Raymond promised to buy his sisters’ a set of clothes for her job interview.

There were two particular scenes in this episode which really left an impact on me~I loved the scene where Fala went to her job interview with Raymond and the things he translated for her. The story/things she said was so touching that my eyes were all wet from watching it~ it was so emotional.

Raymond (translating Fala’s sign language): I like watching movies…no? Actually I don’t have any particular interest.
Fala (body language): Brother,I can’t say it, I want to go.
Raymond: Sorry (to interviewers) sis, don’t be so nervous, just say whatever you can think of. There must be something that you like. Sorry about that (to interviewers), stay clam and relax.
Fala looks at Raymond.

Raymond (continues to translate): Actually, I like to smile the most. I really want to smile/laugh like normal people do. I remember when I was young, I was afraid to smile, even though I heard something really funny, I would try to hold back from smiling/laughing, because I feel that everyone can laugh, but when I smile/laugh, there is no sound. I feel so ashamed, it’s the same even when I cry. I remember when I was in 2nd grade, there was a test. I studied really hard for it, but the result was only 52%..just a pass.

I was really upset but I was afraid to cry. My brother encouraged me that if I’m really unhappy, then just cry. But then a teacher came by, saw me crying so miserably, she thought my brother was picking on me. I tried to explain to her but she couldn’t understand my sign language. As a result, she punished him to stand, and also to write 100 lines ‘I won’t pick on my sister again‘. Actually my brother loves me a lot. I feel that I’m really lucky. Even though I am mute, I have a mother and a brother who loves me a lot. What more can I wish for? To be like other normal people and go university? To come out and work? I actually don’t really like making biscuits/moon cakes, my brother is the one who really likes making biscuits. I really want to come out and work. No one knows that, only my brother does. Whatever I am thinking in my heart, my brother knows. *Wipes away her tears* I really want this job. Can you please give me one chance? I will work really hard and put a lot of effort to it.

I’m rooting for you Ah Hing! (Fala) =) Don’t give up! I was really happy that she got the job! And I’m loving Raymond’s character more and the bond he shares with his siblings! so sweet =3 The scene where she was trying to deliver a document for work but ended up getting stuck in traffic, and then lost got me very nervous too! I’m so glad everything turned out for her =)


The other part which I felt so angered by was the final argument scene with Tavia and Susanna. I hate ‘Sa Yi’! It’s like she has nothing better to do than pick a fight. I can fully understand Tavia, and I feel so bad for her getting accused like that! ‘SaYi’ is such a liar!! >< I felt really sorry for Tavia because she cared about the family a lot. She knew the money saved was Ho Ma’s hard-earned sweat and blood money and ‘SaYi’ wasted it just like that…However, HoMa scolds at her and asks her to give an apology, while Grandpa actually said ‘Don’t interfere with my family matters! The money is mine and Sa Yi can do anything she wants with it. Please, don’t cause trouble in the family!” She must have been hurt so much! It’s like they didn’t treat her as part of a family (being the adopted daughter) and Ho Ma didn’t say anything to defend her ='( so sad..

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 4 Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    ahhh..definitely an emotional episode! Ray, Fala and Tavia are really likeable characters… glad Fala started off well at work..that’s A LOT of running in those shoes o__o Poor girl.

    Then of course, there’s Tavia who I feel really bad for. Susanna is such an idiot.. lol I guess she just has grudges against Tavia, and Fala can’t say anything to defend her.

  • Jessica says:

    yupp i agree..Fala Tavia and Raymond have a really sibling bonds together which is very good and cute. Sa Yi I don’t really like she so bossy, nosy and annoying to the family..only cares about herself. Im rooting for Fala more..=)

  • nich says:

    Sa Yee’s such an A class b*tch!! Lets hope she becomes a GOOD A class b*tch later on.

    Fala’s interview was really touching and as much as I hate to admit this, I too cried. Raymond rocks!

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: Yea…without speech, Fala isn’t able to effectively communicate..

    To Jessica: Yup I agree about the sibling bond. There doesn’t seem to be that kind of bond with the other brothers staying with HaYu. They don’t seem that close with each other..

    To nich: lol When she appeared in episode 1 and 2, I thought she was a “GOOD A class b*tch””, I guess not =X

  • Rin says:

    -_______-” sooo mad when I watched this episode & Susanna just totally lied and accused Tavia of those things =[ then Grandpa just says that oh stay out of his family business like it’s HIS family and she’s not part of it.
    I’ve only kinda like the siblings so far… all the other characters are just… pissing me off ><

    Reply from KTVB: people like AhSa do exist in this world..liars! and those who like to stir up trouble =X

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