her seriously makes her sick. and it doesn’t help that evil Hung Yi is in everything and ruining it. telling bosco to not give up on linda and announcing to everyone that ray likes linda. i feel so sorry for ray now. at the beginning of this series, i wanted ray and linda to be together because they were so cute in the flashbacks, but now, i don’t because linda doesn’t deserve ray at all. but i guess somehow they’re still gonna end up together…

  • rachel says:

    oh yeah by the way, cool layout! 😀 i was so surprised when i clicked on it and the familiar layout i’ve seen so many times was gone hahah, but this layout is awesome. but one question: is there a chatterbox anywhere on this site?

  • Wendy says:

    Hong Yee seek Bosco out to chat because she realised that goon Ga Zai likes Chau. Chau is annoying indecisive which makes the whole situation worse.

    And the scene where Goon Ga Zai cried in Grandma’s arms is so sweet yet sad.

    I agree with Rachel that Chau doesn’t deserve Goon Ga Zai, who has been so nice, so patient, so caring since forever.

  • K2K says:

    Linda should work on her crying skill. It’s like she is forcing herself to make that impression and it’s so annoying. Even her character in the series, you know you would get a happy ending but you still heading for it.

  • kookoo says:

    I actually think Linda did a great job with her crying scenes, but I think people are criticizing her now because her character requires her to cry so much throughout the whole series that it’s tiring &/or annoying to viewers. Her character might not be so likeable to some, but it doesn’t mean she can’t act well.

  • lola says:

    lol everyone has their own idol and whoever they think can cry more…tavia has had to cry a lot too [not sure how to compare it to linda’s crying scenes] but i guess tav didn’t receive as much criticism as linda

  • Yasmin says:

    Linda is selfish is terms of going back to Raymond everytime she has problems. For Raymond sakes I really hope they would end up together though and Tavia & Moses. Tonight showing Episode 39 two more night to the end ohh lalalala.

  • MRandHOG says:

    Linda cries more than Tavia, plus Linda’s character is like that so we shouldn’t blame her acting skills. Oh yeah, and as for how she cries, do you remember at the start of the series, they said that whenever AH Chau cries she would do something with her mouth. She isn’t forcing that impression.

  • miina tsukiyomi says:

    DUDE! linda is such a selfish bitch! i hate her more than i already do! UGH! she’s just like her fucking mom! “love is a war” what the heck! it’s only a war when another girl likes him but they’re not going out. it’s no longer a war if he’s already going out with someone! it’s already decided that the other girl won!

  • fan of rayda says:

    although linda is not veri gd in tis show, always not indecisive n irritating but i stil lyk her. i think tat she is so compaitable wif raymond.hope tat they r together in real life.

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