Devil’s Disciples 強劍 (after Heavenly In-laws 8:30pm)

Episodes: 20Cast:

  • Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) as 成 風/司馬風
  • Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as 荊 磊
  • Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) as 北堂紫瓏
  • Sharon Chan (陳敏之) as 莫 問/司馬雪 Leader of the Blood Shadow Clan
  • Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) as 司徒水靈
  • Eddy Ko Hung (高 雄) as 北堂傲 Bernice’s father
  • Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) as 東方無崖 Bosco’s Sifu
  • 羅冠蘭 as 成大娘 Bosco’s mother
  • Johnson Lee (李思捷) as 成 功 Bosco’s brother
  • 張松枝 as (席天浩) Sword Brother
  • 李國麟 as 林遙生
  • 李成昌 as 伊景翔
  • Patricia Liu (劉綽琪) as 楚幽夢 The drumming lady
  • Guest Stars:

  • Michael Miu
  • Anne Heung


Good and evil, who can determine;Love and hate, who can distinguish

Wulin’s [ancient world of martial arts] top righteous swordsmen clan, the School of the Sacred Swords, was recruiting students to learn, practice and train in a specific formation that had been lost years ago. An easygoing fellow, Sing Fung (Bosco Wong Chung Chak), and the cool and solitary Ging Nui (Kevin Cheng Ka Wing) were both successfully admitted into the school. At the same time, the evil Bloody Shadow Clan was rising up. The new leader of the clan, Mok Man (Sharon Chan Man Chi) led its members on an attack to Sacred Swords. Fung suffered severe injures, but was fortunately rescued from the doors of death with the help of a good friend and a member of the Sky One Tribe, Sui Ling (Shirley Yeung Sze Kei). After Fung recovered from his injuries, his martial arts powers grew immensely, and was appointed the master of the school. Bak Tong Oh (Eddy Ko Hung), whom people call the “master of swords,” married his daughter Bak Tong Chi Lung (Bernice Liu Bik Yi) to him. However, on the day of the big wedding, someone revealed that Fung and Man were siblings, and he was actually the offspring of the evil clan! Fung, who had always been raised admiring Sacred Swords painfully struggled between the idea of good and evil. Nui, who both loved and hated Man, was also trapped in a big dilemma…

TVB synopsis translation Credits to:


Adjustments to the synopsis given by TVB:

The School of Sacred Swords didn’t recruit the students to learn a special technique. (This is what Wayne’s character had initally thought). They were just recruiting and training them. Fung (Bosco) was not saved bySui Ling (Shirley) after suffering severe injuries after the battle, but instead healed by Bernice’s father and the remaining group leaders. Fung (Bosco)’s martial arts didn’t grow inmensely. He’s powers weren’t able to increase due to some pressue point Wayne found in him. Also, Bosco was not appointed the master of the school, but in a higher position as the 3 other teachers and temporarily taking his ‘role’ while he was away. The fact about Bosco and Sharon being sibilings was not revealed on the wedding day, but beforehand. Nui (Kevin) didn’t love and hate Man (Sharon). He has always liked her.

I’m looking forward to this series since its a Wuxia series based on a RPG. Despite hearing the graphics aren’t that good here (are there any TVB series with good computer graphics?), I look forward to seeing it.

6 Responses to “[New Series]: Devil’s Disciples”

  • Zelnox says:

    Oooh I like Kevin. But the CG stuff is meh to me. T_T I prefer the real fake stuff from the 80s. Hehe, Tony Leung actually had moves compared to the actors nowadays…

    It’ll be a while til I get to watch these though.

  • Eli says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the other main character in the series, the man that plays the character of Bernice’s father. He’s in this old series I want to get but I have no idea what the name is so I’m tryin to find his filmography.

  • KTVB says:

    Hi Eli,

    His name is Eddy Ko Hung, filmography can be found here:

    Hope that helps =)

  • boskifan says:

    actually both series r pretty good but about DD i luv it, JUST THE ENDING!!! me no likey the ending
    and BB begining bothers me but as the series goes on it awesome!

  • weirdgirlX3 says:

    well i dont know what to really expect from devil’s decsiples but im just eager to watch it.
    lol. im like eager to watch any series.

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