Title: Can’t Buy Me Love

Chinese Title: 公主嫁到 (Gung Jue Ga Do) Here comes the Princess

Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Susanna Kwan, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Lee Heung Kam, Louis Yuen, Selena Li, Sharon Chan

Episodes: 32

Airing date: 23 August 2010 (after Beauty Knows No Pain)

Official: Website | Trailers

Themesong: Thousand of Love 萬千寵愛 by Susanna Kwan

Executive Producer: Mui Siu Ching

Scriptwriter: Kwan Chung Ling & Leung Man WahYang

Can't Buy Me Love


Reluctant to marry into the Tibetan royal family, the wilful Princess CHIU YEUNG (Charmaine Sheh) has to find herself a husband as soon as possible. Owner of a gold store TING LOI-HEI (Susanna Kwan) recommends her second and third sons, KAM DOR-LUK (Moses Chan) and KAM DOR-SHAU (Raymond Wong) to the Princess, hoping that the royal marriage would bring them out of financial crisis and somehow save their family business.

Not wanting his brother to sacrifice for the family, DOR-LUK offers to marry the Princess himself. Shortly after the marriage, YEUNG begins to show her true self. She needs the KAMs to treat and respect her as a distinguished princess instead of a family member. Even the spiritual leader of the family Granny KAM (Lee Heung Kam) is not spared.

YEUNG’s handmaiden SZETO NGAN-PING (Fala Chen) is a haughty young woman who has no regard for anyone, not even the government matchmaker TING YAU-WAI (Kenneth Ma). The KAMs cannot put up with YEUNG anymore and decide ally and fight back. But to everyone’s surprise, NG SZ-TAK (Linda Chung), the most vigorous maid of the family takes YEUNG’s side and goes against the KAMs.

After back and forth bickering, LUK and YEUNG are on the verge of breaking up for the third time. The matter is drawn to the attention of the royal family and finally settled by Emperor TAIZONG. Marrying the Princess is supposed to bring LUK wealth and honour, but all that glitters is not always gold, especially when the bride is such a self-willed shrew.


Credits: Astro on Demand

34 Responses to “[New Series] Can’t Buy Me Love”

  • Christine says:

    yay first to comment! Can’t wait for this to come out in Canada! It’s coming out this Saturday here. Looking forward to be laughing every episode!

  • lady of shadows says:

    Yay,can’t wait for this one to come out either.This one’s definitely on my To Buy List,all the other TVB releases have been so so this year…

    Think the ending is all three couples have babies or something.According to pics I’ve seen somewhere,looks like Charmaine and Moses have their own little princess…

  • chibi says:

    Lol, the similar casting and the re-use of the same costumes feel like the whole thing is a BTROC parody..but not really. XD

  • XOXO says:

    I agree with chibi. It’s like BTROC…

  • Summer says:

    can’t wait to see the last episode

  • Fiona says:

    LOL, this is actually… pretty good, haha! but i only watched up to third episode ahhaa

  • Hellokitty1044 says:

    i think i will give this drama a try

  • linda4eva says:

    lucky 4 u. here in singapore they haven’nt show the trailer not to talk abt the show i hope it airs in singapore faster

    • 0ikto says:

      you can watch it on enterhk.com
      it is not eng subbed but if you understand cantonese it will be fine. you can only watch 75mins at a time though=(but it will be quicker than singapore

  • Kandypop says:

    does anyone know what channel i can watch tvb on cable? i’ve been looking it up on the internet but it doesn’t say antying, if you guys can tell me what channel it would be really great, thanks in advance 🙂

  • Chibi says:

    hmmm.. I’ve been watching some of CMBL and unfortunately it’s not too appealing for me. I much prefer watching BTROC. I’m not too fond of the comedy genre :/

    Anyone else watching this at the moment?

    • geliguolu says:

      umm… watched about 10eps… not liking it 🙁

      I did have high hopes for this series, cuz I like Charmaine, Moses, Raymond and Fala…. but it turned out to be a major disappointment.

