Title: In the eye of the beholder 

Chinese Title: 秋香怒点唐伯虎 (Chau Heung no fim Tong Bak Foo)

Cast: Moses Chan (陈豪),  Myolie Wu (胡杏儿), Ha Yu (夏雨), Fala Chen (陈法拉) Johnson Lee Sze Chit (李思捷), Chris Lai Lok Yi (黎诺懿), Elaine Yiu Tze Ling (姚子羚), Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching (麦长青)

Episodes:  20

Airring date: 8 March 2010

Producer:  Lau Ka Ho

Scriptwriter: Sit Ka Wah & Wong Yuk Tak

Themesong: Download– Wong Cho Lam & MC Jin

In the Eye of the Beholder


In search of the last model for his painting “Nine Pretty Women”, acclaimed scholar TONG PAK FU (Moses Chan) goes on a trip to Hangzhou with his ardent disciple WAT KEI (Johnson Lee).  While there, he meets a pretty young maid from WAH’s Residence, CHAU HEUNG (Myolie Wu).  FU is mesmerized by HEUNG’s beauty and martial agility and falls in love with her right away.  In order to approach the girl, he disguises as a servant and assumes the pseudonym WAH ON, seeking to win her affections with his talent and ingenuity.  But contrary to his wishes, HEUNG is unmoved and even harbours an intense dislike for him after a series of misunderstandings.  Master of the family WAH HUNG SHAN (Ha Yu) knew from the very beginning that FU is not a common man.  By the time his true identity is revealed, the scholar has already developed a close bond with the whole of the family, except HEUNG.
In the meantime, Prince LING (Tsang Wai Kuen), who has been attempting to rebel against Emperor CHING TAK (Chris Lai), has managed to involve FU in his conspiracy by stratagem, thus getting the man and the WAHs into big trouble.  LING’s daughter CHU TING YUK (Fala Chen) is in love with FU.  Desperate to save her dream man, she forces LING to release FU by threatening to kill herself.  YUK’s consuming passion for FU seems to have caused a ripple of unease in HEUNG, who is starting to feel a little twinge of jealousy inside.


Synopsis Credits : Astro on Demand

34 Responses to “[New Series]: In the Eye of the Beholder”

  • KTVB says:

    ooo this looks entertaining! XD Moses and Myolie should be fun to watch :)I like the Tong Pak Fu & Chau Heung story- something familiar is always nice!

  • faithict says:

    I can’t wait to watch this series…i bet this is going to be hillarious to watch mosses and myolie as tong pak fu and chau heung. Hopefully it is as good or better compared to the movie.. 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Dunno why, but Myolie reminds me of when Samuel was cross-dressing as a girl XD XD ehehheee

  • Jellybean says:

    looks interesting not sure if i really want to watch it though because sometimes these comedy dramas fail to be funny and incorporate all these modern terms trying to get a laugh out of it

  • flora says:

    i agree with you Jellybean that’s how i feel too

  • kes says:

    The only “tong pak fu” story I know, is the one with “Gong li” and “Stephen chow”. — It was pretty funny during the time. (When Im watching it now I don’t find it funny anymore. Maybe Im getting old ^^ )

    I hope this one will not fail me.
    as Jellybean say, so many drama try to be fun and fail it…

    • KTVB says:

      I’ve The Legendary Four Aces- where it was played by Nick and Esther and this other “singing/chinese opera”-ish film XD

      Should be fun!

      • kes says:

        Oh.. the one with Nick and Esther was good too. – I forgot it was a “Tong pak fu”

        That was good show. – Nick and Ester weren’t my favourit. – I liked Nnadia and Gordon…. maybe that is why I forgot it had a ‘tong pak fu’ ^^;

        • Joey says:

          Nadia and Gordon was my fav couple in that series too!! I’ve never been a fan or in favor of Nick anyway…

  • thienmi says:

    Love this series..it’s funny and Moses and Myolie are cute

  • Anthony says:

    omg this show is great. nice and funny. hope everyone will watch this.

  • Joey says:

    this show is pretty good so far. but it gets really annoying sometimes due to the over-acting and the exaggeration of everything. and how Mosses gets so dumb and keeps secret of his identity sometimes just piss me off so bad since his identity revelation would solve every trouble!!!

  • Joey says:

    I wonder when Fala will appear and how her fate will end in this series since she is the daughter of a super villain!

    • LadyofShadows says:

      Fala is the daughter of a Prince,doesn’t that make her a Princess or something?

      Yeah hope she doesn’t get sentenced to death for her fathers crime coz back then you die just because your Daddy rebelled.Weird logic!

      Myolie’s hair is weird in this series,not a good look!

