It’s finally here! A refreshing new banner for K for TVB! I hope you guys all like it because I do XD All of these scenes are from the opening themevideo of Moonlight Resonance. I wanted to make and use other screencaptures as well but it’s still too early on in the series and I don’t know how’ into’ the story it will be before some great screencapturing moments will arrive ^^

Moonlight Resonance banner

KTVB is really happy ^^

14 Responses to “New [Moonlight Resonance] Layout!!! =D”

  • sugar says:

    so am I haha.
    Love the banner. (:

  • TkN says:

    Nice banner! 🙂

  • rachel says:

    ooohh, love the new layout! especially the colors, they really match!
    can you tell me what the chinese words say? i can only read a couple of them…

  • chibi says:

    hahaa, yay for new layout =D Indeed time for a change…woooo..the anticipation!

  • Finally a new banner! I was getting way sick of Tai Chi. 😛 Yay for listening to me and changing it asap. Haha. Nice banner! Although I think it would be even better if you chose the pic of Ray & Linda actually kissing and not about to kiss. Lol.

  • Wendy says:

    ^ ^ i love your new layout! it’s so pretty 😀

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ nice banner.. love ur banner.. touching scene of MR… keep update more new banner and screencaptures lo.. me oso doing screencaptures of MR.. 🙂 love tis series alot.. i m up to episode 3 ler..its touching when come to ending part of Episode 3.. 🙂

  • Rin says:

    Nice. The new banner shows all the love triangle (just not too fond of KatexMoses)

  • miamour says:

    love your banner, cant wait to see how the 2 love triangles will be like. i hope moses and kate end up together (:

  • carmen says:

    HEY THERE! i love the new banner ;D and ooo MR write-ups!! looking forward to your future write-ups!!

  • KTVB says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments =)

    To rachel: The Chinese words aren’t exactly related to the banner lol It was part of the lyrics for the opening themevideo with the ‘Linda/Bosco’ part. I think it translates to something like’ Why would ‘Fung Gwong” be unlimited?’

    To MetalAZNWarrior : LOL I didn’t even realise XD I made it from screencaptures I’ve made previously hahaha, yeh I should have got the one where they were kissing XD oh wells…lol At least you could see more of Linda’s face.

  • kelly says:

    nice banner..i m waiting for all your episode screen-captures,i got no time to watch..sigh..

  • pwinces2paradise says:

    The banna was Awesome! Thanks for that and i also cant wait for more screen-caps!

  • evfoo says:

    ktvb!!!last time I have a PMR exam so I did not view your website,I wan the moonlight resonance banner!I cant miss this banner!I really very very wan 2 get it!
    can u please send 2 me through email?
    my email add is :
    *waiting u 2 send 4 me*

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