English Title: House Of Harmony and Vengeance

Cantonese Title: 耀舞長安 (Yiu mo cheung on) Dazzling dances of Chang’an

Cast: Bobby Au Yeung 歐陽震華 (飾喬步龍/戴名鈸), Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 (飾利在山), Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 (飾卞玉嫣), Evergreen Mak 麥長青 (飾高仁/喬步龍), Sire Ma 馬賽 (飾曲圓圓), Oscar Leung 梁烈唯 (飾卞玉郎), Angela Tong 湯盈盈 (飾朱攬月), Yoyo Chen 陳自瑤 (飾曲彎彎), JJ Jia 賈曉晨 (飾柳灼蘿), William Chak翟威廉 (飾敖雪松)

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 30 May 2012 (after ‘Sergeant Tabloid’)

Themesong: Love Song by Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam & Johnson Lee (CD Version)

Executive Producer:Cheung Kin Man

Scriptwriter: Lau Choi Wan

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)


TVB House Of Harmony and Vengeance



Passing himself off as Cheung Lai Yuen Conservatory Director KIU BO-LUNG (Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching), street musician TAI MING-BUT (Bobby Au Yeung) successfully escapes the arrest of government officers.

On the other hand, the real LUNG has lost part of his memory in a fire, and is now working as a chef at a restaurant by the name of KO YAN. LUNG invites YAN to work at the kitchen of Cheung Lai Yuen, believing YAN’s musical achievement will help him move up the political ladder. What’s more, he breaks off YAN and BIN YUK-YIN’s (Linda Chung) engagement with a view to forestalling future problem. But YIN is not a person who will give up easily. She joins Cheung Lai Yuen, where she can get closed to LUNG. She meets woodcutter LEI TSOI-SHAN (Myolie Wu) there and the two soon become good friends. The relationship among SHAN, YIN, LUNG and YAN is not actually what it appears to be due to the swap in the two men’s identities. The true nature of their relationship is bound to come to light sooner or later, with the Belle Contest around the corner.


Credit: TVB.com.au


11 Responses to “[New Series]: House Of Harmony and Vengeance”

  • Chibi says:

    wow..Linda looks really bad in that poster O_O

    Anyhow, I’ve been watching this series and so far it’s pretty dull, not too exciting. Also don’t like the storyline very much. hmm.. XD

    • Madeline says:

      but i think what makes this show very enjoyable for me is the Myolie and Bobby scenes.

    • IceImmortalz says:

      Objection! I say this movie is Fantastic except the hatred in Linda Chung. My avorite scenes where when myolie was traing to be a dancer!

  • Madeline says:

    I find this show ok, it’s not the most dramatic but it’s pretty funny in my point of view. But it’s quite enjoyable because now Evergreen got back his memory..

    Bobby is definitely hilarious especially when he and Myolie always argue lol. He’s a pretty likable character although his role is actually the bad guy since he’s an identity theft.

    Linda’s character sort of reminds me of Ms.Cool except she’s less stubborn when she befriends with Myolie and when she’s around her brother. But her character only shows her typical acting; not much improvement from her.. but I really love how she dances; so graceful and passionate.

    Myolie’s character is pretty likable but like most of the time, she’s playing as the “good girl” But I’m pretty much enjoying her sword dancing in this show; pretty intense. Although in my opinion, she matches more with Bobby than Evergreen. But both guys will be great for her.

    Evergreen’s character shows a lot of variety. He can play instrumental music, cook, clean; i actually find him very likable too. In my opinion, I think he goes well with Myolie but at the same time his music talent and Linda’s graceful dance makes me think they match more in this show. So if Evergreen ends up with either any of the two, I think both will be great.

  • Sandra says:

    Hello K, and everyone else who reads this post, is there a good trailer out there about this drama? I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews and as someone who love watching groups of dancers I’m really curious to see if I should give this drama a shot. I can’t seem to find any trailers on youtube though, just clips and previews 🙁

  • JacJac says:

    I’m on episode 26 of this drama and only have 4 episodes left to watch. The revenge of Linda and Evergreen Mak against Bobby and Myolie makes me thinkg of something. Sometimes people revenge, but the tactics that they used isn’t the right? When JJ Jia used Linda Chung’s jealousy to cause Myolie’s emebarrassement in front of the queen and to make Cheung Lai Yuen fall down. When Evergreen Mak used his rebellion letter to frame Bobby about it to revenge for his identity. I was thinking there are always many ways to solve the problems besides using dirty tricks.

    Just my thoughts but anyway I would go crazy if someone stole my identity.

  • Fadzil says:

    Hai.. did anyone know the instrumental music that was played during the 1st and 2nd episode.

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