October 2007

[New Series]: Men Don’t Cry

Starting from October 15 Monday to Friday 7:10pm on Australia TVBJ Satellite (Showing after Steps ends)
Genre: Ancient/ Comedy
Cast: Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Cecilia Yip Tung, Lam Kar Wah, Vivian Yeo Siew Hui, Benz Hui , Kwok Fung, Suet Nay, Ai Wai
Episodes: 21


With the support of the head of the Police Authority, Guangzhou’s top villain HO KEI-KIN (Dayo Wong) has been riding roughshod over everyone around him. He is so manipulative that he has explored every possible means in his fight for a house with the buck-toothed owner LING YUK-TSUI (Cecilia Yip). TSUI is happy to have met the upright and honorable WONG FEI-HUNG (Lam Kar Wah). The pair quickly falls in love and even feels ready for marriage.

Interested in stirring up trouble, KIN tries to recruit more students for his kung-fu school by portraying himself as the hero who has defeated one of the Ten Tigers of Guangdong WONG KEI-YING. For the sake of fairness, HUNG is resolved to have a contest with KIN. Unfortunately, KIN manages to make HUNG give in with the help of the ancestral tablet of his late father. Thinking that he is a hopeless coward, TSUI decides to break off her engagement to HUNG. KIN quickly grabs the chance and begins to woo TSUI. TSUI agrees to transfer her house to KIN after much persuasion from him. KIN shows his true colors as soon as he has secured the property. TSUI is left homeless and has to put up at Po Chi Lam, the martial arts club set up by HUNG. KIN has lost his power and soon becomes an object of contempt and hatred.

With nowhere else to go, he decides to turn to HUNG and asks to be his apprentice. HUNG has tried his best to bring out the human side of KIN, for which he has received a lot of criticism from others. Despite HUNG’s support, KIN does not repent and behaves even worse than before, leaving Po Chi Lam in a state of total chaos…

Synopsis credits to: tvb.com.au


Adjustments to the synopsis given by TVB:

*Cecilia and Lam Kar Wah (Wong Fei Hong) do not quickly fall in love and weren’t prepared for marriage after their initial meeting.

*The House did not belong to Cecilia, but to her god-mother, so she wasn’t homeless after Dayo got the property, but her god-mother was homeless. Therefore, Cecilia did not stay at ‘Po Chi Lam’

Comments: The poster and cast doesn’t look that appealing to me, but nevertheless, I will give this series a go when its released on TVBJ Australia. There’s no cast I’m looking forward to seeing here, but I am hoping for some good comedy and entertainment.

17 Responses to “[New Series]: Men Don’t Cry”

  • Soojin says:

    I think you should watch it because Dayo Wong is very funny (^^) … but then, the other casts seem so… not funny!! (- -)u

  • cF says:

    Most of the cast members are a let-down I agree, but I think Dayo and Benz would do it for me just fine^^ Those two are so funny to watch, and together I’m sure sparks will fly!

  • katey says:

    this series look promising! Dayo, Lam kar Wah, and Benz will have great chemistry. Lam is a good veteran actor!

  • kes says:

    like others… I think you should give it a chance…Dayo is a great actor..
    He had never let me down… and hopefully he wont…

    and serious… “men don’t cry” combined with Dayo wong? – sounds to tempting.. ^^

  • winfred tan says:

    Dayo Wong really good play this charather cos’ he got talent to talk… and Benz Hui also… He really good actor until play what charather he also can handle… Dayo Wong also my favourite actor because of his talent to talk and creative…

  • KTVB says:

    Started watching it and not enjoying it at all.. -_- its..quite lame actually -_-||

  • kes says:

    K: really?… ai… I was hoping it was a good serie…

  • jason says:

    y ? it not not so lame la.. :p i am enjoying it too. now waiting for episode 11 to be out. i have waited it for 3 days.. think tonite will be out soon 😀
    by the way, i download the movie here *not from astro…


    any other suggestion of good and fast sites ? coz i tried the d-addicts and bww2 forum.. seems the smashpic site still the fastest.. :p

  • cat says:

    why dont you just watch the series INSTEAD OF JUDGING BY THE COVER OF THE POSTER???! honestly.. this series is so much better than those trash series you posted up in your blog.. drive of life sucks.. i know so many ppl who seen only up to 20 episodes and just gave up… i really like men don’t cry.. it has real humour, jokes are great, and a good storyline.

  • KTVB says:

    To cat: relax..i made that post when I haven’t started watching yet and all I have done was express my opinion based on the poster which  didn’t look appealing but I did say I would give it a go anyway (when its broadcasted on TVBJ Australia). I didn’t see any trailers or anything before that so it was the only thing I could get an impression from.

    When I started watching the series, I found the first few episodes rather lame and didn’t like it at all, but the story picks up really quickly and it is indeed a really good series =) Men Don’t Cry is an AWESOME series!I totally agree with you ~ My opinion about the series has changed!! and I have made a new post on My Thoughts on Ending and Overall series !

  • squall says:

    I think you should watch it because Dayo Wong is very funny (^^) … but then, the other casts seem so… not funny!! (- -)u

  • atonal03 says:

    I just finished watching Men Don’t Cry. Initially I was very reluctant to watch this series (yup, thanks to the cover which is not very appealing) but after a while, i got addicted to it. Managed to finish 21 episodes in 3 days.I must say it’s a good show and very comical too. Must watch!!

  • wong kee says:

    i watch men don’t cry more than 4 time and i won’t feel boring because it was so funny and it make me laugh all the time and sometime it make me feel very romantics there was a part that i don’t like and it was the final episod the evil kin supposed to be with the ling yuk tsui but it does not it have to be very romantics at the end if the evil kin and the ling yuk tsui can be together
    and i have a wishes that i want to wish the wish that i wanted to wish was (i wish that i can watch all the show that dayo wong is involve )because he was so handsome eventhough he is 47now and he is very funny in the show too if he is involve

  • Lamentingsun says:

    this series is my favorite so far…coming in second was Dayo’s “To Catch the Uncatchable”…he is such a great actor, and i really like the characters he plays…I admit i got kinda tired after Kin wouldnt stop getting revenge, but remained vigilant, and series got better….

  • sugar says:

    love it. a must watch 🙂

  • sugar says:

    And wong kee: I agree with you, Dayo should get involved in more series. 🙂

  • angelynnnnn says:

    ooo, ive watched till episode 10 now 😀 i cant wait to watch till the ending, though i know isnt too likable. yeap, i agree too that dayo is a great comedian/ actor 😀 hope he gets involved in more series, but wow, he has acted in a lot of films ^^ anyway, this series is really nice so far, except that im different from the rest. i actually wanted vivien and dayo to be together 😡 but i think i’ll grow to like the dayo x cecilia couple in time to come 😀

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