August 2014

[New Series]: Line Walker

English Title: Line Walker

Cantonese Title:  使徒行者 (si to haang je) “Apostle Walker””

Cast: Michael Miu 苗僑偉,Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼,Raymond Lam 林峯,Sharon Chan 陳敏之, Benz Hui 許紹雄,Elena Kong 江美儀,Sammy Sum 沈震軒,Oscar Leung 梁烈唯

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 25 August 2014 (Replacing Black Heart White Soul)

Themesong: 行者 Walker– Justin Lo 側田 and Wilfred Lau 劉浩龍 | Sub- 越難越愛 The more difficult, the more love - Jinny Ng 吳若希

Official: Website

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TVB Line Walker

Official Synopsis

Following the sudden death of his co-worker and best friend, Chief Inspector of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) CHEUK HOI (Michael Mui) discovers that they have lost contact with all five of their undercover officers who have been in connection with the deceased.  All five of the undercover officers are in possession of highly confidential information concerning the safety of the central figure of the police force and even the whole of society.  Determined to locate the undercover officers’ whereabouts, CHEUK HOI eventually manages to contact one of them, DING SIU-KA (Charmaine Sheh), who is the lady boss of a foot spa.  In order to return to her true identity, SIU-KA promises CHEUK HOI to sneak into a gang and deliberately approach SIT KA-KEUNG (Raymond Lam),  an active member of an illegal betting syndicate.  The two thus develop a seemingly romantic relationship based on lies……  Just when SIU-KA is about to get to the root of the matter, CHEUK HOI suddenly appears to thwart her action.  Due to the intervention of an ICAC agent, MOK SIN-YAN (Sharon Chan), CHEUK HOI gets to know her elder sister MOK SIN-CHING (Elena Kong).  Meanwhile, gang leader CHUM FOON-HEI (Benz Hui) is released from jail, and his assistant LIN HO-KAN (Sammy Sum) catches the attention of CHEUK HOI because of the way that he deals with things.  In addition to the complex identities involving both sides of law, they all claim to be fightingfor justice.  So, who will eventually be the one to uphold justice?

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Synopsis: TVB.com.au

26 Responses to “[New Series]: Line Walker”

  • KTVB says:

    YAY!!! Been waiting for this series for a long time!! Can’t wait to see Raymond Lam again! (along with Michael Miu ^^) The theme kind of reminds me of Highs and Lows.
    It’s also been awhile since I’ve seen Charmaine so good to see her on TVB screen again.

    I think this may be Raymond Lam’s last series with TVB since he has now officially left ;(

    A lot of the supoprting cast are also in The Ultimate Addiction as well…hopefully will still be refreshing!

    Hope it won’t disappoint!! Time to catch up on the episodes!!

  • Chibi says:

    Agreed.. nice casting :D~!

  • Jenny says:

    Can’t wait to see this! So sad to see Raymond leave but excited to see other actors have more opportunities to play lead roles.

    On another note – Sharon in another cop series? She’s starting to remind me of Kate and her madam roles in the past hehe. She definitely has potential but lots of room for improvement.

  • Ri says:

    Just caught up with this series and I’m really really glad it’s good!! So far, at least 😀 Good to see both Raymond and Charmaine back on screen and doing a pretty good job so far I must say. Also, I’m liking how smart the show is and how interesting the characters are. Here’s hoping it only gets better! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Ri!! 😀 I just watched the first 3 episodes last night and loving it!! 😀 Half way through the first episode and I was sold..I’m addicted!!The storyline is exciting and makes me want to watch more.

      The characters are all pretty interesting (can’t wait to see the rest of the cast as well like Elena).
      Love Raymond and Charmaine together! So cute and hilarious haha Charmaine’s role is also a bit goofy hehe reminds me of her role in “You’re Hired”. Michael Miu is awesome like all his other roles ^^
      Hope it’ll only get better!!

  • h.k says:

    this series is good.Seen a couple of episodes and is good.I like 臥底!

  • KTVB says:

    Currently up to episode 8 of “Line Walker” and still enjoying the series! 🙂

    TVB Line Walker Charmaine and Raymond

    Michael’s character is really interesting. Despite seemingly similar to some of his previous cop roles, Michael comes off as really sharp-eyed and intelligent. It feels like he has a very complex mind and constantly thinking..sometimes you wonder what he really is thinking. I love how he tries so hard to protect the Undercovers 🙂 He also appears to be a bit of a mystery, with ICAC Sharon on his trail and how he actually spies back on her. I really do hope it’s just to protect himself and that the really is a good guy! I refuse to believe he is a corrupted cop! Wonder how his relationship with Elena will develop!

    Raymond’s character actually doesn’t come off as being “bad” (At least he doesn’t look it XD). Despite him slowly climbing up the ladder, he doesn’t come off as being scary/gangster-like if you know what I mean XD I wonder if Raymond’s character is an Undercover, or just a normal guy..Guess I’ll have to watch on to see!!

    Charmaine is so entertaining to watch XD Prob my favourite character in the series so far!

