Title: A Fistful of stances (aka. Iron Horse Seeking Bridge*)

Chinese Title: 铁马寻桥(Tit Ma Cham Kiu)

Cast: Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) , Tavia Yeung (楊 怡) , Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (馬國明) , Yuen Qiu (元 秋), Dominic Lam, Selena Li (李詩韻) Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) , Jacky Heung, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Stephen Wong , Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), Kara Hui, Alex

Episodes: 25

Airring date: 17 March 2010 (replacing My Better Half)

Producer: Lee Tim Sing (producer of Rosy Business)

Scriptwriter: Cheung Wah Biu & Chan Ching Yee

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: Snowfall Thinking 雪下思- Kevin Cheng

A Fistful of Stance


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Au-Yeung Wai-Lan (Yuen Qiu), owner of a martial arts training school, is reunited with her long-lost son Goo Yu-Cheung (Kevin Cheng) after years of agonizing separation. On his return home, Cheung is shocked to find that his younger brother Goo Yu-Tong (Kenneth Ma) has been critically ill and that his father was murdered long ago by Wing Dak (Lam Ka Wah), the existing director of a pharmaceutical company and a bitter old foe of the Goo family. Cheung has never been into kung-fu but shows glimpses of his potential when he strikes back at the impudent, arrogant Wing Man-Gwan (Jacky Heung), also the son of Wing Dak. Pinning all her hopes on Cheung, Wai-Lan not only teaches him a special set of kung-fu skills created by the family, but also registers for him for the Guangdong Boxing Championship Tournament. Out of the blue, Cheung’ s opponent in the final turns out to be Man-Gwan.

Cheung starts losing his bearings after achieving growing success and recognition in the field of martial arts. Caught up in the love triangle between was his adopted sister Ying Ngan-Ming (Natalie Tong), his dream girl Chow Bing-Bing (Nancy Wu) and himself, Cheung is utterly confused and exhausted, which later causes his failure in the final tournament.

**Note: Title reference “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge” (literal translation) is mentioned in the series by Ram. It is used to describe Kevin. “Iron Horse” as in a legs spread in a wide stance, describing his solid foundation and “Seeking bridge” describing his fists



Synopsis Credits : TVB.com.au, modified by KTVB.

Comments: ooo this looks good!! I remember this series from the sales presentation- though the cast seems to have changed, namely Raymond Lam =X Nevertheless there are a few elements just looking at the poster which makes me want to watch it- it reminds me of The Master of Taichi! XD It also has a couple of casts I like 🙂

50 Responses to “[New Series]: A Fistful of Stances”

  • 'Muff says:

    I want to watch thiiis~

  • jojo says:

    wait what? in the cast it says tavia yeung and she’s on the poster but the synopsis doesnt even mention her! so who does she play?

  • Rin says:

    Aw, I also saw this on the sale presentation with Raymond and was hoping he’s gonna take the role… but I guess Kevin is ok too… & yeah, the first thing that popped into my head was The Master of Tai Chi! Lol.

    I see Selena and Shirley in the poster/cast, but no info on them in the synopsis..? Do they play a younger version of someone like Tavia?

    I’m looking forward to this~ especially since both Natalie and Nancy are in this (:

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I’m definitely going to watch this just because Kevin is in it! But that love triangle doesn’t sound too convincing to me after Cupid Stupid. I’m in it for the martial arts! I’m also interested in how Kenneth goes in this series too!

    • KTVB says:

      The story doesn’t really revolve around the love triangle – the Series synopsis kinda dis-apportions the whole story in my opinion.
      Thank goodness lol

  • tvbfanatic24 says:

    Yea, again when this was in the sales presentation; Raymond Lam was the main character and I was so desperate in watching it cuz it seemed like a funny and dramatic series; but Kevin; kinda disappointed that its not Raymond, but all’s well; hoping this is the drama that will bring up the lowliness of the dramas lately (bad endings, weird plots)

  • JulianKevin says:

    will watch this for sure cause of KEVIN :*)

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I’ve watched the first episode and it’s great to see Yueng Qiu acting in a tv series. She does a great job. Kevin and Tavia seem to be in the past and Kenneth is, I guess, usual so far. But I’m looking forward to his chemistry with Selena!

