English Title: Ghetto Justice

Cantonese Title: 怒火街头 (no foh gaai tau)

Cast: 郑嘉颖 Kevin Cheng, 胡杏儿 Myolie Wu , 李璨琛 Sam Lee, 林子善 Lam Chi Sin, 滕丽名 Joyce Tang, 陈敏之 Sharon Chan, 石修 Shek Sau, 关礼杰 Eddie Kwan

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 30 May 2011 (Airring after Yes Sir Sorry Sir)

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Tong Kei Ming 

Scriptwriter: Lau Choi Wan &Chan Kam Ling

Themesong: No Time To Regret (沒時間後悔) Hanjin Tan (ft. MC Jin) -TV | CD

Ghetto Justice


LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng) used to practice law for personal fame and glory but after setting up a Legal Advice Centre with his cousin GEORGE MIKE JR. (Lam Chi Sin) and his good friend TING KA-FU (Sam Lee) in Sham Shui Po, LIK-AH changes his mind and realises that legal representation is not only a privilege of the rich.

Soon, LIK-AH becomes the Peoples’ Hero of Sham Shui Po, helping grassroots groups fight against injustice with unconventional tactics.

On the other hand, barrister WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu), who used to admire LIK-AH for his invincible performances, starts to disdain him for downgrading to a ghetto lawyer. However, after a few court cases with him, the two start to appreciate each other and fall in love.

Besides succeeding in her relationship, SZ-FU tries to become an elite practitioner in town. In order to gain advancement, she seizes every chance to get close to the renowned barrister TSEUNG PAK-KEI (Shek Sau). As PAK-KEI enjoys getting people into trouble, he makes sure SZ-FU is accidentally embroiled in a lawsuit.

In order to save SZ-FU, LIK-AH has no choice but to challenge the law.

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice






Synopsis Credits : TVB.com


31 Responses to “[New Series]: Ghetto Justice”

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    hrm dno, it doesnt look promising besides Kevin acting in it, I’m also getting bored of law series, will have to see the recommendation when it airs…

  • Joey says:

    the male cast seems boring to me except for Kevin Cheng, but his performance in Only You was boring as well so I don’t know…I like Sharon and Myolie, though

    • Madeline says:

      I agree, the only people I like in this show is Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu and Sharon Chan.

    • NooneKnows says:

      Kevin’s performance in Only You wasn’t THAT boring compared to BTROC. I actually found Only You really funny, refreshing and good. Really liked the cast. (:

  • zihwye says:

    I don’t like the cast one bit! I’ve never liked Kevin Cheng, and I’m only ok with Myolie, but her recent roles are kinda boring. But it’s been a while since I last watched a legal drama so I decided to give this a shot. And it seems pretty good! Very promising. Can I just say I like the theme song?! It’s super random and not even completely in Cantonese but it’s very catchy.

    • Ri says:

      I agree w u! Kevin’s good at this bad boy swagger thing but didn’t he do this is Only You too? But i’m def nt a fan of myolie. The thing I like about this show is that it’s a legal drama, which (hopefully) means it’ll b more structured and has more focus.

      And I love the theme song! Super catchy! :)

      • KTVB says:

        lol I didn’t like the themevideo when I first watched it ! (and still don’t quite lol) It kinda gave me a headache…

        I haven’t seen a lawyer series in awhile and there are some fresh cast and characters in the series which I like. Kevin’s pretty good here, his character is fun to watch XD

  • tvbholic says:

    this series seems promising. watched the first episode and it was good! hope it continues to be so! XD

  • KTVB says:

    I just watched the first 2 episodes (since friends have recommended me to give it a go) and surprisngly I really like it XD Kevin is so hilarious xD His character is quite funny and he always makes Myolie so angry lol

    I want to continue to watch for Kevin’s performance, and curious to find out what made him the ‘weird” laywer he is today XD

    • rachel says:

      i really like this series too!!! kevin has the funniest facial expressions! hahaha and like you said, his interactions with myolie are hilarious hahha :) are you going to write any posts on this?

