Hey everyone!!

After many many months of the previous layout from The Four, K for TVB proudly presents its newest banner: Raymond Lam- Let’s Get Wet!!

Raymond Lam- Lets get wet

Hope you guys like it!! 😀

14 Responses to “New layout!! Raymond Lam- Lets Get Wet”

  • vietguh says:

    i luv this layout.!

  • piggy (^oo^) says:

    awesome layout! it has a fresh look ^_^

  • MoonzRawr says:

    omg omg
    so hot!

  • rachel says:

    whooo!! new layout! i love it!
    ray looks totally hot as usual. i love everything about it, the font, the colors, the design, the intensity and mysteriousness, and of course having ray’s handsome face staring right at ya…and it’s a nice break away from The Four layout lol

    i wish i could go back to hk just to watch him in his first individual concert 🙁 but going back two months later, so so sad

  • TVB_4eva says:

    RAYMOND JUST LOOKS SO HOTTTTT [ wet or dry and especially the droplets off his body ] !!!!!!!!! xD

    OI ! OI ! OI ! and and i luv the song + UNDERWATER MV too, LETS GET WET with RAY lol!!!!!

    I also heard that “Raymond spent 12 hours under the showers until the creative director was satisfied.With his photoshoot for his concert poster.He was very professional and very satisfied with the results.
    Being exceptionally serious about his first solo concert, Lam has also started jogging to build up his breath and stamina, hoping to present a lively performance with lots of surprises!”

    Poor Raymond all soaked… but good to see he is working hard for hs concert.Too bad i can’t go to support him in his concert 🙁
    Is it just only in Hong Kong ?
    Hope it will be a HUGE SUCCESS though ^__^ !!!

    AWESOME BRUHHH >> GOOD JOB on the layout!!!! (Y)

  • Tris says:

    Awesome! Just in time for that last post on The Four =P

    Love your new layout. Can’t wait to hear more from you =D

  • chibi says:

    Brilliant layout! It’s so funky, fresh and cooooool~ ^-^ I also like all the little changes to the overall layout (not only to the banner) 😀


  • sugar says:

    OMG. *faints* Haha, I’m kind of ill at the ‘mo but it’s nothing to do with me, but the layout. xD
    I reckon your banners are getting better and better. I usually visit your blog/site a few times, and wow, this one made me go :O omgosh hahas. (Y)

  • K2K says:

    WOW!!! All About Raymond!!! I Especially Like The Color Blue That You Choose For The Lettering And Stuff, Really Captures The Eye (Beside Raymond)…

  • kinki says:

    Finally, new layout!! lol~
    It’s ah Fung! *kiss kiss kiss*
    What a HOT new layout!! Very Nice, KTVB!! ^3^

  • stella says:

    wow,nice layout..

  • FaNNy says:

    OMG! i love this layout :] <3 raymond.

  • Rin says:

    Hehe what else can I say besides that? ;]
    I hope he’ll have a new series soon (:

  • KTVB says:

    Thanks so much for all the positive Feedback!! 😀 Love all the energy you guys have 😀

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