August 2013

[New Series]: Always and Ever

English Title: Always and Ever

Cantonese Title: 情逆三世緣 (ching yik saam sai yuen)

Cast: 歐陽震華 Bobby Au Yeung, 關詠荷 Esther Kwan, 敖嘉年 Pierre Ngo, 黃智雯 Mandy Wong, 黃智賢 Ben Wong, 郭政鴻 Derek Kok, 朱晨麗 Rebecca Zhu, Ram Chiang

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 12 August 2013 (replacing ‘Karma Rider‘)

Themesong: Truly a Coincidence (實屬巧合)- Shirley Kwan (CD) * | Subthemsong: Unexpected (意想不到)– Pierre Ngo*

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Executive Producer: Chong Wai Kin

Scriptwriter: Ip Tin Shing


TVB Always and Ever


Due to a heartrending vow, YUEN KAM-CHEONG (Bobby Au Yeung), an Inspector of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, has mistakenly killed his girlfriend YEUNG TSIK-SUET (Esther Kwan).  Being so grief-stricken, KAM-CHEONG has an out-of-body experience, travelling back in time to the Song Dynasty.    Having attached his soul to BAO ZHENG (Bobby Au Yeung), the magistrate of Song’s capital Kaifeng, he is shocked to see HON SEUNG-SEUNG (Esther Kwan), who looks just like TSIK-SUET, right in front of his eyes.   According to BAO ZHENG’s investigation,  SEUNG-SEUNG was actually a princess, but was instead framed by a villain, KO KAI-ON (Ben Wong).  Shedding his tears, BAO ZHENG is forced to execute SEUNG-SEUNG, triggering his soul to once again float out of his body to the 1950s, when he becomes an all-powerful inspector WAH LUNG-BIU (Bobby Au Yeung).

As predestined, he believes he will re-encounter TSIK-SUET, yet TIN TSAU-FUNG (Esther Kwan), who is standing in front of him, does not recall him at all.  On the contrary, she thinks he is the one who killed her husband.   In order to change his fate, LUNG-BIU continuously verifies the truth.  Unexpectedly, he learns that a dancer, LAM YIM-FONG (Rebecca Zhu) and her boyfriend YUEN KWAI (Pierre Ngo), are his biological parents.  Moreover, TIN TSAU-FUNG’s younger sister TIN TSAU-NGAN (Mandy Wong) turns out to be manipulating the whole plot.  Tragedy recurs when LUNG-BIU accidentally kills TSAU-FUNG again.  With KAM-CHEONG’s soul returning to the modern era, he is determined to ferret out the one who has cast the spell on him in the cycle of reincarnation so as to protect TSIK-SUET as well as to escape from the curse.  However, to his surprise, it is him initiating all these tragedies……

因 一句錐心誓言,情報科督察袁金昌(歐陽震華)錯手殺害女友楊夕雪(關詠荷)。在傷心欲絕之際,金昌靈魂出竅穿越時空回到宋代,依附在開封府尹包拯(歐陽震 華)身上,並驚見與夕雪相同樣貌的韓霜霜(關詠荷)出現眼前。包拯查明霜霜身世原為公主,卻被奸人高繼安(黃智賢)陷害,包拯被逼揮淚斬霜霜,靈魂亦再度 出竅落到50年代,成為叱吒一時的華龍飆(歐陽震華)探長。在宿世姻緣安排下,他以為自己再遇夕雪,眼前人田秋鳳(關詠荷)卻對龍飆毫無記憶,反視他為殺 夫仇人。龍飆為擺脫宿命,不斷探查真相,意外得知跳舞女郎林豔芳(朱晨麗)和其男友袁規(敖嘉年)是自己親生父母,而所有陰謀卻是田秋鳳之妹田秋雁(黃智 雯)一手安排。悲劇再度發生,龍飆再次意外害死秋鳳。金昌靈魂返回現代,為保護夕雪,為逃出怨咒,他決意找出轉世施咒的人,但卻驚悉自己就是一切悲劇的始 作俑者……

Credit: TVB.com

16 Responses to “[New Series]: Always and Ever”

  • KTVB says:

    I think the storyline sounds kinda bizzare (and could potentially get lame..lol). Going through 4 different lives reminds me of “Maiden’s Vow” except this one retains the same memories and Bobby is aware of his surroundings.

    It’s kind of exciting to see Bobby and Esther collaborate again. I’m still undecided whether I’ll watch it though so I may jsut wait to hear some feedback from everyone else..

    • Madeline says:

      The cast is pretty interesting too. And I agree about how it’s great to see Bobby and Esther back on screen again 😀

      So far the first 3 episodes were okay. I like the radio talk in the beginning of the first episode haha it was funny and fresh. I wonder if those voices were Sammy Leung and Kitty Yuen because their voices does sound familiar to me :\ Any thoughts?

      • benchesandstools says:

        Yes they’re Sammy and Kitty! Thought that the radio talk done by them was kinda fitting because they’re the ‘golden couple’ of the DJ scene? Hahahaha.

        I am also crossing my fingers, hoping that this series can give some surprises. Felt extremely touched to see Bobby and Esther on-screen again, but am worried that the plot will get out of hand :X Just finished 4 episodes, so far so good…

        (sidenote: I thought JJ Jia did a good job in epi 4!)

        • Madeline says:

          hmm so far I watched 12 episodes of this drama, I got kind of bored watching the Song Dynasty period but I’m glad episode 13 is when Bobby finally goes to the 1950’s period. I hope it gets more interesting now we can see more Pierre, Mandy and Rebecca scenes!

          I like Bobby as an actor. He’s funny and cool! I hope he and Esther can end up together happily but I doubt it might or else the show won’t really be about how Bobby was “destined” to kill Esther or for Esther to sacrifice herself for Bobby in 3 different time periods.

          I think JJ Jia was okay. Too bad she only has a few scenes in this series though.

  • Rin says:

    Ooh, I saw Esther’s in this and was very surprised. I didn’t know she and Bobby are still with TVB mmm. I want to like this drama but I feel like if I watch it I’m just gonna get bored… the premise sounds not very appealing… reincarnation over and over… I mean I liked Maiden’s Vow (except the ending if I remember correctly) but I can’t see this being… exceptional. Maybe I’ll skim through it when I’m bored lol.

  • Pika says:

    The phrase ‘c yul q k’ which Ben Wong says in ep12 at 13mins 27 secs isn’t that something that wouldn’t have been said during that time… another flaw?

  • Madeline says:

    I am really starting to like this series a lot more than TITS2. I wonder how will they end this series? It’s so interesting to see how the whole story plot connects. I can’t wait for the finale! Thoughts?

  • Madeline says:

    Just finished the ending today!!
    This is probably one of the best dramas I have ever seen in a while. A great comeback for Bobby and Esther 😀 I hope there will be a sequel for this drama, well done!

  • Vicky says:

    Hi do you think you can do the lyrics of the theme song sung by shirley kwan? it will be awesome if you did!!!!


  • bryan says:

    anyone know the song to the music box?

  • Audrey says:

    Hi can anyone post Pierre Ng subthemesong Unexpected in Cantonese and pinyin please? Thanks

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