September 2009

[New Series]: Born Rich

English Title: Born Rich

Cantonese Title: 富貴門 (foo gwai moon)

2009 Grand Production/Anniversary Series

Cast: Ray Lui Leung Wai (呂良偉) Gallen Lo Ka Leung (羅嘉良) Anita Yuen Wing Yi (袁詠儀) Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (郭可盈) Jamie Chik Mei Chun (戚美珍) Joe Ma Tak Chung (馬德鐘) Nancy Sit Ka Yin (薛家燕) Benz Hui Shiu Hung (許紹雄), Kenneth Ma, Sharon Chan

Episodes: 41

Release date: 19 October 2009

Producer: Chong Wai Kin

Scriptwriter: Au Koon Ying

Official: Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: On the verge of Eternity Gallen Lo | 兩生關 Two Rounds of Life Kay Tse (Sub) | English Sub

Born Rich TVB


Sophisticated banker CHEUK YAT YUEN (Ray Lui) mistakes con artist SA FU LOI (Gallen Lo) for his half brother CHEUK YAT MING, fortuitously elevating the swindler to one of the leading figures in the banking industry.  The lost and found brotherhood has blinded YUEN to FU’s real nature and intentions.

YUEN is kidnapped overseas by a group of rioters.  He undergoes a dramatic personality change after the incident. YUEN’s wife HO TSEUK NIN (Jamie Chik) has tried her best to console him but still cannot help him get over the unpleasant experience.  Longing for more comfort and support, YUEN gets back with his ex-lover TUNG LING CHI (Kenix Kwok Ho Ying). NIN is heartbroken to learn about the affair and it has left the broken mirror that can’t be mended.

The identity of CHEUK YAT MING gives FU not only a sense of family warmth but also a sweet taste of romance.  He finds himself in love with YUEN’s little sister CHEUK YAT SUM (Anita Yuen).  SUM is attracted to FU too but thinking that they are true biological siblings, she decides to keep her love under wraps and stays with her long-term admirer KO TOK MAN (Joe Ma) instead.  This comes as a huge blow to FU.  He is not willing to lose his love, but neither can he reveal his real identity.  Caught up in the dilemma between love and money, FU finally chooses the fortune road of no return.

It is all about a tough battle for money, a devious triangle of love, and a severe challenge to ethics.

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Born Rich TVB





Credit: TVB.com.au

59 Responses to “[New Series]: Born Rich”

  • 'Muff says:

    Ooh, this looks interesting. Strong-looking cast. 😀
    And the ethics-challenging plot is rather… interesting.

  • vivian says:

    Can’t wait to watch this. I always love Gallen Lo. I hope this is as good as “The thrid hold of the era 1 & 2”, or hopefully is better. At least this series they have Gllen Lo and Kenix Kwok, but why Anita Yuen. I don’t like her in “exchange love”

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    im excited for the series too!!!

    but …lol i hope that isnt the final poster…cause it reminds me of indiana jones….hunt through the egyptian pyramids..LOL

  • Aweto says:

    this is going to be a great series

  • eve says:

    great casts.. looking forward to see ray, jamie and anita!!!

  • Lisa N says:

    I’ve waited for this series to come out since I heard Gallen was going to be in it. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • miranda says:

    I love Anita Yuen very much….!
    I will watch this series because of her…. 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Damn this looks good!!!

  • fran says:

    always liked gallen 🙂 great he is back for this and the strong cast. 😀 and yay to the theme song! awesome(:

  • Jessica Giang says:

    Hi, I’m Jessica from Sydney a fan of Tvb artistes as well, I can’t wait until Tvb drama “Born Rich” release in Dvd..I like Jamie Chick,Kenix Kwok,Ma Kwok Ming, and Ray Lui….they are my idol… Cheers!

    • Badger says:

      You can buy the first 20 episodes of Born Rich in Chinatown now. It is a TVB Australia release. Cheapest place is the DVD store near the northern/Town Hall end/entrance to Chinatown on Dixon Street.

