February 2009

[New Series]: E.U

Title: E.U. 学警狙击 (Emergency Unit)
Sequel to The Academy & On the First Beat
Cast: Michael Miu, Kathy Chow,Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Tse, Elanne Kong, Kaki Leung, Dominic Lam, Joel Chan
Episodes: 30
Release Date: 16th February 2009 (to be released after The Gem of Life)
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Scriptwriter: Chu King Kei & Leung Yan Tung
Genre: Action/Modern/Cops


JIANG SHI XIAO (Michael Miu Kiu Wai) is released from jail in Taiwan. He returns to Hong Kong immediately and tries to find his daughter JIANG YOU YOU (Elanne Kong) so as to heal their relationship. By pretending to be friendly with the one who made him in jail, the gang leader TO YIK TIN (Lam Lei), XIAO is eager to get even with him, and also intends to draw two young policemen to his side in order to strengthen his influence. LEE PAK KIU (Sammul Chan) from the Emergency Unit is reluctant to get close with a gangster while CHUNG LAP MAN (Ron Ng Cheuk Hai) from Special Duty Squad believes that XIAO could help them fight against TIN by acting as an informer. MAN develops a close relationship with him gradually but he has been dismissed before accomplishing the task. Afterwards, XIAO takes MAN under his wing and MAN devotes himself to the triad society.

TIN always put XIAO on his guard and he asks his trusted follower LEUNG SIU TONG (Michael Tse Tin Wah) to keep a close eye on XIAO. On the other hand, XIAO fights back by making use of TIN’s wife CHING YEUK SAM (Kathy Chow Hoi Mei) to strengthen his power in the gang. XIAO eventually becomes the gang leader and he believes that everything is under control. However, the drug trafficking business keeps running into trouble abnormally. XIAO begins to question the loyalties among his confidants.


Ooo yay! It’s finally out 🙂 I haven’t seen Michael Miu and Kathy Chow for ages, so I’m really looking forward to seeing them again on screen. I haven’t watched The Academy and as for On the First Beat , I was really only engaged on Michael & Sonjia’s storyline (though both aren’t in this one) However, after seeing the trailers and this promotional image, I’m once again excited by all the hype haha. Hope I’ll have time to see it 🙂

Synopsis Credits: Astro On Demand

22 Responses to “[New Series]: E.U”

  • summer says:

    Yeah… EU is coming soon… sure nice..and long time dun see Kathy Chow ler… so good..she is back..

  • eigna says:

    yay..E.U is finally here..been waiting for so so long..

  • Amber says:

    Dear ktvb or tvb, I have a question for u. My question is I search on internet that it say e.u. has been released….then why I can’t watch it if it has been released? and my another question is do u know where can I watch e.u. movie at? if u know where I can watch this movie at please response back to me or email me @ aznbabiegurlfl33@yahoo.com. thanks.

    Reply from KTVB: E.U is definitely released in Hong Kong already. It’s currently up to episode 11. If you want to download, there are a few links in the “links and Credits” page to site which provide download links.

  • Amber says:

    Dear ktvb can u check where I can watch e.u. in viet version or what it called in viet? Please…. thanks

  • DBSKFreak says:


  • Nat says:

    heyy Amber, go to http://www.onlinephim.net/1641.vid & watch it in Viet 😉

  • XiuYin says:

    I enjoy watching EU, especially Michael Tse’s acting. Also Kathy Chow & Michael Miu, good combination. Good show.

  • XiuYin says:

    Btw don’t understand why Kaki Leung is cast in this role. Doesn’t match Sammul Chan at all. Who is she anyway? Ron Ng & Elanne Kong are more compatible.

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 1-15 Thoughts
    So far, I’m loving it! It’s nice watching Ron and Sammul again.

