February 2010

[New Series]: Don Juan Demercado

Title: Don Juan Demercado

Chinese Title
:   情人眼里高一D (ching yan ngaan lui go yat d)

Cast:  Bosco Wong Chung Chak(黄宗泽), Wong Cho Lam (王祖蓝), Kitty Yuen (阮小仪), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Chan Shan Chung (陈山聪), Lo Man Chong (罗敏莊), Lam Chi Sin (林子善)

Episodes: 6 [Chinese New Year: Mini Series 2010]

Airring date: 15 February 2010 (replacing Off Pedder)

Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Scriptwriter: Wong Yeung Tat & Poon Man Hung



Supposing there was a chocolate that could make you taller, slimmer and more beautiful, would you eat it without demur? Do perfect looks guarantee a perfect life? This hilarious Chinese New Year comedy is going to bring you the sweetest Valentine present ever in six consecutive episodes.

KUNG YAN TUNG (Wong Cho Lam) is beaten in a singing contest, despite his beautiful voice; turned down by his dream lover, YEUNG SIN WAH (Christine Kuo), despite his kind heart. He blames all these on his unattractive appearance. One day, he gets a pack of magical chocolates by chance. He eats one, and transforms into a heartthrob instantly. He changes his name to KAN LIK SHUN (Wong Chung Chak, Bosco), and he hits stardom almost overnight. The magical chocolates have a time limit though. His personal assistant, KING CHI KO (Kitty Yuen), discovers his secret. Fortunately, instead of disclosing it, she works even harder to help him. SHUN is getting more and more popular, even famous star TSE ON FEI (Kate Tsui) is going after him. There are only a few chocolates left. Then SHUN meets a scientist, who gives him a magical chocolate that has no time limit. If SHUN eats it, TUNG will disappear from the earth for good. Before he makes the decision, he is surprised to find that KO has tried the magical chocolates, too.

如果世上有一种巧克力可以让你由矮变高,由肥变瘦,由醜变靚,你会二话不说把它吃掉吗?外表一百分是否就代表人生一定走向完美?一连六集爆笑贺岁小品將为你送上一份最甜蜜的情人节礼物。 丑怪男恭因銅(王祖蓝)拥有一把靚声失落於歌唱比赛,心地善良卻遭梦中情人杨仙华(苟芸慧)拒爱,因銅自觉一切皆因 丑样的缘故。偶然间,他得了一包神奇巧克力,吞食一粒后即变成万人迷,並改名为廑力信(黃宗泽),迅即在娱乐圈竄紅,但巧克力有时效限制,被其私人助理荊 止高(阮小仪)发现,但止高並沒有揭穿这个秘密,反而加倍落力帮他解決烦恼,力信事业如日方中,就连圈中美女明星谢安腓(徐子珊)亦对他展开猛力追求,但 此时巧克力刚好所剩无几,力信巧遇神药发明家,求得一粒具永久效力的巧克力,只要他愿意服食,原來恭因銅的身份就会从此消失於地球,正当他把持不下时,竟 发现原來止高也同样服食了神奇巧克力..

Synopsis Credits : Astro on Demand

38 Responses to “[New Series]: Don Juan Demercado”

  • Maggie says:

    This movie looks really weird, I dont think ill watch it.

  • Eva says:

    I think you got the synopsis wrong! I think you got ‘Cupid Stupid’ synopsis instead!
    Sorry to point that out!

    Reply from KTVB: Not sure what went wrong lol It’s fixed now, thanks! XD

  • cF says:

    No the synopsis is correct. I just watched the first episode. It is so just the Jap movie “The Handsome Suit”! What a rip

    • KTVB says:

      oh really? haha well since when has TVB come up with something so wow and original? XD I haven’t seen that Jap movie so it’s not “too” bad to watch

    • karened says:

      Exactly. That, plus the cast, makes good reason to avoid this until I’m desperate for something to watch.

    • lavender says:

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly when reading the synopsis. Despite that I’m a sucker for ~magical change~! stories so I’d watch this.

  • KTVB says:

    The series/synopsis does not look that appealing to me lol The only reason I may watch it is it’s only 6 episodes..maybe if/when I’m really bored lol

  • kes says:

    yeah.. I’m like the only cheap one here.