    • KTVB says:

      I just watched the first episode as well XD I really like how the story starts and I find myself enjoy watching the past scenes more.

      I’m a little confused by all the “children” in the house lol Are they all martial artists?
      P.s: Tavia’s kids are so cute!!!!

      • JW says:

        me too at first…but i enjoying watching this drama alot 🙂 fyi, all of them are Yuen Qiu’s (tavia)children..shirley is twin to “au ching wing” so the sequence are: kevin (eldest son), kenneth ma (second son), third son (sorry, forgotten his name)& the twins (shirley & au ching wing)…natalie is adopted child…i begin to be more and more excited as i saw the AOD preview..wow..i can’t wait to watch till the end!

  • Blues says:

    was linda cancelled in this series? O.O i remember like, a year ago, she was still confirmed as one of the lead actresses.. :/

  • Tong Yin says:

    i must watch this!!!!!!!!1

  • lynn says:

    I like this series so far! Better than Master of Tai Chi in my opinion. Myolie Wu was a main character and yet she was very irritating. Sure there are irritating characters here but not the main ones.

    I wanted to watch Raymond in this show but in retrospect I think Kevin was the right choice. I think he pulls of a greater maturity which is needed for the “father’s” role. =)

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with the maturity bit- Kevin pulls it off well XD I really enjoy watching Kevin and Tavia XD Such a loving married couple who don’t seem to have any problems together.

  • saomongmo says:

    OMB. This series has so far been amazing…its such a huge tearjearker!!!!! I’ve been crying like every other 30 minutes…sigh. VERY VERY VERY GOOD..definitely recommend it!!! 🙂

    • chibi says:

      That’s good to hear! I heard the HK ratings for this started off quite low..wonder if it’ll start picking up?

    • cooldudejohn says:

      I totally agree with you because this series really is well written and all the actors have potrayed their characters fantastically. I enjoy watching every moment of this series and this is really a tearjearker! I love watching Kenneth and Selena’s scenes. Their chemistry gets better everytime they collaborate! I hope that the ratings will pick up because thery certainly deserve the high ratings!

    • KTVB says:

      I’m still at the early stages of the series, but I love it 🙂

      I loved how the series starts in the past. It builds a solid foundation for the series as it explores the back-story for Tavia and her family. It’s like TVB is setting your expectations on the rest of the series and I feel it’ll only get more emotional and touching. Can’t wait 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Just read the synopsis.. huh? Is Nancy Wu even in the series? XD

  • derekizcool says:

    i dislike Nancy Wu next episode 23 is so intense hope kevin dosent die =[ he seems to be more injured

    • KTVB says:

      I knew Nancy was lying to Kevin from the first time her husband approached her. I really hate her character- really annoys me how she causes so much trouble for him!

      • cooldudejohn says:

        I agree, it’s like she’s there to stir up a lot of problems if you know what I mean. It’s great to see Kevin’s master come cleam with everything.

        p.s. sorry if I said any spoilers…

  • KTVB says:

    The 2hour finale will be showing tomorrow night in HK! Can’t wait XD

    *Contains spoilers*
    As at episode 23, most of the truth has already been revealed so I’m not sure whether there will be anymore surprised in the last two episodes.
    It was quite a chock to see that Kara was actually involved with Kevin’s death!! I thought she was oblivious and blindly defending Dominic whenever the Goo family “accused” him. I’m happy that Pai Jerung lived but it was sad to see Kevin get killed!! If only he didn’t grab Dominic’s feet *sigh*..if could have had a chance to live. And I guess Kara isn’t completely bad since she did let Pai Jeurng escape. Based on Selena’s blog, Dominic, Kara and her brother will all have a bad ending. Should be exciting to watch!

