June 2009

[New Series]: A Great Way to Care

Title: A Great Way to Care 仁心解码

Cast: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Elliot Yue, Timothy Hung, Pierre Ngo, Cheong Kwok Keung, Lee Kwok Lun, Ram Tseung, Astrid Chan, Ben Wong, Vivien Yeo, Suki Chui, Yoyo Chen

Episodes: 20

Release date: 8 June 2009- 3rd July 2013 (released Overseas)- This series was initially warehoused; later broadcasted in Hong Kong on 10 January 2011. A sequel was released in 2012

Filmed: October 2008

Producer: Law Wing Yin

Scriptwriter: Kwan Chung Ling

Official: Website
A Great Way to Care Official TVB Poster


KO LAP YAN (Alex Fong Chung Sun), Senior Psychiatrist of Yan Wo Hospital, is a competent and kind-hearted doctor who specializes in severe schizophrenia and even minor mental illness. YAN cures his patients by not only medication but also by psychological analysis. He diagnoses the cause with reference to the symptoms. The plot is interesting, intricate and extraordinary. The Psychiatrist LIN CHI SUM (Cheung Chi Kwong) and the nurse LI YING CHUN (Raymond Raymond Wong Ho Yin) are both good friends of YAN. SUM is keen on helping people. He has cured a patient suffering from binge eating disorder SUEN KA PIK (Vivien Yeo). They have overcome a lot of difficulties and become a couple. YAN is a divorced single father with a daughter. After the failed marriage, he did not long for love affairs until he chanced upon an Inspector of Serious Crime Unit MOK MAN YEE (Kate Tsui). They have gradually developed their relationship through business contact. However, in order to avoid recurrence of genetic mental disease, YEE detaches her feeling from YAN.

Comments:  First Impression- not appealing at all! I don’t like Kate Tsui and seeing Alex Fong just reminds me of ‘Building Blocks of Life’ which looks equally unappealing =\ The name itself is so boring “A great way to care”. I don’t have intentions of watching this unless I hear very good reviews and appraisals about it.

22 Responses to “[New Series]: A Great Way to Care”

  • Rin says:

    Kate overdose much? =/
    I personally don’t really like Kate & not to mention Alex Fong + Kate pairing? Really now?
    It’s more like “A Great Way to NOT care” series 😛
    I think I’ll pass~ (:

  • Nicole says:

    as a psych major i would love to watch a show abt psychology/psychiatry, but unfortunately this cast is totally unappealing. i’m not a fan of Kate at all. the only reason i would watch this is to see how Kate & Suki’s lesbian relationship (according to Wiki) plays out. XD

  • sandalls says:

    I’m totally not a fan of Kate or Suki, actually, you can consider me a hater… but I have given this series a try since there’s nothing else to watch and I’ve gotta say, I was surprised at how interesting it is… this series has a good storyline and a good supporting cast to it.. if you like the american tv series ‘house’ then I think you will like this series…

  • Strawberry_Eva says:

    I totally love this series so far!

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    i gave this series a try, its not bad…and yes it does remind me of “house”

    hope it gets better! theres a lot of weird characters ive seen so far.

  • lodestar says:

    the series is quite nice, really.
    okay… i watch it for kate, alex & raymond =D
    no harm watching. (:

  • h2c says:

    I actually am not a big fan of Kate.. but I do like watching Alex Fong.. (he’s pretty hot for an older guy)while the series is a little similar to the US drama “House” it gives it’s on HK twist to it. Not a bad series for 09!

  • KTVB says:

    hmm i heard from some friends the psychology part of it is quite interesting. Might give it a go if I can find some time 🙂

  • hahaangel1 says:

    I have to say not very appealing at first, but as the stories are told, it gets very interesting. I not really that into Kate and her acting, but the psychological part of the drama is very worth watching. A must for many House fans or anyone who likes watching dramas with good sub stories!

  • Dor86 says:

    This show is really interesting. Personally I feel that Alex Fong is quite handsome for his age and he looks really cool in this show. As a psychology major, this show definitely appeals to me lots! U guys shld give it a try and watch it for the show not for the cast 🙂

  • Shireen says:

    I love 仁心解码 so much ^^
    Hopefully u could upload the theme or sub songs??
    I like 心理 drama~
    Thanks =)

  • kamen says:

    i loved this drama (=
    it was really intense and interesting.
    something good to watch if your a fan of crime dramas!
    i definitely recommend people to watch this.

  • viiety says:

    At first, just by seeing the picture, I though that won’t be a good series. But after watching come episodes, I really like it. 🙂

  • evelyn says:

    I am not kate’s fan but after watching this series, I can see a great improvement in her acting. Overall: this seris is good, you will watch some episodes very fast coz you want to know the results. You will agree with you if you watch it. Pretty good series.

  • CJ says:

    what is the name of the girl who acted as yan’s daughter? plaese reply thanks.

  • Ally says:

    I liked that movie so much I nearly watch it over & over again!

  • j-star says:

    The drama is pretty tedious at first(not to mention sleep inducing)… but the psych cases are pretty interesting and the way they solve it is pretty cool but the supporting cast is really annoying :/! the girl who plays Alex’s daughter, Fei Mui and Suki are really annoying in this drama esp. since all three of them just whine and act cute(by pouting :@) throughout the drama :(! On the other hand Alex was superb as usual (thats prob coz I have an older men complex for him LOL) 🙂 but the age difference between him and Kate was too apparent for me to root for them.
    Overall only watch it if your interested in stuff like ‘House’ or have plenty of time on your hands, otherwise don’t watch because you’ll prob be really frustrated with the flaws in the series!!!

  • Blues says:

    I agree that the age difference is a bit less appealing than the cast itself. BUT, this drama really captures psychology and what CAN and maybe do happen in the real world.
    I liked kate’s acting, since it HAS improved, but in a way, her “overdramatic” times sort of irratate me.
    Im a big Kate fan tho! 😀

  • yy says:

    This series was pretty cool! 🙂
    The psychology part was really interesting.

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