English Title: Men with no Shadows

Cantonese Title: 不速之約 (bat chuk ji yeuk)

Cast: Raymond Lam 林峯 (飾邰風), Bobby Au-Yeung 歐陽震華 (飾江東健), Tavia Yeung 楊怡 (飾方小芳), Sire Ma 馬賽 (飾江惠妹), Mandy Wong 黃智雯 (飾邰欣), John Chiang 姜大偉 (飾唐經天), Gigi Wong 黃淑儀 (飾宋楚喬), Power Chan 陳國邦 (飾唐永燊)

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 12 September 2011 (Airring after ‘Lives of Omission’)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: 試煉 (si lin)- Raymond Lam (CD Version)

Executive Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Scriptwriter: Chu King Kei &  Lee Yee Wah

TVB Men with no Shadows

We all experience birth, old age, sickness and death. Yet have you ever wondered who determines the time of our death? Respected pharmaceutical doctor KONG TUNG-KIN (Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah) starts up his own clinic after a drug trial incident. One day, he is approached by TOI FUNG (Raymond Lam), who claims to be Satan, for a patient’s life. Refusing to do so, he suggests handing over his own. His reaction takes FUNG by surprise. With a view to getting to know more about human being, FUNG interferes with KIN’s life, including his family and career. In addition, he pursues FONG SIU-FONG (Tavia Yeung), a nurse KIN has been secretly in love with. Later, KIN sells his soul to FUNG for money and fame. As time goes by, he starts to become a totally different person, losing his kindness without himself knowing it.

生老病死仿似是人之常情,甚麼人應該早死?甚麼人應該遲死?應由誰來掌控?江東健(歐陽震華)本是一名備受業界賞識的研藥醫生,因一宗試藥風波毅然離開藥廠,自立門戶當診所醫生,一天他巧遇了自稱是魔鬼的邰風(林), 邰風要求他交出一位該死的人名,但東健卻寧願交出自己的性命也不願屈服,令邰風對人類產生強烈的好奇感,開始一步一步入侵東健的生活,包括他的家庭、事 業、甚至愛情,更公然追求東健暗戀多時的護士方小芳(楊怡),東健選擇與魔鬼同行後,名利雙收,但同時對自己亦愈見陌生,甚至不自覺地失去了善良的本 性…….

Credits: TVB.com

34 Responses to “[New Series]: Men with no Shadows”

  • kinki says:

    Like the cast but the genre’s kinda a mystery/unknown.

  • EY says:

    Watching it now!! Good start I think!

  • Gerald says:

    On the other hand, this series is similar to Death Note… the apple part is the same…

  • Ri says:

    to be honest, first ep was a bust for me, nothing there to bring me back other than the cast and the possibility of an unusual drama. i found the characters themselves to be unlikeable, but maybe that’s harsh for one episode. i’ll have to see how episode 2 goes!

    • EY says:

      Issit because there is no surprise yet? Or the artistes’ style of bringing out the characters border on the lines of exaggeration? Yeah I think its the theme that will draw me back. My guess is not to approach this drama with expectations on how it will turn out; just follow along the flow and we’ll see where this series take us to.

      • Ri says:

        i think it’s mainly the fact tht i don’t really like anyone. yet, hopefully. bobby’s character was a bit long-winded, his family (other than his mom) was quite annoying and tavia was well, barely there. Only Raymond was remotely interesting and tht’s coz he’s the devil (or something like that) so he’s interesting by default!

        But i agree, the trick to watching any TVB drama is to go in without any expectations and go with the flow! :)

        • KTVB says:

          Yea I think episode 1 couldn’t have introduced the characters better; Raymond sorta just slide in.

        • Cammie says:

          Yeah, I agree. I wish the show portrayed Bobby as a really “intelligent” man like in his detective dramas (FH/Pillow Case of Mystery). Tavia’s character was quite annoying, and so was Bobby’s family. The only interesting character was Raymond, all handsome and mysterious. :D I hope it’ll get more exciting in the next few episodes (I’m always behind in these dramas). Also, maybe it’s just me but I don’t feel much chemistry between Bobby and Tavia. I kept getting the feeling that Bobby is her older brother or something. :)

      • Chibi says:

        I just have a feeling it might turn out as weird as ‘Fly With Me’. TVB aren’t very good at branching out new themes..

        • EY says:

          I was reminded of Fly With Me as well! But Men With No Shadows focused on something more plausible i.e. presence of a death god, rather than what, a flying person?? Hahaha

    • rachel says:

      it wasn’t what i was expecting…i watched the first episode and kept waiting and waiting for something exciting to happen or for raymond to enter and cause some excitement..but when he did appear…it was quite boring…i don’t know, i was really looking forward to watching it for the theme…but have no idea what to expect now..hahaha all the other characters are a bore to me, especially the story of bobby’s mother and stepmother….really not interested in that at all, so typical and unpredictable

  • 12345 says:

    i have just watched the first two ep of this drama and it seems to be pretty good and Raymond Lam seems pretty good in the show

  • Ella says:

    Somehow watching the first episode made me think of the Brad Pitt movie “Meet Joe Black”.