      Everything is so… FORCED. Not funny >_<

      But I am getting to like Linda more, her character is real cute.

  • iLOVECBML says:

    this seris is funny!! i reall like charmaine and moses in this seris the most.linda and fala did a very good job so is raymond wong and kenneth ma.I LOVE THE WHOLE CAST MEMBER!! RELEASE THE STRESS FROM WORK WHEN WATCHING THIS SERIS. LOT OF LAUGHING !!

    • Chibi says:

      CBML is getting more interesting at some parts, but the comedy comes from the characters doing really stupid things.. so if you’re into that kind of humor you’ll probably like it. When it comes to comedy though, still think VOH owns 🙂

  • lavender says:

    @chibi I found VOH to drag at some parts (especially VOH2) so it kinda was a hit and miss for me. I was excited when they announced filming of CBML but the synopsis sounds so…boring :/ Is there really any plot to this or do they just improvise and go along like VOH?

    • Chibi says:

      I’ve never watched VOH2 so I was mainly referring to the first one 🙂 Ive been seeing some CBML and I think the storyline is pretty…bland? I dunno, I just don’t love the characters enough to care much for any one of them. BTROC was obviously much stronger.

  • Star says:

    I finished watching it and it was really good. Everybody is all happy.

  • Skyprincess says:

    I just finished watching the DVD’s and I loved it. It’s funny how tvb puts rap and sometimes our modern way of speech into a costume drama. But as it nears towards the end it gets very heartwarming and sad. But I am confused the Dvd has 31 episodes but I have been reading about 32. I know j watched the ending so how can there be another one? Can someone please tell me.

  • Chibi says:

    hmmm.. I actually liked the more serious aspects of this drama. I thought the random humour wasn’t that interesting at all which made the plot feel a little weak. Seriously, did the actual story have much substance apart from fillers? I’m probably the only one who thinks that, lol.

  • faithict says:

    I just finished watching episode 3…somehow i felt that this series is like a “chinese new year” series…the theme song has the chinese new year feeling…what do you think?

    I just at episode 3, but somehow i do not quite like the character of fala in here…hmm, how should i put it? i felt that her acting is not “real” but like forced to…

    I am going to continue to watch this series as it has been a while since i actually watched a comedy tvb…might be a good series to watch after getting off from the hectic work…:D

  • AhRu says:

    I love CBML! Only a few part was plot-filler but overall it had been very exciting. It wasn’t exactly predictable either with the little surprising twist here and there 🙂 I love the characters too! But I did see a similarity to VOH with their name being “Kam” and all XD But that’s fine since I love VOH 😛

    I personally like the humor here, probably because I adore the actors and actresses so I think they really tried their best. Yes Moses overreacts sometime, yes Linda raise her voice a lot, yes there are flaws – but still it’s a good effort.

    Everyone look so beautiful. It does look a little weird having BTROC costumes here since I just watch it only a few months ago. But they were elaborate costumes, why waste all that hard work eh?

    I’d like to commend the casts for their work here. Linda, Fala and Charmaine were so pretty and cute <3 The guys did a very good job also. Hehe

    Sorry I wrote so much. But I'm going to defend this drama because I would rather have a cheerful chaos than dramatic flair. I did enjoy BTROC but it lost me when the drama was so convoluted and the series lost its focus. BTROC was indeed very entertaining but I personally enjoy CBML more.

    Again. I wrote so much. I would just like to share my opinions with you guys. And to encourage anyone with the time to give this drama a try 😀

  • Asflow says:

    This is a great series. Funny, heartwarming and all the actors and actresses are good too. Really enjoyed it.

  • hong says:

    would like to know when this movie will come out in the United states

  • hong says:

    want to watch this in Vietnamese

  • LovedIt says:

    Fala Chen’s costume and hair in this series made her look wonderful. I thought her hair in every other series, especially “No Regrets” looked really bad on her :O

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