    Based on the synopsis above, and the foreshadow leading up to Kevin and Jacky’s final battle, I think Kevin will lose the battle =X Jacky has such an unfair advantage over Kevin. Firstly with the drugs he took, and Kevin’s own personal life after the annoying Nancy appeared into his life…causing so much drama and messing up with his head! Then Dominic adds more fuss in his mind by revealing where Kevin’s father’s body was buried the night before the final battle.
    ram looks like he’s in much pain as well- wonder what’s wrong..?
    I hope Kenneth and Selena will end up together in the end…PLEASE TVB grant my wish lol

  • Joey says:

    I’ve just watched Episode 1. My overall impression is Kenneth is soooooo annoying! he is nosy, always butts in other people’s stuffs and causes a lot of troubles for his family.

    Btw, Tavia’s husband disappeared for 20 years, then why does she have too many children?? lol

    • KTVB says:

      That’s actually my first impression of Kenneth too haha My opinion of him changes through the series though when we understand his character better, so keep watching! 🙂

      And I was wondering about the children question when I first watched it too lol When Kevin was still around, Tavia already had 3 son, and she was pregnant with twins. Natalie was adopted so that makes 6

  • NeeNeE says:

    I just finished watching this series and I have to say Kenneth Ma did a FANTASTIC job. I know everyone likes Kevin but I thought Kenneth has improved SO SO MUCH. His chemistry with Selena was very well performed.Plus his FIRST rank on the fav character poll 🙂

  • Joey says:

    Dominic’s character in this series is so wicked! I hate him!

  • jack says:

    where can i find the music that starts or builds up during the ring-fights? (e.g. it plays in episode 22 where Dominic’s character pretends to mistake his son’s lookalike to be his son)

  • Cal says:

    Thanks you for the 2010 series info. Have been too busy to find out about the 2010 series. Hard to figure out which are the best ones to buy; your website is helpful.

    Is this series good enough to buy in DVDs? There was a period of 15 years when I was too busy to watch TVB series, so I’m still catching up with some of the classic series (from the “ancient” Fearless Duo to HH, DIF, Square pegs, HOG, etc.) so I have to be picky with the 2010 ones. 🙂 Was disappointed with Born Rich given the promising cast, though it wasn’t too bad. Still, couldn’t get motivated enough to finish the series.
    Any other 2010 series you really like so far?

    Will it take a few months to get this series with Eng subbed DVDs at places like Yesasia? (I think that’s one of the sponsors of this website right? My apologies if it’s not.) For Eng-sub series that are not available through Yesasia, where else can one get them (in DVDs) at reasonable prices? (I’m a USA resident. Sometimes I order via www and months later, they say they are out of stock. This was not Yesasia.)The series with only Chinese subs are so much cheaper. I often end up getting those, though 1 of TVB-watching-buddies doesn’t understand much Chinese.

    The cast for this series looks good. Hope this one won’t be too girlish like BTROC (so much discussion on hairpins & embroidery. How can you watch that with co-ed buddies)? EU, Catch Me Now, Rosy Biz had a nice blend of action and family plot lines. IMO, Chip off the block, BF3 are ok to watch, but not good enough to own in DVDs. (HOG seemed a bit overrated though ok. Louise’s role was quite preachy, Ha Yu seemed a bit too motherly for a dad. Hard to believe he “runs” 31 stores. Linda Chung argued and cried so much. Nice plot twists but the way it’s packaged was “problematic”. If they cut out 5-10 eps, Linda Chung could save a lot of Kleenex 🙂 )

    If only we could have ratings on whether a series should be promising for audience of both genders. 😉

    Thanks again for your nice forum and website. Greatly appreciate your work!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Cal,

      Thanks for your comments 🙂 I think this series is worth keeping. Sad to say though, it’s really the only 2010 series so far which I would recommend..the others are just so-so. I haven’t seen enough of “In the eye of the beholder” to comment on that- seen little bits and it seems funny. Cast wise and storyline wise I’d go for “Fistful”. The think the quality of TVB series are falling this year..hopefully they’ll pick up in the latter half!

