Upcoming series released in Hong Kong March 31, after The Master of Taichi
To be released on TVBJ satelite Australia on March 31, after The Seventh Day 7pm

Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng Jut Si, Fala Chen, Raymond Cho…
Episodes: 20


Never Torn Apart in Sorrow
Never Gave Up in Hope

SZE KA-KA (Linda Chung) becomes disobedient since her mother passed away at her young age. KA desperately searches for her mother’s cremains which she has no idea why they have gone missing. Eventually, she is able to find the cremains in SHING KAM-SHEK’s (Kent Cheng) stone factory. KA’s love to her mother impresses SHEK and his disciple SHING YAT-ON (Steven Ma) a lot. ON helps KA to solve many of her problems, he also finds her a job in his sister SHING MEI-SUM’s (Fala Chen) company. KA appreciates all the things ON has done for her. Clearly, she adores him, but she does not confess her love to him because of her self-contempt. The love chance comes by the time when SHEK is staying in the hospital. KA replaces SHEK as the Marathon trainer to ON.

SUM is a money-oriented woman who wants to marry a rich man. She involves herself in a threesome with SHEK’s son KAM WING-LOI (Raymond Cho) and her boss TUNG KA-CHEUNG (Cheng Tse Sing). She gets pregnant accidentally. Later, she has an abortion because she does not want the baby to ruin her chance to getting rich. The family is bitterly disappointed in SUM. SUM does not repent what she has done. SUM injures KA whom is pregnant by drunk driving. ON loses his battle for life since then.

Synopsis Credits to Astro In Demand

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Comments: At first I wasn’t really anticipating the series because “Journey” and “Life” didn’t sound that appealing. In the past I’ve seen series claimed to be meaningful and inspirational series and had expectations for it, but the story turned out rather bland instead, for example, Life Art, Invisible Journey, Reaching out. However, after seeing the theme video and hearing the theme song I’m actually looking forward to it 🙂 The theme song sung by Steven Ma and Linda Chung sounds really nice ^^ It has a bit of an ancient series feel to it and sounds very moving lol.

I’m not really a Linda fan but she has improved a lot in Heart of Greed so I hope she’ll impress me in this one. I haven’t watched Virtues of Harmony II so haven’t seen Linda and Steven together in a collaboration. This will be my first and I look forward to their chemistry. *crosses fingers and hope it’ll be worth watching*

The above translations are done by TVB. ” Threesome” sounds a bit wrong..maybe they mean a love triangle instead?

On a side note: Having Steven Ma, Mary Hon and Fala Chen in the same series reminds me so much of Steps and The Brink of Law xD

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19 Responses to “[New Series]: A Journey Called Life”

  • kris says:

    thank you so much for the theme song! I was waiting for you to upload it 🙂

  • soupgirl says:

    fala & steven as siblings and fala’s character in journey called life sounds a lot of steps to me!

  • rain says:

    Steven and Fala playing bro/sis again? TVB shouldn’t do that in 2 series. Eventually in the future I guess they will be pairing as a couple. Doesn’t seems to convincing if you’re getting used to it.

  • Jadedreams says:

    Thank you for the themesong. Not a fan of Linda’s either. I think she has more potential for singing than acting though lol. This might be a good serie though, somehow most of Steven Ma’s series are usually pretty decent.

    BTW, I think you should give D.I.E a try. It’s pretty hilarious. Once you pass the first episode, it gets pretty interesting to watch. It’s somewhat like Dayo’s To Catch the Uncatchable, but it has its own silly/funny moments ! Kenneth Ma looks really good looking in this one to me lol. Sonjia & Roger are also great to watch. Actually, I pretty much like the whole cast!

  • KTVB says:

    I agree on you with the Steven Ma bit. I tend to like the role he plays recently too =)
    D.I.E does look quite good~ will probably come back to it sometime (don’t think I’ll get the chance to anytime soon). I haven’t watched To Catch the Uncatchable either XD I wanna come back to that too ~

  • BOL says:

    I agree… all the show’s that Steven’s in are really good… except maybe for Land of Wealth… but i really liked Steven’s chemistry with Tavia in Land of Wealth… it was kinda what kept me watching… i’m soooo looking forward to this show… coz it looks interesting… and apparently Fala suicides coz of the loss of the baby…

    And DIE is definately worth watching… i watched ep 7 coz my cousin downloaded it… and it was so good… and funny… in a weird way… but either way… it’s really good… so glad that they’re having two such good shows out at the same time…

    ohh… and also… the themesong was apparently written by Steven… i reckon that’s so cool

    would you be able to do a lil episode summary of this show and DIE like you did with Tai Chi and Brink of Law? Thanks

  • censored says:

    hmm… i’m soo looking forward to A Journey called Life coz i really like Steven… i reckon he’s got a really strong signing voice and also.. his acting’s pretty good… but i like him with Bernice more… especially in steps… i love the show looking forward to DIE as well…

  • SY says:

    I am looking forward to this show!
    It’s great to see Steven & Fala as siblings once again. We last saw them in Steps right? Hope their siblings chemistry in A Journey Called Life would be even better! I hope there will be a full version of the themesong! I must say that Linda has improved her singing! She sounds better in this song than the duet with Raymond in Heart Of Greed.

