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Casts: Bobby Au Yeung, Wong He, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Mary Hon, Ha Yu, Anne Heung, Halina Tam, Chris Lai Lok Yi

Episodes: 25

Synopsis: Top-ranked market research manager MAN TIN-TSZ (Bobby Au Yeung) is an expert at price comparison. Commonly nicknamed “the Honorable MIN JEONG HO”, his personal motto is “always be price-conscious”. TSZ who relishes his yuppie lifestyle has been longing for an early retirement. But the sudden return of his eight-year-old son seems to have completely shattered his dreams. TSZ has no experience in taking care of children and is totally clueless about how to look after his son. Luckily his ally-cum-rival KAM MEI-TSUN (Yoyo Mung) is there to help and look out for him in every way. The pair gets to know each other better and gradually grow to be great buddies. Later TSZ discovers that KAM is actually the one referred to as “Platinum DAE JANG GEUM”.

TSZ manages to patch up his relationship with his godfather KO CHI-TIM (Ha Yu) by a beef ball. TIM has been trying hard to accommodate himself to his son KO CHING (Wong He) but CHING has given full attention to his own daughter and shows no concern at all for TIM. CHING has focused too much on his daughter that he has completely disregarded his responsibility as a son and a husband. At the darkest moment in his life, CHING is lucky to still have TSZ and his soul mate LAW SZ-HEI (Tavia Yeung) by his side. In the meantime, CHING happens to discover a secret that his father has been hiding all these years…

Synopsis Source: tvb.com.au


Adjustments to the synopsis given by TVB:

*Yoyo and Bobby were already really good friends to start off with.

Comment: I think promotional image looks quite funny! I hope it would be lighthearted, refreshing and enough to keep me entertained. When I think of Bobby and Yoyo I think of their collaboration in Forensic Heroes. I’m not too fond of Jacky Wong =\ Hope he isn’t as annoying as all the other kids he’s played before; especially not speaking like in oldie..

8 Responses to “[New Series]: Fathers and Sons”

  • groovy says:

    FAS – the producer made FH ma..mayb producer likes Bobby/Yoyo combo

  • T says:

    lol bobby and yoyo combo xD but nowadays there isn’t really any males over 30 to pair up with female bobby + yoyo = boyo? bobyo? yobob? yobo xD haha

  • FaNNy says:

    omg…the cast for Fathers and Sons look really good! i might watch it!

  • abcdTVB! says:

    it’s good up too the point i am ^^
    im watching this series bcuz of Jacky Ahaha =D

  • Sue says:

    FAS is a nice show but i don’t know where to stream …….. any good web to recommend……

  • KTVB says:

    I found some comments I’ve written back since 2007 lol, so instead of posting it as a new blog entry, I thought I’d just drop it in here ^^

    Episode 11:

    Bobby was upset and more angry to learn that his real father didn’t care about him or his mother at all, never visiting him and only cared about his current family. I knew there was the possibility that he just didn’t tell Bobby because he really was someone who cared more about business than his personal life especially not wanting his wife to know. What a kind nice man..
    It is getting quite interesting. At the end of the episode, Yoyo finds out that Evergreen was cheating on her and seeing another women. The lady deliberately let Yoyo find out by talking about “breaking up” with Evergreen while Yoyo was getting changed at the Bridal store.

    Episode 12

    Bobby’s real father finds out that he is his real son. There are some more Tavia and WongHei moments. Tavia slaps Chris’ face for being a jerk. Wong Hei helps her drink the alcohol and Tavia gives him a wallet as a present.

    Episode 13

    Chris offers Tavia to please him for money. When she declines, he locks her up in a factory/warehouse which had no phone reception. Luckily, she had Wong Hei’s daughter’s walkie-talkie watch thing and he happened to be near by =)

    Jacky’s grandpa wants to get close to his grandson and Ha Yu wants to mend things between them. When he finds out that Jacky wanted to enroll in Wonghei’s daughter’s school – top in HK, he helps out. At the end, Bobbby finds out.

    Episode 14:
    A very sad scene where Jacky boy had to leave but Bobby didn’t say anything to him to make him stay, thinking that Jacky would be happier if he went back to America. Honestly, Jacky has made heaps of new friends here and he is still young. Bobby overheard Jacky talking on the “phone” talking to his mother, saying that he wants grandma to come and take him back..but that should be understandable! Little kids say it when they are angry but don’t really, really mean it. I just thought it would of been a shame if he just left when he didn’t know that Bobby had already gotten back the opportunity for him to get into that elite school already. The saddest moment had to be the part where Jacky found the card Bobby had made for him in his school bag!..so sad and touching!..

    Episode 15: Bobby accepts his father and finds out the store was in memory of his mother. Bobby takes Jacky to see his dad.

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