Moses and Tavia decide to close down their PR company to go back and help JoBao with the Mooncake Business. I like the feeling how HorMa’s family is reuniting again as they prepare themselves to fight the war against Ah Hong.

Tavia cries and hugs Moses, saying she’s scared something will happen to him. Since when did they get together though? Am I missing something? It seems that his heart condition is really bad, but he got Tavia to lie to the rest of the family about it. Before the age of 35, he has a very high chance of dying and because of this, Moses is very rushed when dealing with everything. Eventually the whole family finds out and they all show him love and support, taking care of him.

Raymond goes to find Linda’s dad and his cancer started acting up, and he takes him to the hospital. Seeing how her father loves her, Raymond persuades her to go see him and he realises that Raymond was a good guy afterall. Linda went to see him despite hating him. When he asked for forgiveness, she didn’t truly forgive him; she just nodded- like comforting a sick patient. I thought that maybe Linda’s dad will find out Michelle’s evil doings and how she manipulated things between him and Linda. Unfortunately, Raymond receives a phone call from the hospital that he has passed away. So quick…ah wells. Still, it gives Linda another ‘excuse’ cry..*sigh*

While at a shopping centre, Linda sees Bosco and finds out that he has temporarily returned to Hong Kong and back working at the hospital. However, she realises that she is over him already and while they were at Karaoke,  she was only thinking about Raymond (Finally..:P) The two FINALLY get together..I hope there’s no more Bosco after this…

On the other hand, JoBao was willing to give half the business to Ah Hong, but she was determined to only leave 10% of the shares to JoBao! She believes JoBao didn’t deserve the 50%. I’m glad Linda ‘finally’ has an idea on what’s going on in the family. She’s been to involved with her obsession with Bosco that she failed to care anything about the family.

14 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 36 Thoughts”

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    I don’t think Tavia and Moses get together in this ep. I think he’s just comforting her b/c well she’s crying… Lol. I wished TVB gave them more screen time and developed their love story! Oh well, I hope they make a movie together! They are adorable! =] Best couple…. Even better than Raymond and Linda. Even though Raymond is cute too =].

  • rachel says:

    yes! as much as i though linda was annoying and didn’t deserve raymond, i still was ecstatic when they got together and shared their first kiss!!! 😀 i was so relieved when linda finally stopped thinking about bosco and didn’t let raymond down. that would have just been horrible if she ditched ray again.

    as for tavia and moses, i’m confused too. how did they become so close? i don’t think i skipped anything, but it’s awfully fast how their relationship developed…hmmm

  • Summer says:

    in tis episode, when seeing Ah Yue hugged Ah Ka, wonder.. hm.. they started.. the feels is like they started… and not yet..or going too.. so, abit funny .. but, its pretty touching to see Ah Yue hugged Ah Ka from back and when Ah Yue cry, Ah Ka will hugged her and cheer her …

    but, the relationship of them, dun really lots of scene in Moonlight, feel abit wasted.. may b , due to after episode 36, they ‘re rushing to the end and alot more to showed..

  • iciel says:

    I feel the same way. Before they were still awkward after everyone finds out Ah Yuet likes Ah Ka, and I remembered they said something like they’ll always be sister and brother, or something like that. But then, now they’re acting like lovers already. I love this pair, but I don’t know how Ah Ka developed feelings for Ah Yuet, their relationship is just too rushed. I wished they focused more on Ah Yuet and Ah Ka’s relationship instead of Linda’s 🙁

  • KTVB says:

    Did you guys notice the way he’s holding and hugging Tavia, is like the same way he comforts Kate? (in the opening themevideo)
    As I watched this scene, esp Tavia hugging Moses from behind..I was thinking ‘siblings don’t do that!’ LOL Friends don’t either. I guess they’ve sorta developed to a stage similar to that of Raymond and Linda, where Linda freely hugs and cries to Raymond.

  • Summer says:

    iciel ~ haiz… actually i really wish so, they wil have more scene on Ah Ka & Ah Yue, but…. too bad.. just tat few only.. coming up, to see their scene, is on the episode 40 lo.. then end..

    I’ve abit dissapointed to the paired scene on Ah Chow and Goon Ga Zai, at 1st, i put much attention on they 3 ( Ah Chow, Ling B and Goon Ga Zai ) but..after watch few scene.. sound.. sien.. and my attention being grab by Ah Ka and Ah Yue more… but no choice.. they dun have more scene on Ah Ka and Ah Yue lo.. quite dissapointed..

    But, quite love e ending la..

  • chibi says:

    That scene where Tavia hugs Moses is so..weird ^^;; They look like lovers already though nothing specific happened to make them that close (in the affectionate way, not sibling-family love)

    So FINALLY linda gets up with ray..about time man.. I didn’t even care that they ended up with each other by this stage, cause it’s already so much into the story- already lost interest. Now hopefully Bosco doesnt come back.

  • Rin says:

    My question: When did it become so popular to hug someone from behind like that? o.O I swear in almost all the drama I’ve seen, most of them have the same scene… either the girl or the guy hugs their love interest like that.

    I still stand that I don’t like Rayda pairing in this series compare to HOG. I think it’s because of Linda’s character’s personalities.. =/

  • huhnee says:

    Though Linda cried too much and her character got annoying because of hanging onto Bosco, i still like her. I loved it when her & Ray were together ! That kissing scene was really bad though haha should’ve been better 😉

    • aki says:

      i agree so much with you haha. this is definitely my favourite episode for rayda!! as well as the last episode 🙂 but it’s funny how all of you commented when this was still airing and y’all didn’t know bosco would reappear HAHAHAHA bet y’all be like shocked

  • unknown says:

    Crying too much is her charater. that is her part. what can she do about it?? I love it when ray and her get together too. they make a perfect match. the kissing scene was not that bad. I am happy for them. (too bad it is only in the movie) I think ray and linda should get together in real life. Like I said, they make a great match

  • unknown says:

    I have some questions for KTVB Please answer all of them:

    do the coments go right to the website or does it have to be approved first??

    How do you know all of this?? are you chinese or something??

    What do you think of Raymond Lam???

    Reply from KTVB: lol..these are Raymond questions in the wrong topic. But to be short:
    1. It depends, usually they go straight on the blog unless it looks like spam.
    2. More info about me is in the “About” Page 🙂 But yes, I have a Chinese Background.
    3. Raymond is the awesome 😛 He’s hot, a great actor and singer ..all in one! ^_^

  • Ellis says:

    Yeah.. They didn’t focus much on Moses and Tavia’s love. It’s all too fast, like suddenly out of NOTHING, got 2 babies?… 🙁
    A little disappointed. Focused too much on Linda’s love story between Bosco and Raymond + her!!!
    But i liked it, liked that she ended up with Raymond eventually. She had always liked Raymond, until Bosco came into the story.
    Glad that she had finally sorted out her feelings, and realized that she loved Raymond more than anything else. 😉 Glad that she knows!
    Rayda is more matching then Linda + Bosco.
    🙂 Although both are as handsome… ^-^
    her ‘medical’ reports to ‘Dr Steward Boy’ were all so cute and touching.
    I loved the scene at the pier, where Raymond waited for her, and gave her the cake after she said she deserved 101 marks. Cuteee!
    They had gray hair, but still together. <3
    So sweet.
    The way Raymond said he would wait for her, be it 3 years, or 6 years and until she becomes 70, or 80 years old.

  • amberlets says:

    Raymond lam I love you

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