To be airred on TVBJ Satelite Australia 8:30pm Time slot after Moonlight Resonance 29th September
Title: Last One Standing
Cast: Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Kiki Sheung, Evergreen Mak, Elaine Yiu, Ellesmere Choi ..
Episodes : 22
Release Date: 22 September (HK)
Filming: June 2007
Producer: Wong Sum Wai
Scriptwriter: Choi Ting Ting


Time was served for a crime he did not commit.
After ten years, can he discover the truth behind his father’s murder?

Cheung Sing Hei (Kevin Cheng) is accused of murdering his stepfather and he is sent to the prison for 10 years. After being discharged from the prison, HEI decides to take revenge on his best friend and cousin Tong Lap Yin (Roger Kwok). YIN works as a notary. He is an honest and trust-worthy gentleman who never blames HEI for his short temper and unreasonable accusation. He spends a lot of time to investigate HEI’s case and help him find the real murderer. HEI and YIN used to be best companions but they fall out eventually because of deceit and trickery. What makes the matter worse is – they have fallen in love with the same woman.
HEI loses all his confidence after being sent to the jail unjustly. Lei Pai Ka (Yoyo Mung), the reporter who visits him regularly during her voluntary services, manages to bring hope and joy to him again. Even though KA appreciates HEI’s character, she is deeply in love with YIN and she agrees to marry him eventually. However, KA receives some anonymous letters continuously and these letters give her a great shock.

Credits to: Astro On Demand

12 Responses to “[New Series]: Last One Standing”

  • WeNNi says:

    When is the Legend of the Demi Gods airing in TVB in Australia? Is this “Last One Standing{ after Moonlight resonance?

    Reply from KTVB: Yup, Demi Gods will air after “Your Class or Mine” on the 7pm slot with Last One Standing on 8:30 after MR

  • Anna says:

    Cant wait, waited ages for this !!!!! yay kevin !!!

  • chibi says:

    ehehe..this poster reminds me of Love Exchange XD

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: yea it sorta does, though the cast of Kevin (and Kevin’s look) and Yoyo reminds me of the Ultimate Crime Fighter.

    Looking at the trailers though, this series looks kinda ‘ugly’

  • sws5578 says:

    hello there i love kevin chen ka wing
    he is very smart playing every character i hope i can fine his mp3 collection heeehee

  • X-CiiNDii-X says:

    omg x i lvee kevin cheng x my hubyy mn =) ! ! mn ii missed the first 2 episode 😐 !!!!

  • J3SS13 says:

    I saw the comercial on tv for cable . I saw them argue,fighting mostly hurting each other . The part where it made me want to watch this show is when they both flipped each other . I think one of them fell of the building while they flipped O.O

  • nckeo says:

    Simply the best TVB series I finish this year. Roger Kwok deserved a Best Actor Award. Most surprising and unexpected ending for TVB show (I doubt anyone will forget this show ending anytime).

  • Nhi says:

    Can anybody please help me find the brand’s name of Roger Kwok’s glasses on the “Last one standing” series ???..thanks so brother likes them so much, therefore, I want to buy that for his birthday’s gift..

  • Sophia ;D says:

    I loved this drama 😀
    and i think Kevin did a great job in it =)
    but i didn’t like Yoyo Mung in this drama that much,
    she’s not exactly fit to play an innocent role,
    [No offense to Yoyo’s fans]

  • Lisa N says:

    I heart Kevin in most of his drama series.

  • Wingie says:

    I like this drama!
    The last 2/3 episodes was exciting!

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