December 2007

[New Series]: Marriage of Inconvenience

Marriage of Inconvenience

Starting from December 10 Every Monday to Friday 7:00pm on Australia TVBJ Satellite (after Word Twister’s Adventures)

Genre: Modern/Marriage/Comedy
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung , Angela Tong, Toby Leung, Power Chan, Raymond Wong, Patrick Tang, Mimi Lo, Winnie Yeung, Astrid Chan …
Episodes: 20

Owner of a marriage bureau himself, the candid KONG HOI-CHUEN (Bobby Au Yeung) nevertheless has no luck in finding a girlfriend. He meets MIU LING (Angela Tong), who has just been disappointed in love, by chance. With his words of consolation LING is able to get over her failed love temporarily. Six months later, LING agrees to marry CHUEN. Yet just when CHUEN thinks that he is the happiest husband in the world, he finds out that LING is seeing her ex-lover. Burnt with anger, CHEUN decides to divorce LING. Unfortunately it is not as simple as he has thought. LING, believing that she has been wronged, refuses to move out. CHEUN has no choice but to arrange a fake marriage with mainlander ZHAO YANG (Toby Leung), whom he agrees can stay at his place for free. With the help of YANG, CHUEN hopes to fight with LING to the finish. But he later learns that YANG is in fact the wife of a triad leader and her true name is WUER WU-JIAO… On one hand, CHEUN loves both LING and YANG, who have completely different personalities. On the other hand, living with them has put him in a dilemma…

Synopsis Credits to: tvb.com.au

7 Responses to “[New Series]: Marriage of Inconvenience”

  • Leila says:

    I’d probably be really excited for MOI if it wasn’t for toby… but still, bobby will make up for that 🙂

  • Summer says:

    at 1st, is quite excited to saw tis series coming.. but saw Toby..i already no much interest to watch ler…cos.. feel like no so nice lioa…


  • Alice says:

    watched 5 epi. it was pretty funny and a relaxing serie to watch especially after TUCF which was more suspense

  • kes says:

    I love Patrick… I think his a great singer.. and a good actor..
    looking forward to see this

  • KTVB says:

    This series is pretty light-hearted and Bobby and Angela are quite funny XD Toby’s character and acting really annoys me though

  • Toby Hater says:

    I agree with all of you! I am really annoyed with Toby and I thought that was a personal thing but I didn’t know that other people have the same view!

  • KTVB says:

    To Toby Hater: let’s just say i haven’t found many who like Toby at all XD you’re not alone lol

    I just finished the series last week. The series overall is not worth watching..the story is very , VERY repetitive..expressions/actions and characters are very exaggerated. It’s also quite unrealistic. I really hated Toby’s character and her acting makes everything so much worse. I don’t think Toby is supposed to play a character that people are supposed to hate, so I think it would have been so much better if Toby was replaced with someone else.
    Bobby’s character is also very unlikeable in the series. He is very annoying and slack, and very “siu hei”.
    There were some parts I liked, such as Power Chan and Winnie Yeung scenes. Pretty cute when they were pretending to fall in love with each other, but then they fell in love for real. That was sweet <3

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