English Title: Growing Through Life

Chinese Title: 摘星之旅 (Jaak Sing Ji Lui)

Cast: Damian Lau Chung Yan 刘松仁 , Raymond Lam Fung林 峰 , Bosco Wong 黄宗泽, Cecilia Yip 叶 童 , Zhao Ziqi 赵子琪 , Vionn Song Wen Fei, Toby Leung 梁靖琪 , Dominic Lam Ka Wah 林嘉华 , Lui Yau Wai吕有慧

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 9 August 2010 (After A Pillowcase of Mystery 2)

Themesongs by Raymond Lam: So Called Ideals (所謂理想) | Sub Themesong: We are Well (我們很好)

Official: Website | Trailers

Growing through life


Hoi Sing /Hanson (Raymond Lam) and his mother Ho Wai-Sum(Lui Yau Wai) have been running a domestic appliance manufacturing factory. Hanson’s uncle Hoi Leung/Albert (Damian Lau) is a money-minded snob who has been seeking to acquire the factory by whatever means. Hoi Leung’s wife Cheng Ming-Chu/Liza (Cecilia Yip) and daughter Hoi Mei-Sz/Macy (Toby Leung) try to intercede for Hanson and finally manages to convince the man to put the acquisition on hold.

Eager to covet the plant site, Hoi Leung places a spy Fong Lai Ging (Zhao Ziqi) in the factory to create havoc. To convince Hoi Leung give up on his acquisition plan, Ho Wai-Sum reveals a long-kept secret. Hanson on the other hand invites his friend Chung Lam-Dai/Linus (Bosco Wong) to join his factory as an ally to the family business.

But who would have thought that Linus is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and Hanson gets betrayed by Linus. To top it off, his fiancée Chuk Yiu-Kwan/Ella (Song Wen Fei) calls off their wedding. The cold reality eventually forces the lad to retaliate with fierce commercial strategies with his next of kin.

海星(林峰)与母亲何蕙心(吕有慧)合力经营家电厂,为人势利的叔父海亮(刘松仁)欲进行恶性收购,亮妻郑明珠(叶童)及女儿海美思(梁靖琪)为星求情,亮始答应暂缓收购计划,但他觊觎厂房的地皮,暗中安插方丽京(赵子琪)到工厂故意捣乱,蕙心为阻止海亮的收购战,向他揭露了一件惊人大秘密。海星为保家父产业,召来好友钟林大(黄宗泽)在海氏并肩作战,惜海星不知自己招来了一头嗜血成性的饿狼,他不单被林大出卖,未婚妻祝耀群(宋汶霏) 更突然取消婚约,最终,现实逼他在血亲之间展开幕幕商战厮杀……。

Synopsis Credits : TVB.com

Growing Through life


Yay!! Growing through Life is finally releasing in HK next week =D The first of three Grand productions of 2010 is finally here!

The trailers look really good- can’t wait to see Raymond and Bosco again ^^ The series gives off a similar feel to The Drive of Life which I quite enjoyed watching- minus the car manufacturing stuff XD Looks like another life-learning series. I’m not too fond of Toby though! I also have not seen the other Chinese Actresses before- I guess it’ll be more refreshing. Fingers crossed that it’ll be a really good series!

37 Responses to “[New Series]: Growing Through Life”

  • Chibi says:

    Looking forward to this =) Hope the romance will be good too~ It’s kinda a nice change to see some different actresses (thus, different pairings and some chance of fresh chemistry)

  • Jenny says:

    I just saw the trailer and I must say I am excited!!
    I agree that it does remind me of The Drive of Life but I’m looking forward to seeing fresh faces and different pairings for a change.

  • An Pham says:

    you don’t like toby?? I am really like her after i saw DOL!!

  • sarah says:

    I really can’t wait to watch this! Finally see Bosco and Raymond together in a drama! <3 <3

  • faithict says:

    yes it did remind me of drive of life….i saw that there are several mainland actress in this series…i wonder if their voices are going to be dubbed or did they actually learn to speak cantonese?

    • Chibi says:

      I’m guessing it’s probably gonna be dubbed

      • KTVB says:

        I watched the first episode! 🙂 I think it’s her real voice (or very good dubbing/voice-over with awkward Cantonese ^^)

        First episode and already feeling bitter towards Damian for treating Raymond and his mother like that! Aww hang in there Raymond!!

        Looking forward to seeing more of the series 🙂

  • kat says:

    lol at your comment about The Drive of Life… there were many unbearable episodes of “car manufacturing stuff”!!!! hahaha… also agree with your thoughts on Toby, but being optimistic about the Mainland actresses, seen as though FungxLi Qian (from Twin of Brothers) remains as one of my favourite screen couples!! 😀

    • KTVB says:

      haha yup! Although they’re probably manufacturing something else this time around (I doubt it will be the focus of the series though)

      I’m being optimistic about the mainland actresses too =) I missed out on Twins of brothers but LiQian looked pretty cute there!