      As for YesAsia I believe they’re released in English Sub (DVD) a couple of months later, but they don’t release all TVB series. They’re usually the better ones anyway XD Other than YesAsia there’s also Amazon.com. I usually watch it on the TVB Satelite we have subscribed to at home. I’m from Sydney so I usually just get the series at the local shops or when I go to HK on holidays so I’m not really that familiar on where else you could get them. (how nice of you to consider your non-chinese friends lol)

      This series isn’t girlish although it has quite a bit of emotional scenes. It’s fitting for both genders IMO 🙂

      • Cal says:

        Hello KTVB,

        Thanks very much for your candid comments and suggestions. It’s hard to want to get Eye of the beholder bc Moses & Myolie are in so many other series (War&B, Dance of P, Gem of L, BTROC, Drv of L, Charm Beneath, HH2, Golden Faith, Triumph ITS, etc.) It gets really repetitive to see the same faces in everything. Also, for me, a little bit of Myolie is more than enough 🙂

        BTW, does Sydney have a Chinatown or Chns neighborhood? Just curious. (I was there ~1990 briefly as a teen and somehow walked to close to some clubs near our hotel. They tried to drag my sibling and I into some club in broad daylight with our mom next to us. Our faces turned lobster red. A unique experience that I still remember even now. Never saw clubs pulling kids’ hands to go into clubs in other cities. 🙂 )

        • Badger says:

          For TVB shows with English subtitles, try vcddvd88.com. They sell official Malaysian releases of TVB shows very soon after their HK broadcast. I have bought from them a couple of times and they are pretty good. The English subtitles are good, but not 100%. Sometimes the translation is really literal…pretty amusing.

          Sydney has a Chinatown in the southern part of the main city. There are also a few Chinese/Asian neighbourhoods scattered around its suburbs.

  • Anna says:


    Love your website 🙂 I was wondering if Tavia is in this throughout…Or is she just in it for a few episodes ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Anna says:


    Love your website 🙂 I was wondering if Tavia is in this throughout/til the end…Or is she just in it for a few episodes ? because shes playing yuen qiu when she was younger….

    Thanks 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Yea she’s only in a few scenes (but throughout the series)- so whenever there’s a flashback scene or when the past is shown she’s there! 🙂

  • hello says:

    I know its just a stupid poll but I can’t believe Kenneth ma is not the favourite character! I thought he was amazing in this series! I don’t usually like his characters in other series but he was just so perfect at playing this role. His character was clever, quick witted and just a pleasure to watch! I enjoyed every scene he was in! Kenneth ftw!

    • KTVB says:

      I agree =) Kenneth was awesome!! Don’t worry about the poll..I’ve checked up the stats and noticed Kevin’s votes are from a huge flood to people coming from a chinese Kevin-fan forum who have asked all their members to vote for Kevin(even though they can’t read English) So yea..Poll is a bit bias

  • P. Tan says:

    I certaqinly don’t agree that Kenneth”outshone” Kevin. He did play his role brilliantly but so did Kevin. Remember, his role as Kin Sheng required him to be sedate, reliable and conservative. Then, he had to act as an uneducated and rough and ignorant young man but still loyal and kind to his ‘mother’.His 2 types of natures were so very differnt from that of Kenneth so I find it unfair to pin him down as you did.

  • Terence Lee says:

    Does Kara Hui play an impressive role in this series? She was nominated for a best supporting actress award. If yes, then I will pick up the boxset to watch her. Thanks.

    • KTVB says:

      Kara’s role here isn’t that big; but there was one particular scene which was quite impressive and also the reason I believe she was nominated 🙂

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