    I like how they fitted Michael’s character well in the series. (Despite the fact there’s no real reason why he looks like “Li-Sir” ^^l
    The story moves in a nice pace, I was shocked to find out “Tin-gor” would get killed so early on in the series! Michael’s Miu’s character definitely not easy at all!
    His character is so clever, I’m shocked in how quickly he became the triad leader. There were a few instances where Kathy would almost find out the truth, but he manages to scheme and get his way around it gaining his trust.. I really like Kathy’s character. She’s a pretty straight forward talking person but she’s a nice woman and a loving wife. I really felt sorry for her when we find out about her past.

    I like how there are two stories happening parallel to each other, a similar sort of relationship happening with different characters in the series.
    One is Kathy and her mother, other being Michael.M and his daughter (Elanne).

    I like most of the characters in the series. Sometimes I’d get annoyed at Sammul and Kaki’s characters though. The righteousness of the police- they’re ‘right’ but I can’t fully agree with them. It feels like they don’t care about “grays”, and that they are always right. (Heart of a true police, eh? :P) I think it might be the way they have directed the series, but I’m siding on Kathy’s character. The way the police were celebrating by taking away a life of another (Kathy’s husband). They’re bad and people say they deserve it but I still feel sorry for them (or maybe just Kathy ^^)

    P.s Micheal Tse’s character is rather interesting as well haha It’s hilarious watching him acting like a jerk XD

  • chibi says:

    I just started watching this today (just finished episode 1, actually) and it’s okay so far… It’s great to see Kathy again- a fresh face! Hope this story gets better!

  • TT says:

    Does anyone know what episode Joey Yung in on E.U? cuz I have watch all e.u episode and I don’t see her in any episode….but on internet it say that she is a guest in e.u. and she die….but it doesn’t tell me what episode she in.

    • KTVB says:

      The Internet is not always correct ^^; That was a false rumour. Joey does not make an appearance in the series. I think it would have been a nice touch, but yeh..

      Btw, does anyone remember what happened to Kate (Ron’s cousin) at the end of “On the First Beat”? I can’t quite remember where she disappeared off to lol

  • TT says:

    ok. thanks KTVB. I think I do but I’m not sure if I’m rite or not….On the first beat Ron cousin (Kate) I think she and Kenny (Sonija brother) graduate from PTS and on that on I don’t know what happened to her….cuz they didn’t tell us or have the part about kate at the end.

  • Lenna says:

    Dear KTVB,
    ok. thanks KTVB. I think I do but I’m not sure if I’m rite or not….On the first beat Ron cousin (Kate) I think she and Kenny (Sonija brother) graduate from PTS and on that on I don’t know what happened to her….cuz they didn’t tell us or have the part about kate at the end. KTVB is there going to be The Academy part 4 in 2011, and if yes, is Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao going to be in Academy part 4?

    • KTVB says:

      TVb is considering a 4th installment for the Academy Series (initially only planed 3 but due to its popularity, they are considering a 4th one). Nothing has been confirmed yet; but I doubt Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao will be in it.

  • Aoi says:

    Is this a sequel to The Academy/On the First Beat?

  • Fiona says:

    🙁 don’t really like Kathy, but LOVE MICHAEL MIU!!!!

  • TerrficallyMagical says:

    I am SOOO glad that Micheal Miu is back! but for some reason, i actually disliked the Ron X Joey pairing in “on the first beat” but its probally because i’m a Tavia fan, and it made me sad that Ron was indirectly cheating on her. But yeah, Sammul and Kaki, really bugs me in this. i liked him better with Fiona =]

  • Tuan says:

    Dear KTVB,
    Is Hongwu 32 the sequel for The Academy 4?

  • Chloe says:

    Dear TVB Producers,

    I was disappointed when Fiona isn’t in E.U. Can’t you see how much Pak Kiu and Fiona belong together? 🙁 Please bring Fiona back to the 4th installment!._.

  • Jia says:

    Dear K-TVB,

    Any idea when a 4th installment would be coming out? Would love to watch that series!!

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