  • Jessie says:

    I love MC Jin’s rapping its makes the theme song so catchy…:) but I slightly confused, is this a kinda comedy? Or wat sort if drama is it (genre)?? I’m really liking the drama up to now… big thumbs up for it to stay this way… ;)

    • KTVB says:

      ahahh it’s “weird” indeed! I think it’s meant to be a “normal” day-to day HK drama, but they’ve made it more fun to watch because of Kevin and his “ghetto-ness” XD
      I don’t think this is classed as a comedy though- it just has a touch of humour in it. I reckon the series will get more serious later on~~

      Up to episode 6 now! I hope the series will keep it up!

      • Madeline says:

        i can relate, once I started this show, i was like umm what a weird theme song, but I guess it gives me a little head ache later on after hearing it over and over agian. o.O

  • Mei says:

    The actors are of a good calibre and are really endearing and funny. I really like Kevin, Myolie & Joyce also never seen Sam Lee in a tv series. I watched the first episodes it has the makings of good series!

    • Madeline says:

      yeah I think Sam Lee is an ok actor. I wonder how’s Sharon’s character will turn out to be. Kevin is far too cute and hilarious in this series. He does actually make a really good lawyer. Joyce Tang’s acting is good I guess, not much improve from her last series I’ve seen her in Beauty Knows No Pain. I don’t know I guess she plays this good girl roles most of the time. Myolie is an ok lawyer I guess, but I’m interested in how will Kevin and Myolie will end up together?

  • misstila says:

    eh kevin’s character seems ok so far but im annoyed with myolie’s character. im only watching this series for Sam Lee since its his first tvb :D

  • JJZeppelin says:

    Man the theme song songs so bad but its so catchy


  • Rin says:

    The opening theme song gave me a headache T__T
    It’s all just like jumping from one pic/scene or snapshot or whatever to the next… not really a clip? If you know what I mean… lol.

    I’m liking it so far though (: I like Kevin, Myolie, Joyce (but her hair in this series…), and Sharon so this is sorta win xD & I haven’t watched any TVB series since… Relic of an Emissary. Hmm, debating if I should watch My Sister of Eternal Flower or not… only appeal is Raymond and Charmaine but HER HAIR! D: yeah, I have a thing with hair haha and her hair… sigh.

    • Madeline says:

      I like watching Kevin a lot, he’s such a good actor!! No doubt. I don’t know about Myolie, not much improvement from her…

      I do enjoy watching Sharon in this series, she’s really pretty :) and Joyce is funny to watch as well :D

      I sometimes like to watch Alex Lam as Mike George, I think he has improved ever since I watched him from My Sister of Eternal Flower and now this show.

  • Madeline says:

    what’s with woman’s hairs these days, first charmaine and now joyce..

  • Chibi says:

    This series looked so weird from the opening credits video, but I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining and interesting it became :D I think it’s quite refreshing with this mix of cast, and definitely nice to see Kevin play a different type of role. Quite likeable and amusing.

    I also like the look of Myolie here, kinda cool cut, haha.. her personality can be rather irrational at times but I guess it balances out with Kevins.

  • Jessie says:

    I have to say I think the ending could have been better :/ I was glad PK was in jail but LA…. Noooo…anyways as they say there might be series two…. I’ll definitely want to watch to see what happens.

    • Madeline says:

      I had that same reaction too. I thought that L.A going to jail was some sort of a joke so that Myolie can get back with him but it turns out to be not. :( But I think it was sweet that Lik A did for Si fu. I didn’t really like Myolie’s character in the show one bit ever since episode 1.

      And it’s sad that Sharon died without pursuing her dream to open a French restaurant. I enjoyed watching Sharon and Sam Lee together :) I guess they made the show a little bit better for me to continue watching this show.

      I’m still confused with the last episode though. Is PK now good or evil? And is mike george jr and leung si lai together or not?

  • Allia says:

    OMY Myolie is a lawer, I have to watch this series. I like her and kevin too.

  • Allia says:

    OMY Myolie Wu is a lawer in this series, I have to watch. I like her alot

  • Jane says:

    I love justice series. I like this move so far, Myolie has cool hair.

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