  • Annie says:

    This drama doesnt seem appealing to meh cause the trailer makes the drama look soooo sad! I dont like watching sad drama cause its soo sad that it makes meh cry too and I feel like I am a crazy girl cause Im crying over an asian drama!!!! but at the same time I want too watch it! UGHH!!

  • Snow says:

    ahhh watched 2 eps and i certainly am looking forward to more! loved fung! i do look forward to seeing his character become more mature lol. (he’s good-natured but just a little too harsh in his behaviours) i thought all the mainland actresses speak mandarin but Yao Kuan actually speaks cantonese (albeit a little awkward-sounding)

    r u gonna episodic reviews?? i hope so! 😀

  • vivian says:

    Can’t wait to watch this one. Bosco going to be the evil one. Let see how he act evil. Love Raymond n bosco. But I don’t like any of the girls. Soooo ugly excepted for Toby. Why can’t Linda, Tavia, Fala n kate in there. Looking forward to watch but not looking forward to watch the girls. Hope they will act good since they not pretty. Hopefully it will be better then the drive of life. Some how both series have the “LIFE’ word in it.

    • KTVB says:

      I think Raymond’s fiance looks quite pretty~

      There are a lot of TVB series with the word “Life” in it- Journey called Life, The Gem of Life, The Drive of Life, The Stew of Life, Life Art, Life made simple, Colourful Life..(just to name a few) All about Life lessons haha

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Well so far, after the first 2 eps, i have to say, it’s definitely got that mainland feel of a drama, and Raymond’s hair is absolutely blahh, Bosco’s look is so much better! I actually like Raymond’s fiance, quite pretty, i hope the plot gets interesting! I hope it’s not a let down.

  • 'muff says:

    Haha no-one likes Toby? xD
    Haha lots of unfamiliar faces in the pic 😀
    Hey look Raymond’s in another rich family XD
    (I’m assuming)

  • Christine says:

    @ KTVB you forgot to put in Chok Yiu Kwan (Ella)
    祝耀群 played by [Song Man Fei – Vionn Song] in the cast.

    • KTVB says:

      I’ll update it soon ^^; I had the cast list up before I started the series so I didn’t know who she was anyway. I got the cast list off Astro On Demand- so I am kinda surprised she wasn’t on it (unless she isn’t very main XD)

      • Christine says:

        LOL! You fixed it but it says ‘Song Wen Fei’ the mando translation. She’s like a co-character. Her english name’s Vionn Song.

        • KTVB says:

          Yea I know that translation is in mandarin. I just prefer to use her chinese name, like Zhao Ziqi since that’s the name they are known for. Besides- it would be like calling Zhao Ziqi= Zhao Zi Kei if i were to change it back to Cantonese XD

  • wing wong says:

    does any1 know that song i hear angels
    i cant seem to find it anywhere of whose it by

  • Christine says:

    the cast and the business in Growing Through Life is so Similar to the Drive of Life. Like Raymond Lam & Damian Lau and like how they both run electronic businesses. GTL is making fans and stuff and DOL is making cars and it’s both about family wars.

  • wing says:

    its not from toby but i cant seem to find the song still cant be certain if it is indeed from sheila ut she fits the bill as this was hit in the 80s

  • Indonesia says:

    I think the dubber voice is not good and very annoying,many of Vionn voice not describe her expression,but overall the stories are great….
    untill the end……….”the two fathers had succeed
    give somethin’ 2 their son…..to become a good man in the future life!!!”

  • Simon says:

    What do you think about Zhao Ziqi (Lai Ging) voice?….ha ha

    • KTVB says:

      I didn’t find her voice annoying or anything- I think it quite suits her lol but I always feel that voice and expression are important in acting, she may not appear as convincing if she can’t express the emotions with the same voice she initially intended

      • cheela says:

        I agree with Kerry, Mimi Lo did a great job dubbing, I mean, her mouth shape matches the words perfectly. Stop complaining about Mimi’s dubbing. Her voice is excellent! 🙂

  • Indonesia says:

    Ups sory….I thought Vionn voice was dubbed too.
    Lai King voice is the worst in every role……

  • Michelle says:

    May i know where can i download ‘I hear Angel’?
    Who are the singer?

  • MP says:

    i’m looking for the I hear Angel song too all day long, hope someone could find it soon, I listened to the Sheila Welsh version, its not that one….

  • Phantom says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for ‘I hear angels’ by Toby Leung. She is the one who sang that song. Any idea where I can get it?

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