  • vivian says:

    hello, i read somewhere that you won’t be paying attention to Journey of Life much. I reckon its a good series, Linda plays a badass so its pretty interesting. Just some food for thought. 🙂

  • JJL says:

    A Journey called life is pretty good especially with the guy kent must say him and fei jie faces haven’t changed after 20 years probably because of the great food they have had and stored in their stomachs Lindas acting has improved alot and Steven Ma another good actor i liked him in that guard series

  • Jeanrah says:

    Apparently, just as the series started, Journey Called Life is an okay series, but Steven and Fala don’t “Shine” yet. Its based on that fat guy, a SHEK alot, and SHEK’s advice is very knowledgeable. I am addicted to stuff very easily xD

    D.I.E. is an awesome production. Roger Kwok and Sonja are very good to watch. This series is a definate to watch. In fact, if the series continues to be as great, and keeps on improving on the chemistry and storyline/ plot, D.I.E. may be able to be nominated for an award at the end of the year! =D

  • Sze says:

    Honestly I don’t think Linda’s acting is that bad and in my opinion I think it’s actually quite decent. Hope to see her in future series. 😀

  • Jessica says:

    Journey Called Life::
    I find this series pretty good it also funnie. I was suprised that Kent Cheng went back to acting and really improved. His acting made me laugh alot because of some of the words he said to his son such as ‘Bad Boy’ or ‘Good boy’ haha. but yeah. Though some of his advice can be really helpful and is also true too.
    For Steven and Linda : Both are okay though i have to say, Linda acting has improved alot..not much crying yet she gets mad alot in this series. lols. For steven im kinda his fan so not suprised really on anything for him.

    For D.I.E.
    I really loved this series. ! Roger and Sonjia really connect alot. Even for the whole gang i liked Derek acting. At first in some of Derek earlier series i really didnt get his roles at all. I was going ‘uh..okay’ but after i saw him in ‘WOIL2″, i really liked his acting. so cute. ^^ but yeah so in this series it getting better and better. more cases being solved by Roger. I cried though in some parts with the ghost..so sadd. but yeah. Anyways overall i think these two series is pretty good to watch and a must see. Hopefully TVB would have more series come out soon that would somhow have a few twists.

    Still waiting for some series to come out hopefully the following ones will come out soon:
    HOG2;Demi-Gods/Semi-devils (linda chung); 4 Constables; Man in Charge; & 13 Tai Bo. something like that.^^.

  • MCIS _TaiChi says:

    Well, you will have a lot of Linda Chung series to watch…besides HOG2, Demi-Gods, Gems of Life, Forensic 2, …and don’t know what else, there are a few movies that she starred in.

    However, I think her acting in this series – Journey of Life is POOR. HOG is better. Her singing is better, she should consider moving the career path like RAIN where he start off with singing first.

  • Michelle says:

    I hope you decide to review this series soon. I’m enjoying it so far. Can’t wait to hear your opinion on it.

  • BOL says:

    i’m still anticipating why Linda decides to break up with Steven in ep 16…

  • TVB676 says:

    The movie was so good.!!
    I like the character of Steven and Linda.
    They are good.
    Linda acting impoved a lot!!!
    A Journey Called Life was sure a good movie I ever saw!!!

  • Bozu says:

    can anyone give me the hanyinpin of the song.

  • KTVB says:

    I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable from the last 10 episodes I’ve seen. A very meaningful and touching series which didn’t disappoint me. There were so many moments where I cried watching it, either because it was so sad or moving. This is one of the better “simple-life” modern day series TVB has produced. The cast did a great job. Very nicely done =)

    I didn’t watch the first 10 episodes properly so I can’t judge how the beginning episodes were, but I heard the ‘real’ story starts after episode 10 and before that it wasn’t as interesting, so I’m glad I picked it up from here.

    I was shocked to learn Linda’s GaGa had several(?)abortions before and has caused problems, with low chance of having a baby. I was shocked! but it’s equally realistic. The realistic factor of this series is what captures my attention. There were shocking deaths in the series which were unexpected. One being Elaine Yiu’s character. She didn’t deserve to die, but the message is clearly brought across- the consequence of taking/selling drugs. Sad, but it happens. The other would be Fala’s death…so moving! I know she deserved it (ish), but I didn’t want her to. The death scenes were very tragic!

    The most moving scene was when Linda lost her baby and she called out to the dead foetus “Call mummy” T_T The other scene would have to be Steven’s crying scenes after Fala’s death…

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