  • KTVB says:

    Just finished watching episode 10!! Loved watching the whole Charmaine x Raymond scene at the end where Raymond takes in all the drugs to protect Charmaine and she did everything she could to save him. So romantic!! <3 They also revealed to us that Raymond is the 3rd Undercover cop!! I had suspicions he was one fo it but couldn't confirm..glad he is ^^ I wonder when Charmaine and the others will find out..but more importantly, waiting to watch Charmaine and Raymond's relationship blossom!! LD

    TVB Line Walker Charmaine and Raymond

  • h.k says:

    I have seen up to ep 4 and it reminds me of Mou Gaan Dou.
    I like charmaines charcter and lam fungs as well.
    Too bad oscars face was beaten up pretty bad.
    why is micheal mui called saam gor in real life?

  • Jason says:

    Watched till ep.10 so far. Love the chemistry between Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh. Very interesting story line with UC. Wonder who the remaining two UCs are.

    Michael Miu is putting up a good performance once again as a cop. Benz Hui is quite funny as triad leader. Puts up a scary tone and face when needed.

    • Chibi says:

      ahha yeah I like watching Benz.. *spoilers* I actually see him more as a good guys these days XD It’s a little scary how someone can appear to be so “happy” and “good” and then there’s the other psycho villain side. I like his acting 🙂

      • Jason says:

        I know right. I think I haven’t seen him being a ‘bad’ person in any of the series I watched from him. But he’s really a solid actor.

      • KTVB says:

        Yea I agree. Benz’ made a pretty interesting villain. So sly and creepy every time he just smiling. He made a pretty rounded villain esp how he used to be a CIB. For a while I thought he may have been a Undercover as well since he used to be a cop (Not one of Hong-Sir’s UC but from an earlier generation). If he used to be a good cop, I wonder what made him turn evil… they didn’t really explore that. He turned so mellow and pitiful after his son’s death and pretty much turned into a good guy. I liked watching his father-daughter relationship with Charmaine. Very touching and heart-felt esp when he revealed that he knew she wasn’t really his daughter but still loved her like she was. I knew his character would die though. I was a little shocked when he shot himself though!

  • Chibi says:

    So many Raymond x Charmaine shippers! I’ve just sat through the first 19 episodes and I think its finally picking up XD I was kind of wondering where the show was heading since the first few episodes were rather slow. Or maybe there’s just so many Charmaine screen time and I don’t find her character particularly likeable. She comes off as too talkative. I prefer watching characters like Michael Miu. His relationship with Elena is probably my favourite in the show so far. Sammy and Sharon is also interesting.

    I do think the show is very….predictable though. I feel like TVB has used the same formulas a billion times already, so if the show comes out exactly like what I think it would.. I would be a bit disappointed. Hoping for some real plot twist!

    • JacJac says:

      I agree with you that Line Walker is very predictable. I also finds Charmaine’s character too talkative.My favorite character is probably Michael and Sammy.

      • Chibi says:

        haha I really like Michael 😀 But that’s also cause he’s character is always there to the rescue and you just have a feeling that everything will be okay simply because he’s there. Kinda seems like an ultra human XD

        • KTVB says:

          YES! Michael is so awesome!! I also love how much he cares for his UCs and does everything he could to protect them. *spoiler* After seeing the last 5 episode preview…not quite sure I look forward to seeing him like that tho!!

      • KTVB says:

        Line Walker is predictable because they have re-used a lot of ideas from various past TVB series (sub plots and relationship developments). I still enjoy watching the series a lot for the characters though. I liked the whole mission to find the 5 UCs- I thought that was new and different!

        I actually don’t mind Charmaine’s character that much.

  • Flick says:

    Hands down best drama series this year. Glad I waited for all the episodes to come out so I could binge haha. So many twists in the last 2 episodes! And finally TVB put up an ending that everyone (well majority) would enjoy! Thank you!

  • KTVB says:

    -How can the whole series only take up 9 months? Too much happened!

    Thoughts on the Finale


    -I really shouldn’t have watched the finale week preview because I was so angry when I saw TVB made Michael “turn into a bad cop”. And then
    during the episodes leading up to this, nothing major happened in terms of the story line since I was just waiting for the Michael bits to

    -I liked the last part where all the undercover were getting revealed. Thought that was pretty cool.

    -Disliked the part where the old man was “playing the game” with Michael and Raymond..that’s so silly of TVB..and typical. What’s the point of
    that really..? lol Just to waste time so Sharon could destroy the server?

    -Also, pretty sure it was a bunch of mafias chasing after Charmaine..and somehow she got handed into the old man..? Hmm… =\
    -*Really liked Kobe and was a shame they decided he had to die.

    *I liked the additional bit they added in the ending credits showing that Benz was indeed an undercover cop. Apparently they will be making a
    movie out of it next year, and Louis Koo will also star in it which will show more of his past.

    -Overall I think the series had a good ending. I really liked how Michael wasn’t really a bad cop since he’s been so righteous from the
    beginning, I’d kill TVB if he suddenly turned twisted and corrupted hehee. That would have been a major turn off!

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