    Wong Cho Lam is good enough for me to wathc it. (and 6 episodes i short enough IF the drame turns out to be lousy ^^ )

  • Aivilo says:

    Im pretty happy yet yearning for more episodes of this comedy, its pretty funny & entertaining.. Makes me wanna watch more.
    Currently watching episode 3, will DEFINITELY complete the series tmr 😀

    I reccomend everyone to watch it 😛

    • uchiha says:

      Is it that good? I’m afraid to watch because the thought of Wong Cho Lam occupying 70% of screentime as the lead character isn’t a good thing for me -.-

      • Aivilo says:

        whoops i forgot to press reply to u: so juz posting it again for u to receive in ur email or sumthing

        Haha its quite entertaining, although looking at Wong Cho Lam most of the time is kinda annoying.. But reali helps u tink about whether beauty is everything. (i dun mind wong cho lam but in the show they make him EVEN uglier :/ he has quite a nice voice n talent)

        but the 6 epi are reali short so its worth giving it a shot. since ea epi is onli arnd 22mins..

    • Kammi says:

      Yeah! i agree ^^ some parts are funny & entertaining.. its kinda interesting! since its only 6 eps i don’t mind.. but have to wait until next week since this Australia everything here is kinda backwards…

      • Aivilo says:

        Haha yeah its quite entertaining, although looking at Wong Cho Lam most of the time is kinda annoying.. But reali helps u tink about whether beauty is everything. (i dun mind wong cho lam but in the show they make him EVEN uglier :/ he has quite a nice voice n talent)

        Oh im gona watch it finish on http://www.tudou.com

        • uchiha says:

          I finished it and it’s quite entertaining. Although it centered on Cho Lam I’m not annoyed because I got nicely distracted by Bosco and Kate who I found make a great couple but they don’t have good ending.

  • KTVB says:

    I just watched the first episode XD it’s entertaining I suppose but really slack to ‘ugly’ people. I’m surprised that just kicked him out of Voice because he was “bad” to look at. I mean, how did he get there in the first place then?

    When I saw Christine Ko I thought she was Aimee Chan XD Well hey have a lot of resemblances and all. I have a feeling she was actually Kitty Yuen because we see her depressed afterwards walking past Wong Cho Lam..and the fact Christine was extremely disappointed by Wong Cho Lam’s response to why he liked her. Everything was just about the looks, and he made no mention of her personality etc. I’m sure he liked her personality as well, but I guess the whole “beauty” thing was what he was attracted to the most.

    • Aivilo says:

      yeah i agree, i tink Wong Cho Lam kinda blew his chance when he couldnt say nice things bout her. he culd have said like she very kind, dun mind making friends wif him etc. But yeah thats the purpose of the show i guess.

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I finished this series and I have absolutely fallen in love with Bosco and Kate!! They realy made me want to keep watching for their scenes!! They have blown me away with their chemistry. The series is ok, with a few funny bits. Wong Cho Lam was ok, but I enjoyed watching Bosco more. I actaully really like the duet between Bosco and Kate. It sounds quite good.

    P.s. Not that this is really relative but I reckon Wong Cho Lam and Linda Chung make a great couple after seeing 72 Tenants of Prosperity!

    • uchiha says:

      I give this series a chance and I’m not disappointed. It’s an ok and cute series but the ending isn’t the best to me. I agree with Bosco and Kate. I secretly want Cho Lam to take the permanent chocolate and be Bosco so that Bosco and Kate can be together and he can still happily be a star wakaka but that’s not what the series wants to teach.

    • KTVB says:

      I actually liked the ending. Not sure why- didn’t really like Kate here. It was obvious she only cared about his looks and she didn’t seem to have that nice of a personality.

      I always had the feeling that Christine Kou was Kitty and they were quite cute together.

      haha something makes me doubt the “everlasting chocolate” she made XD It could have easily been a set-up only to test Wong Cho Lam. If he chooses to be Bosco, he might have nothing in the end XD

  • xXbBGurlx says:

    eventually i watched it an its quite an entertain serie as it was just for valentines day even though its short you guys should watch it as though you may like it

  • kinki says:

    This short series is pretty good. Some people mentioned about copying some other Japanese drama concept/idea into the series so smth. Personally, I dun mind. Cos as long as it’s entertaining, it’s all good. I found it too short. Dunno if it was because I watched all 6 eps all at once.

