July 2009

[New Series]: A Bride for a Ride

Title: A Bride for a Ride 王老虎抢亲
Cast: Chin Kar Lok (錢嘉樂) Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) Louisa So (蘇玉華) Nancy Wu (胡定欣) Gigi Wong (黃淑儀) Lau Yuk Tsui (劉玉翠) Lee Kwok Lun (李國麟) Mi Mi Chu (朱咪咪)
Episodes: 21
Release date: 13 July 2009
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Scriptwriter: Chan Kam Ling & Choi Shuk Yin

A Bride for a Ride



Foolhardy TIGER WONG (Chin Kar Lok) is annoyed with his mother LAU BING TAI (Gigi Wong) for consistently pressuring him to get married. He therefore snatches CHOW MAN BUN (Sammul Chan) who is in female disguise to be his bride and arranges for BUN to stay at his younger sister WONG SAU YING (Nancy Wu)’s chamber for the night. After this, TIGER has no choice but to marry YING to BUN while setting up strict rules to torture BUN in the house. Clever BUN makes use of the chivalrous woman MO SAM LEUNG ( Louisa So) to control TIGER and misleads LEUNG that TIGER is her long lost rescuer. Using tricks to upset TIGER, he makes TIGER marry LEUNG. Since then, LEUNG tries every means to domesticate her husband and that almost drives him insane. BUN is relieved to escape from TIGER’s manipulation but he carelessly causes lots of troubles elsewhere. “A Bride for A Ride” brings you a modern perspective of this traditional tale and you’ll surely be surprised with its astonishing approach.


Synopsis Credits to : Astro on Demand

Comments: This somehow reminds me of the Wintermelon Tale…

11 Responses to “[New Series]: A Bride for a Ride”

  • Nicole says:

    lol it reminds me of Wintermelon Tale too…in the sense that they’re downright unappealing. XD poor Louisa So…

  • 'Muff says:

    Hahahaha. The promo picture scared me first time I saw it xDDD

    I agree with Nicole: Poor Louisa So. XD

  • Rin says:

    Hmm is it worth it to watch this just cus Sammul and Nancy are in it? =/ I’ll see if people say it’s good or not first (:

  • TVB_4eva says:

    hmm…..Wasnt this the cast that appeared on Super Trio Sumpreme, some time this year?
    I agree the promo pic really doesnt look appealing at ALL. Neither does the storyline and cast, maybe i’ll give it a pass !
    Probably, it’ll work if it was a modern drama instead…

  • chibi says:

    err.. I’ll pass, thanks.

  • rachel says:

    uh…my first impression when i saw the picture was this is going to be one wacky series. sammul disguised as a female? i don’t think i’ll watch this…unless i’m really bored and there’s nothing else to watch. but it just looks like some poorly made series with no firm plot…and yes, i agree, does somewhat remind me of wintermelon tale

  • watsons says:

    the storyline doesn’t sound good no affence to ppl who like Louisa for me i just can’t stand her ever since she won Beautiful Cooking and now they are promoting her more then some other actists whos acting is way better then so this series i’ll pass

  • Elven_Star says:

    Hmmmm, I’ll be interested to know why Sammul was dressed as a girl in the first place….
    I might give this series a try…

  • j00ky says:

    I’m currently still watching this series… its not an award winning series but it sure is a lot of fun, I’m getting a lot of laughs so its all good to me XD

    • KTVB says:

      haha! same lol Just watching bits casually from TVBJ. End work late most of the time so end up skipping it. Quite amusing watching Sammul as a girl lol

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