      • Juanito says:

        Watch 1/2 of episode 1. I think Kate is more conncviing as a senior inspector than Fala is as a superintendent. She’s conncviing as the leader of a team of police officer. But, I just hope she stop posing and start acting. I know her acting is nothing to shout about. But, in the past, she actually tried to act. She put all out in her acting and didn’t care about image (e.g. ‘Man In Charge’, OTFB, Short of Love). But, in FH3, there are times I felt that she purposely pose to look sexy. The way she move her head and everything. Her lip gloss also distract me. Kate, Kate. Please, don’t inject anything more to your lips if you did inject stuff. Your lips are pretty enough as it is.For some unfathomable reason. I don’t like Aimee Chan. I was ok with her in ‘Every Move You Make’ and ‘The Other Truth’. But, I don’t know why I dislike her in this series even though she hasn’t done anything yet. Too bad she will pair with Edwin Siu whom I like.

  • foru says:

    I can’t wait for this series except that I hope someone will sub this series in English as I don’t understand cantonese 🙁

    I’m a big fan of Gallen Lo!!! When I first read the review and casting, I hope it’d be as good or better than The Threshold of an Era which I’m very fond of!

  • R says:

    I loved Golden Faith….so I’m thinking that I’ll like this too. Since they both have Gallen in it 🙂

  • Lisa N says:

    I finally have got the first three eps to Born Rich and Vietnamese. It looks good so far..

  • foru says:

    anyone here got an english sub for this series?

  • Lillian :D says:

    gosh this and BTROC both seems good. this looks interesting, and funny cause of Kenneth Ma, and everyone else. >.< i can't wait to see more of it.

    P.S. the mustache looks so weird on Kenneth. lol!

    • KTVB says:

      ehhe yea it does! and the funny thing is Gallen actually makes a comment to him when Kenneth is trying to stick the moustache on- that he’s a man yet can’t even grow one! lol

  • Badger says:

    The official Malaysian releases of TVB shows have English subtitles. The translations aren’t 100%. It doesn’t help when some Cantonese phrases/names don’t translate well into English. LOL

    • foru says:

      you mean the astro on demand one is it? so it does have an english sub? i should subscribe to that channel then!

      • Badger says:

        No, not Astro on Demand. I am referring to the official Malaysian DVD releases of TVB shows which have English subtitles as an option. You can buy them from Malaysian online retailers.

  • jRAW says:

    Totally hooked onto this series XD

  • louis3107 says:

    Hi K, fan of ur site 🙂
    Im only up to eps 5 in this series. Theres smthing confuses me a bit : How did Gallen steal Ray’s stepbrother identity? I mean he just appeared to be at late mother and son’s house and it wasnt explain their relationship with them hmm

    • KTVB says:

      I cant’ remember if they explicitly stated how they met etc, but I think the mother kind of took them in (seeing they were like orphans) and they lived as neighbors (They even took some photos together)

  • maizai1 says:

    Yatming and Fuloi are in the Sabah house where Yatming is complaining about not having money. He then goes through the real Yatming’s belongings and fines newspaper clippings of Marcus and his father. He comments that the real Yatming’s father is rich. But too bad the real Yatming has died.

    Marcus arrives in Sabah looking for his real half brother with the private investigator. Marcus and the investigator are in a car and they drive pass Yatming. They ask Yatming if he knows the “Cheuk Yatming”. Gallen then pauses and says there’s a”Lau Yatming”. He then rushes home hoping Marcus would find him so he can pretend to be the real Yatming. Episode 2 explains that Gallen looks like the real Yatming. Gallen also holds the birth certificate and a “birth hair pen/brush” with “Cheuk Yatming” written on it. So its all these things that causes Marcus to believe Gallen is the real Yatming – Marcus asks Connie to do DNA tests on the pen/brush instead of direct DNA tests on Yatming (so as not to hurt the guy’s feelings if he is indeed Marcus’ half brother).