    Personally, I think it’d be still good if it get stretched into a 20-episode series if they develop the stories longer and develop the characters(esp. ‘Bosco’, ‘Siu Yi’) more.

  • Jason says:

    Where can I watch these?

  • faithict says:

    I just finished watching this series…at first i decided not to watch it as the poster did not really looked that appealing to me…But today i thought i would give it a try as i realized that look is not everything…i started watching this, although it is pretty short for a HK series, but i found the story pretty interesting. It is a good thing that towards the end wong cho lam did not take the last chocolate that could makes him stay as Bosco for eternity. It is better to be yourself than to be someone else, what’s more, after taking that last chocolate, you cannot even go back to your ownself anymore. One thing that i did not expect is that christine Kou is actually kitty yuen. That really took me by surprise during that last few minutes of the last episode. I thought the ending would just be wong cho lam and kitty yuen together. Anyhow i do like the ending and the story line is pretty interesting as well.

    • faithict says:

      actually i don’t quite understand one thing..how come everyone claim that wong cho lam is ugly? For me i don’t feel he is that ugly or that good looking…just ok…

      • kes says:

        I think they once said he was “ugly” because of his big nose.(I think they said? it in “Off Pedder” )

        His nose arent that big, but its not a typical HK-celeb nose.

        Maybe that is why

        I admit Wong Cho Lam arent pretty…. HOWEVER Im a fan of him. – I think he’s a funny and good actor.

        • AnnaL says:

          I agree too, this mini series was not appealing at first but until u watch it. It gets really interesting and v funny. A must watch short mini series for CNY 😀

  • D. says:

    Hi, do you happen to have the songs listing which was used in the show?

  • tracey says:

    醜得漂亮 – the song Wong Cho Lam sang at the market in the beginning
    (Original: To Grow With Love themesong by Andy Hui and Myolie Wu)

    心領 – The Voice Contestants Group 1
    (Original: Heart of Greed subtheme by Raymond Lam and Linda Chung)

    抱著空氣 – The Voice Contestants Group 2
    (Original: The Seventh Day subtheme by Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow)

    相逢何必曾相识 – The Voice Cho Lam and Doggie
    (Original: 相逢何必曾相识 by Ram Tseung and 韋綺姍)

    幾分鐘的約會 – song played when Cho Lam tried to meet Christine at the MTR station
    (Original: 幾分鐘的約會 by Danny Chan)

    為你鍾情 – the song Cho Lam sang to express his feelings for Christine at the restaurant
    (Original: 為你鍾情 by Leslie Cheung)
    我的驕傲 – Bosco singing after being kissed by Kate
    (Original: 我的驕傲 by Joey Yung)

    眼淚贊 – Bosco/Kate duet on The Voice
    (Original: 眼淚贊 by Anthony Wong and Joey Yung)

  • thucdoancute says:

    the film is a bit shock but it’ s kind of funny and interesting, i just watched it and i think it kind of great, i love it :)! And the theme song is the piano song, it’ s good… 😀

  • 'Muff says:

    Ooh, just finished watching it.
    It’s a cute series, quite enjoyable to watch.
    I didn’t suspect the identity of the ‘medicine-maker’ though 😛

  • I WANT THE SONG says:

    sorry do you know what bosco wong’s last song is called ? when he was on stage ?

    • KTVB says:

      Which one are you referring to? The one he sang at Ocean Park or his duet with Kate (when he used the last chocolate?)

      The one he sang at Ocean park was the Dicey Business Sub Themesong

  • edward says:

    anyone has the song which cho lam sang when he was on stage..first episode..the one where he was great but the judges judged him based on looks.

    • KTVB says:

      The one he sang with the dog right?
      Met By Chance Was Once Acquainted (相逢何必曾相识)
      Original Singer: Ram Tseung and Wai Yee Shan

      Download links: Original | Rip

      Credits to AEU

  • tracey says:

    does anyone know the song that was played when bosco and kate were on the bike running away from people

  • kelly says:

    i watch this drama it seem to be a short funny drama especially how they arrange many songs of tvb in it lol

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