This episode focuses on Raymond’s character and Linda starts to develop feelings for him

Raymond calls Linda (while she is driving) since it was her first day as a doctor, wanting to know if she would like to get something to eat together, but she already has plans with her mum and grandma. Suddenly a bus accident occurs before her eyes and Linda rushes out to help the passengers, leaving her phone unattended in the car. Raymond becomes extremely worried, thinking something bad had happened to her and he rushes off to find her. He was really relieved to see that Linda was ok (and Linda was surprised to see him as well) . Seeing that Linda’s jacket and shoes had some blood stains on them, Raymond goes to buy her new clothes (so Grandma won’t get scared). How sweet and thoughtful! XD Raymond was really attentive and caring, even helping her put her shoes on, making Linda feel something for him! ( I mean, who wouldn’t? XD) He then takes a photo of her with his phone to keep as memory. When Raymond’s family members were teasing him about how he had a photo of a girl in Raymond’s wallet, Linda gets extremely embarrassed, thinking it was a photo of her.

While working at the hospital, Linda bumps into Raymond who is holding a bunch of flowers walking towards her and she thinks that they were for her. However, he only gives her a box of cakes and leaves, leaving her curious about the flowers.

When Raymond was paying for some food, Linda takes a glimpse at his wallet and gets disappointed to see the girl wasn’t her. It turns out to be Tracy Ip and learns from Fala and Tavia that she is Raymond’s girlfriend. They dated for two years but broke up, only recently having got back together. The main reason they broke up was because of Raymond’s dedication and love for his family and Tracy often felt he didn’t love her enough or given her the attention she wanted. To Raymond, both Tracy and his family take first priority in his heart, but she didn’t want to be ‘equal’- she wanted to be the most important person to him.

Raymond decided to take Tracy home for a family dinner and introduce her to everyone (and they even managed to get JoBao to come along :)) However, after the family dinner, Tracy breaks up with Raymond again…She actually has another boyfriend but she didn’t know who to choose. However, after having gone back with Raymond for a month, and especially during the dinner, she realised the same problem existed just like before, and she knew clearly she wasn’t the right person for him. She knows that Raymond could find his true happiness with his family…Poor Raymond, especially having such a good time at dinner !! Linda sees all this at a convenient store.

When Raymond  returns, he announces to his family that he has broken up with Tracy =( it came to a shock for everyone since everything seemed fine at dinner but Raymond tells them they were having problems during the month they got back together and were unhappy…It was then grandpa went over to kiss Raymond and then the whole family wanted to kiss him too! lol They decided to play the game they did when they were young, where the family circled him and whoever Raymond pointed at, will have to kiss him! At first he points at SaYi but he denies that round counted!! hahah (SaYi wanted to kiss him so badly! XD) After the second attempt, Raymond ends up pointing at Linda~

She kisses him on both sides of his cheeks without any hesitation XD What a perfect excuse for Linda XD I think that kind of surprised Raymond! Aww..there there Raymond, please don’t be sad over Tracy anymore 🙂

Seeing the way he cared so much for his sisters, I think the scene where he helped Linda buy clothes and put on the shoe didn’t mean ‘anything’ in particular towards her. Ha already had Tracy back then and I feel that he acted that way because he saw her as part of his family.

On the other hand, Moses gets sacked from his job from all his stock market behaviour and it turns out it wasn’t because Astrid liked him that she kept him for so long. She was Michelle (Ah Hong)’s friend who had constantly been giving her expensive handbags, watches etc to help Moses keep his job. However, Astrid reached her limits when Moses kisses her in the office. (He thought that this would helphi keep his job XD)

Moses loses his job and Tavia tells him off, saying he really shouldn’t invest in stocks anymore. Moses vowed that from this day on, he won’t invest anymore and asks her to hit him if he does. Tavia reminds him that if he won’t stop, she and hoMa would be really heartbroken and hopes he’ll remember the lesson he learnt today! Tavia ends up biting onto his arm to imprint it into him! LOL Moses screams like crazy! haha..

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  • KTVB says:

    I think the back story for Ah Ho is neat because we get to understand him more. I mean, surely I’d think such a nice guy like Ah Ho would have a girlfriend so its nice to know there are people out there who love him too =)

    I can understand where Tracy is getting at though because Raymond’s family means a lot to him and the two don’t seem they could last if Tracy wants him all to herself…

    Nevertheless, I feel bad for Raymond though, it’s like she comes and goes whenever she wants. It also makes me wonder if it was Tracy or Raymond that initiated their ‘second chance’ of being together.

    Thinking back to episode 7 where JoBao told him not to pursue Linda is silly now because clearly he wasn’t back then 😛

    (Side note: In the flash back where Tracy and Raymond go to the cinemas, we see the L’s Death Note movie in the background, but it shouldn’t have been released back then yet XD )
    Death Note Poster in Moonlight Resonance

  • BOL says:

    I loved it how in ep 10 the ‘SaYi’ wanted to kiss raymond twice, once when the grandpa finished kissing raymond and the second time when they were in the circle, but both times she was stopped…. it’s really funny how the whole family gets along, yet kinda excludes her in a sorta friendly way… and also, I think Raymond starts to have feelings for Linda after she kissed him on both cheeks coz his face was kinda like funny…

    Looking forward to ep 11 tonight

  • Jenny says:

    Hi, can I ask anyone knows the song when Tracy broke up with Raymond? Please email me: I love this movie 🙂

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