      • Joey says:

        mmmh, I kinda like how Myolie looks in this series. She doesn’t look like a servant at all lol.
        The two sons of the Heung family are a little bit too childish and somewhat silly for their age??

        • KTVB says:

          They made a variation to Myolie’s character from the original story because the original Chau Heung can’t find- she’s just a pretty servant whom everyone loves XD Myolie’s has the “aggressive” look here since she fights XD

          As for the 2 sons in the Wah family- their characters are supposed to be dumb/childish. Yes, even for their age! 🙂

      • KTVB says:

        Yea she’s a “Guan Ju”, which is sorta like a princess, but the daughter of the King’s siblings etc

        • LadyofShadows says:

          So if the king dies and his sibling,uncle or whatever becomes king then that makes her a real Princess right?

      • kes says:

        Yeah.. I alwyas find it weird too.
        Not only the family get sentence to death. – it’s the whole house(family, maids, servants, soldier etc. etc)

        Maybe someone can clear it up for me?
        Why is it that everyone gets sentence to death?

        • LadyofShadows says:

          Think it’s to set an example.This is what happens to your family if you dare rebel!

        • Joey says:

          it’s called a deterrent, so that it would create a fear in mind of any sane people, when they have the intention to commit a crime, they would have to think twice

  • LadyofShadows says:

    I’m only up to episode 4 so far,and this series is pretty good.

    Love how Chau Heung got upset beacause Tong Pak Fu drooled on her favorite wooden board or something.Then that part where he drew on her book of poems and fixed her dads extremely bad spelling.So hilarious

  • VinVin32 says:

    fala chen very preety inside this drama so in love with her xD

  • nicky says:

    does anyone know the lyrics in English?
    i really like the song and want to find out what it is.

    • KTVB says:

      English Translations (credits: myoliewu.org)

      Everyone, please listen clearly now
      Perhaps you’ve heard of this story before
      But I’ll use rap to introduce it
      A famous man originating from Ming Dynasty
      Because he’s born in the Year of Tiger
      So it’s not a pure guess that he’s called Tong Bak Fu
      The head of Jiangnan’s 4 big scholars
      No matter where he goes, his fans will follow after him
      Very popular among the males and females
      Someone said that he’s very flirtatious
      Though he didn’t cheat during the imperial examinations
      But some while into the exam, he fell asleep
      Perhaps you feel that he’s quite silly
      But you actually don’t understand how he feels
      Lovers go on a romantic date
      Giving flowers during festivals
      No matter whether it’s the past or present, it’s still the favorite
      When fate comes, it stays
      For every reincarnation, it’s you, me and her
      Just like a double-life flower
      A lover is just like an enemy
      Falling in love with you is too exciting
      Need to look for my true love
      There’s never a love rival
      But need to do a change in roles
      Defeating all the other beauties
      Talking about befriending ladies, Bak Fu has countless experiences
      No matter where he goes, he has two ladies in his arms
      But among so many ladies, none truly understands him
      So he still feels very empty within him
      Right until he befriends Chau Heung
      But Chau Heung feels that he’s very sissy
      For Chau Heung, he’s willing to do anything
      Infiltrate into Wah household and be someone’s slave
      Sigh, falling into a beauty’s trap just like that
      But he wishes to spend his entire life with her
      This beauty really has no sympathy
      Continually fooling Wah On around
      Rap until here, it’s time to go
      It’s time to watch Chau Heung’s anger enlightenment

  • nicky says:

    oh thats cool
    thx for the lyrics.
    this series is awesome i makes me understand how the kingdom really is now 😛

  • Teena says:

    This series is very cute and funny. I just started the series this week. Has anyone finish the series yet? If so is the ending good?

  • Tong Yin says:

    i nearly finish watching it! i love the part about savio tsang want to be king and when moses find out and all of that stuff! Can’t wait to watch it all!

  • Tong Yin says:

    i’ watching nearly to the end just 1 more ep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    so exciting!

  • nicky says:

    omg does anyone know what the song is in English the part that Moses was all tired for 2 days then he hang out with Myolie and them then they all start singing whats the lyrics to that song? or name?

  • chloe says:

    anyone have the quote that tong pak fu alwiz say?

  • Dan says:

    Moses Chan really bad in this series, he can’t act in comical roles and his voice is really annoying. Chau Heung is suppose to be the most beautiful girl in hongzhou Myolie’s costume make her look like some punk girl. Fala make up look more like what Chau Heung suppose to look like and she is prettier then Myolie in the series. TVB seems not too interested in casting right people for their series just who ever they think is popular. I think they should of cast someone like Joe Ma as Tong bak fu his much better in comical roles and I think he is a better actor and Fala Chan should be Chau Hueng.

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