December 2008

Myolie Wu: Evolve

I got my friend to help me get Myolie’s CD from Hong Kong, so here are some photos!

The packaging really reminds me of Raymond Lam’s 2nd Album: Your Love. It’s pretty nice 🙂

The Front, Back and Inside Cover of the Album

The Inside with CD + DVD

And it comes with a huge promotional poster XD I’ve stuck it on the wall in my room, and now it looks like I’m a Myolie fan XD

Pictures behind the lyrics

I think these are pretty interesting. The lyrics have been split into 4 separate sheets with different Myolie pictures behind it. And it was only after seeing these pictures that I realised they’re pictures of Myolie holding pictures of herself, or through frames.

this one is a litle freaky.. XD

**Support Myolie Wu by purchasing her album online here!

3 Responses to “Myolie Wu: Evolve”

  • AC says:

    I ordered mine through YesAsia. I wonder if they’ll have a second version. Bosco already has his! Anyways, support tvb, buy her cd!

  • moonz says:

    lol I agree the last one ish kind of freaky!

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