    I love this series – hooked.

  • fiona says:

    trust me. after Moonlight Resonance, I’m all over these family dramas.

  • maizai1 says:

    Actually, this series is much better than Moolight Resonance in terms of heartbreaking/backstabbing family fighting. The real Cheuk family are very loving and caring towards each other. In fact, there’s no fighting ove inheritance, power in the Bank, money, etc btwn Marcus and Rene (who are the real 2nd generation Cheuks).

    I’m really enjoying this series!

  • kaioucat says:

    Born Rich is very very different from Moonlight Resonance. BR is much more serious and the villain is really evil, although started off as much lovable. Kinda makes you feel sad when he turned so evil. They fight over real stuff like love and power, not petty things like who said what about who. Moonlight Resonance is just full of petty things like that.

  • christine says:

    if not for anita yuen, i wouldn’t have watch the show…. her acting is the best and i love all the dramas and movies acted by her.

  • christine says:

    *Ending Spoiler*
    i have finished watching “Born Rich” and I am very happy that in ended this way cos my fav actress Anita Yuen did not die but got married and had a beautiful ending. Joe Ma’s character should end up with Anita cos they look good and very comfortable together.

  • silent says:

    hi, im looking for the english song played in ep 21 where Renee is in her room and Topman’s ex-gf is being hospitalized. does anyone know the song title/singer? thx!

  • mika says:

    Love Born Rich very much…
    Specially because Anita Yuen in it. She is very beautiful and talented.
    I Can’t wait to watch her other new series…….

  • maizai1 says:

    *Ending Spoiler*
    I have finished watching this series and I liked it very much. I was very happy that Marcus ended up with Connie and Rene with Topman. But I was a bit annoyed at Yatming/Sa Fu Loi’s ending…he was so evil…he did not deserve such a good ending!!! He lives in the happiest world out of all the characters as he knows nothing of what he has done in the past whereas Rene will always remember the pain he caused her, Marcus lost Angie and Juk Sir died.

    But otherwise, I was very happy with the series! Loved it!!

  • jenn says:

    do you now by any chance what is Elsa’s real name? the one who played topman’s ex gf.

  • Kelvin says:

    Hi k, could you write singular episode summaries for born rich

    • KTVB says:

      No…? lol The 5 episode batches pretty much summaries it all up anyway.

      Are you watching the series Kelvin?

      • Kelvin says:

        Lol, i finished the series but i’m still looking forward to your posts. I watched both grand productions and i like born rich more. Beyond would have been better if they followed the original idea from the sale presentation

        • KTVB says:

          oh you’ve finished already 🙂 Why would you still need to read the summaries then? lol I’ll share my thoughts etc on the remaining episodes though, hopefully I can write them up soon! Stay posted!

        • KTVB says:

          Btw Kelvin, I’ve noticed you’ve been using TVB Guide’s Born Rich summaries and reposting them as your own in your blog.

          I’ve also noted you’ve been making summaries out of my Beyond the realm of Conscience posts, and reposting Lyric translations and claiming them as yours. Please stop copying our content. That is very rude and disrespectful.

          If you continue on plagiarizing, you are not welcome on this blog anymore.

  • Kelvin says:

    Yes i know plagiarising is wrong and have recently stopped doing so. Sorry for copying and i will put credits

    • KTVB says:

      Think about it this way~ if people want to read my summaries and thoughts, they’ll come here.

      If you’re going to start your own blog, make sure its yours 🙂 Put your own thoughts etc in it! make it really your blog.

  • rachel says:

    I’ve just finished the entire 41 episodes in just 7 days !! A bit disappointed with the ending because I think Gallen should deserve a really bad ending. Really bad ending for all the evil things he has done.

  • chibi says:

    Originally I was going to watch this drama, but after several attempts to resume this drama, I’ve decided to just skip it and read your blog entries instead! haha..

    Looking forward to it:)

  • ERiC says:

    anyone know the “english” song title in e show & where to dl?

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