  • Madeline says:

    omg raymond lam is so freaky in the first episode but he definitely makes a handsome ghost <3

  • KTVB says:

    Just watched the first episode! found it ok…a bit boring- not much was happening. I haven’t seen Bobby in ages though, so I enjoyed his screentime. I don’t have high hopes on this series – I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be another “Fly with Me” Series >< lol

    That juice ready apple really reminds me of Death Note.

    Raymond is the most interesting character so far; just cos he’s a Demon- a little strange lol

  • Ri says:

    after watching ep 2, i am most intrigued by Raymond’s character because of the way Raymond plays him! He’s kinda got that dry humour vibe, only it’s not a joke coz he’s dead serious (excuse the pun) on taking someone’s life. Interesting character, and I hope they add more dimensions to him as the series progresses.

    I like Bobby as an actor but so far, he’s a little too preachy and goody-goody for my liking. And is it me or does TVB do the worst, most unreal CGI/green screens ever -.-

    As for the series, I don’t really actually have a feel for it, like where exactly it’s suppose to be going but for now, I’ll just hv to keep watching to see! :)

  • 12345 says:

    i was wondering if this show was meant to be a comedy or not i have watch 4 episodes and it seems like a comedy. I am really like Raymond character and bobby is just so funny. I think that Power Chan might turn evil like his father. So basically all males are going after Tavia and Tavia portraying as a “港女” (gong lui) seems interesting.

    I wonder if other characters will find out Raymond is a Devil and what will happen. I really want to watch episode 5 to see what happens at the board meeting. Maybe Raymond makes the boss die then come back to life.

  • Chels says:

    I’m actually quite intrigued by this series. Raymond’s character is really different, I don’t know, I just wanna get to know his character more.I’m not getting my hopes up to high just in case. But, the series look really mysterious and stuff, so I can’t wait for the next episode, really! :)

  • Ella says:

    So far the series has been good. Quite funny at times, especially the times when Raymond drives Bobby crazy. Though Raymond with red eyes kind of creep me out though.

    I don’t like Bobby’s father though. He’s such a douche. He’s scared of his wife in Hong Kong and his wife in HK is such a bitch. The one who seems to be stuck in the middle all the time is Bobby’s sister (Sire Ma) and I feel bad for her being stuck in the middle whenever the two sides (Bobby’s mother and Sire’s mother) fight. Also stuck in the middle in how she works at Bobby’s clinic but having her mom as a doctor, rivaling Bobby, being the “mo gan do”. I also feel bad how Bobby’s mother is so helpless and running away from the fights when Sire’s mom bullys her. The father does nothing to defend Bobby’s mom or stop his wife from bullying Bobby’s mom.

    David’s character as Power’s father and the CEO of some pharmaceutical company, I don’t like him either. He was always about making money and didn’t care whether the patients in the drug trials died or not (when he cut off funding for Bobby’s research at very beginning when showing in flashbacks why Bobby hated him). He lacked empathy both in the work and family. He didn’t treat Power like his son at all, more like just one of his minions at work. And I thought how horrible it was when he told Power that Tavia was only dating him for the money because he’s rich, and how when Tavia came to visit Power at the office, he (David) asked to meet with her in his office and what he said (as we find out later). What a douchbag father!

    Perhaps sometime later in the series, what comes around goes around, David and Sire’s mom will get what’s coming to them. As the saying goes “Karma’s a bitch”.

    As for Tavia, it’s been a while since we last saw Tavia and Raymond in a series together. Well since Mysteries of Love anyways. So far, her character is good, though the first impression she gave me was ditzy. I love how she totally bitched out Sire’s mom at Bobby’s clinic when she she (Sire’s mom) stormed in, scared away all of Bobby’s patients, saying bad things about him, and accused Bobby of “stealing” her patient, when it is her own fault that she was late to work and the patient needed help and was taken to Bobby’s clinic.

    I wonder what would happen if they all found out that he’s the devil. I wonder if he will really take Bobby’s life or will someone die in an accident or sickness or whatever and that person replaces Bobby? Or maybe even let Bobby go free.

  • wwfan says:

    When I watched the first two episodes, especially the first one, I was not interested in it and thought that Raymond has once again a series that detract me. But when I watched further, I started to really like it.
    Raymond as the devil really surprises me. He does a great job. Additionally, he is really handsome.
    Bobby´s mother and father really gets on my nerves and his step mother, too. They are just bad. I don´t want that his mother will return from “hong ha”.
    Hope that this character is a breakthrough for Raymond. He potrays amazingly.

  • Lydia says:

    Hi! do you hv the music instrument that they played in this drama during the romantic moment???please share….thanks thanks..

  • Nick says:

    This drama is a joke, still Bobby and Tavia is definitely good actors but the story really is stupid. A devil with red eyes and acting all cool eating apple that he kept in pocket all the time? While what he can do is only pushing people down the street but it can’t kill people? Revenge for failed to cure his parents? Eat my shorts stupid writer of the stupid story. And it makes the usually acting all mighty and cool Lam Fung even shitty now. Even the beggar outside the street acting is better than him. Sau pei la, acting like he is the most handsome. Yaiks

  • Chibi says:

    This series was really bad……. I’m glad the last episode finished airing yesterday here in Sydney so we can finally move onto something else! What were the writers thinking?

  • Michael Dang says:

    All the characters were so horribly written for this drama.

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