January 2011

[New Series]: 7 Days in Life

English Title: 7 Days in Life

Cantonese Title: 隔离七日情 (Gaak Lei Chat Yat Ching)

Cast: 马浚伟 Steven Ma , 郭羡妮 Sonija Kwok , 黄宗泽 Bosco Wong , 邓健泓 Patrick Tang , 元华 Yuen Wah , 罗敏庄 Lo Man Chong , 郑欣宜 Joyce Cheng , 吕慧仪 Koni Lui
Episodes: 20

Airing date: 24 January 2011 (After “Home Troopers“)

Official: Website

Genre: Comedy/Action/drama

Themesong: Jun Faai Oi” (盡快愛) performed by Bosco Wong | Sub Themesong: Various

Executive Producer: Leung Choi Yuen  (Ghost Writer, King Maker, The Days of Days)

Scriptwriter: Ng Shiu Tung

7 Days in Life

Criminal Investigation Department officer CHIU CHIN-LUNG (Bosco Wong) follows some kidnappers to a hotel while on duty. As soon as he enters the hotel, the medical authorities announce the closure of the hotel after a guest is found positive for having the H1N1 virus.

While he was in the hotel, he meets all sorts of people including YIK CHO-ON (Steven Ma) who pretends to be a Thai-Chinese jeweller and his partner WONG KAR-YUE (Sonija Kwok).

Although LUNG knows that ON has nothing to do with the kidnapping, he believes something sinister is going on with LUNG and YUE. He join hands with blundering reporter TONG CHING (Joyce Cheng) and AUYEUNG KA-KA (Lo Man Chong) to probe into the case.

As they go deeper, they are not only astonished by the guests’ stories but also their identities. The 7-day closure will be coming to an end. Will LUNG be able to find the hostage in time? Will the guests have a different outlook at life when they return to their normal lives?





Synopsis Credits : TVB.com


25 Responses to “[New Series]: 7 Days in Life”

  • Chibi says:

    WHat an interesting cast combo. Don’t think I’ve seen Steven Ma and Bosco in the same drama? Hope this is good

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..sounds like a funny series, and the cast seems pretty refreshing! I remember seeing the Sales Presentation for this series (competely different cast though)- it didn’t quite seem like a series lol

      • Badger says:

        I may have recently seen the same clip you refer to as it looks to have been included in the Aus TVB DVD release of Home Troopers. It had TVB stars including Bobby Au Yeung, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, Bowie Lam, Yoyo Mung and Crystal Tin in it. I thought I was watching a preview for a different series until they mentioned the name as Sonija Kwok was just about the only person in the final version.

  • Ri says:

    Sounds like an interesting concept! I hope they fit the “7 days” well into the 20 episodes, and don’t leave some parts needless and draggy!

  • faithict says:

    Looks to me that the story is more like what i would see in a movie not in a series…i wonder how are they going to expand the drana up to 20 episodes…hopefully this series will not turned out to be a boring one…

    • echizen says:

      Ah yippie time for some Bosco presence onscreen again! Although from the news and word and mouth the main couple and more fresh characters are Steven and Sonija’s it doesn’t bother me much. It’s also the first time Bosco and Sonija will actually interact in a drama.

      But I do share the same concern with faithict. Will the story be able to fit into a 20 episodes series without feeling overwhelmed and dragged?

    • Madeline says:

      after watching the show, I think the director did a good job making this series fitting 7 days in 20 episodes, no one has every done it like that before, kudos to the director. This is really not a boring series, it gets really fascinating.

  • Adey says:

    Perfection. Isn’t this the old ‘7 Days Love Isolation’? Sonija and Steven kissy scenes oooh 🙂

  • zihwye says:

    i cannot wait for this! im a huge fan of steven ma and bosco wong! i think it sounds funny and exciting and i hope it is. 🙂

  • 'Muff says:

    Oh wow, a drama story that spans 7 days, this seems interesting 😀

  • dadafan says:

    watched the first ep, soooo interesting
    love to see sonija and steven’s chemistry in this

  • Rin says:

    Whoopy! Another detective/crime series! We’ve been having a few of them consecutively haven’t we? Lol.
    This sounds like it might be fun (: & I’ve always been a fan of Bosco and Steven 😀
    I’ve already skipped out on the last 3 series, let’s hope this one will pull me back into TVB!

    • Madeline says:

      Comparing this show to Twilight Investigation, this show is slightly better. But Twilight Investigation is a good detective series too.

      I don’t think anyone has mention the chemistry between Patrick and Mimi Lo. I find them a funny couple and an interesting chemistry. It may not be the best couple in the show but it’s actually quite interesting to watch.

  • Lemonsis says:

    i like stevens acting in this drama more than in his previous… linked temptation or something like that…

    although i like the new cast.. i am pretty shocked that they are not the same as in the trailer… i would also like to watch the trailer with bowie and bobby etc.

    • Madeline says:

      Yeah, I’m impressed with Steven Ma’s performance, it’s something special that catches the crowd’s eye. I especially love the chemistry both Sonija and Steven had in the show. It’s true that you can trick the whole world but you can’t trick the one you love <3

  • xinn says:

    where to find sales presentation to watch?

  • karened says:

    Sounds very interesting! And I wonder how long that ‘7 days’ will last for the drama…Majority of the series? Or just maybe half?

    In any case, I’ll be watching. Fortunately Steven is taking the lead, not Bosco.

  • cherry says:

    hey k, do you have the themesong for this posted anywhere yet? If you do, please tell me where!! 😀

  • Madeline says:

    I love this show!!!!

  • Joann says:

    Thank you for this awesome movies. My daughters and me really love every characters. You guys are fabulous. Especially sonija Kwok and Steven Ma clothes are great. Please both of you go for more shows. This is a funny and also romance movie. But my 8 years old daughter is guessing that Steven Ma already dead and left sonija with her son Don.What you guys say? Is it for really Steven Ma still alive or dead?

    • Madeline says:

      Well it makes sense that Steven died after a year due to cancer so I say Steven Ma was dead and Sonija is left with her son Don.

      Just to clarify, at the ending it’s just Sonija thinking of Steven Ma alive and there at the hotel that’s all.

  • Raylo says:

    i loved this drama and still do 😀 i really expected Bosco to end up with Joyce XD

    i was so shocked when i realised Steven really had a terminal disease o_o

    The Steven and Sonija pairing was awesome ^-^

  • ^^ says:

    I thought that this series was definitely one of the best that I’ve watched in the recent years.

    Steven’s portrayal of his character was really well done, & the plotline was interesting. Even when you knew (or should know) what sort of person he should be (according to TVB cliches), he could still make you doubt your judgement.

    The humour was tastefully thrown in – it amazes me how they can work so much laughter into an otherwise serious plotline.

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