February 2010

[New Series]: My Better Half

My Better Half

Title: My Better Half 老公万岁
Cast: Michael Miu Kiu Wai (苗僑偉,) Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (張可頤) , Michael Tse Tin Wah (謝天華) , Theresa Lee (李綺虹) Derek Kwok Ching Hung (郭政鴻) ,Grace Wong (王君馨) , Mandy Cho (曹敏莉), Lo Man Chong (羅敏莊)
Episodes: 20 Episodes
Airing date (HK): 16 February 2010 (Airing after The Season of Fate)
Producer: Tong Kei Ming
Scriptwriter: Law Chung Yiu
Themesong: Michael Tse & Michael Miu 大丈夫日記 (Real Men Diary)

Official: TVB Website

My Better Half


Pharmaceutical company employee CHING SUM (Michael Miu) has an overbearing wife, KO LAI SUM (Maggie Cheung). In order not to fight head-on with her, he has been playing ostrich in their seven years of marriage. LAI SUM, however, has never stopped watching his move, as she always believes he is fooling around behind her back. SUM’s younger brother, CHING YEE (Michael Tse), laughs at SUM a lot, but he also feels sorry for his plight, and gives him practical advices whenever he can. One day, SUM is caught red-handed in Shenzhen by LAI SUM, who proposes to divorce him! YEE always claims he has never lost in the game of love, until he meets MIU LING CHI (Theresa Lee), a newly recruited management staff of the company. YEE loses bitterly this time, and almost loses his job, too.

Why is it that relationship can be earth-shattering but marriage only revolves around trifles? Miu Kiu Wai plays a henpecked man for the first time ever, and Maggie acts as his bruiser wife in her powerful comeback. So make sure you don’t miss this explosively funny romantic comedy which exposes the very truth about relationships!

My Better Half

任职药厂的程琛(苗侨伟)一直奉行”阿Q精神”來应付家中的強人老婆高励心(张可颐)高压折磨,因为婚后七年来他一 直被老婆误会为大滾友,以致他的一举一动日夜备受老婆严密监控;对于他的遭遇,亲弟程义(谢天华)虽表同情却经常取笑程琛,更不时作其军师教路;一日,程 琛在深圳被老婆发现有姦情,她愤然提出离婚..另一方面,单身贵族的程义自詡情場未逢敌手,卻偏偏敌不过新加入药厂的高层繆灵芝(李绮虹)的诱惑,几乎害 自己成了事业及感情上的双失酷男.. 爱情可以浩浩荡荡,婚姻却流于鸡毛蒜皮?苗侨伟全新戏势,演绎弱势小男人;张可颐久休复出第一激,激恶演绎吃醋大女人;时裝喜剧《老公万岁》以幽默讽刺的手法反映现代兩性热门话题,笑位连场!

Synopsis Credits : Astro on Demand

32 Responses to “[New Series]: My Better Half”

  • KTVB says:

    I love seeing the return of older artists 😀 Yay for Maggie! Just like Esther, I feel like watching the series because Maggie’s in it! The title reminds me of Maggie’s other series “Better Halves” lol (not that I’ve watched that)

    • kes says:

      You haven’t watched ‘better halves’ ?
      You are missing a good drama.
      Maggie and Steven Ma is great duo.
      (Of course… like many other TVB drama.. it tend to drag…)
      BUT.. if you like Steven ma this is a MUST.
      (love that dude ^^)

      If you ever get the chance to watch ‘better halves’ you should do it.

      now back to topic

      Michael Tse… -yay. I love this guy. (he was my hero in “Storm Riders” .. not Aaron or Ekin…I was a Michael fan 😀 )

      Are you goint to do a review on this one?

  • Nicole says:

    yaye Maggie! i’ve liked her since Old Time Buddy. 🙂 watched the theme video for this & it looks hilarious! Michael Miu looks like a dork haha. i’m hoping it’ll be one of those all-out funny comedy shows with lots of heart. 😀

  • grub says:

    sounds like a pretty good drama! i thought maggie was tavia when i first saw the first picture!

  • FaNNy says:

    i’m not sure whether i want to watch this series or not. i love that maggie is returning to TVB again, but this series doesn’t really captivate me. maybe i’ll skip this and wait for another one of her series to come out?
    i skipped BSS and i was glad because the season of fate is a better series and it shows how esther is still a really good actress.

  • chibi says:

    Maggie!!!!!!!!! YAY for her return 😀 Michael and Maggie seems like an interesting pairing.. not too sure about the other pair tho o_o

  • Fiona says:

    muahahhaha FINALLY! THE TIME HAS COME FOR MY BETTER HALF TO START SHOWING!! It’s about time, really. I’ve been waiting for this drama to air ever since like februrary 2009. ahen no exaggeration there. yes!1 I can’t wait until the 16th!! HOORAY!!! 🙂

  • Jesmine says:


    • Fiona says:

      OMGSH OMGSH OMGSH. LOL yes he is! He is so aewesome. I just want to watch this drama cuz hes in it XD

      • Jesmine says:


        • Fiona says:

          I so completely stalk this page. Maggie is so awesome!!! She’s so pretty in My Better Half!!! LOL Her acting’s good too…LOL she was never my favourite actress before, but after this drama, she has certainly become my fave. LOL

  • lovespicy says:

    Watched the 1st episode, however don’t find it impressive enough. It’s quite boring to see the whole series on this husband-wife relationship and wife keep checking or misunderstands her husband. Cannot imagine it can drag on for 20 episodes unless it has some interesting plots. I’ll try another few episodes before I decide to drop or not.

  • Wong Dzi Tou says:

    This is a good drama. I love tvb.

  • xXbBGurlx says:

    You know guys in this show Michael’s name pronunciation “CHING YEE (Tse Tin Wah)” is my chinese name but i dont know why im saying it anyways im trying to get use to this show as i have no interests into this show but somehow i will

  • Anna says:

    So far for 2010 tvb drama been out,i have enjoyed watching this one the most. I found this drama funny/comedy and have interesting plots (except the babies bit,i dont agree) i’ll recommend this series for a must watch but maybe not for lil children coz it contains some sexual comments.I like the cast member in this drama they were great playing their roles e.g michael mui, maggie cheung, michael tse and theresa lee, i just dont understand why was the rating for this series was so low in hong kong?, but overall my opinion i rate this one 5/5*

    So far i watched 7 my own opinion rating*:
    season of fate : some funny bits but was draggy and got a lil boring 4/5*
    beauty and the game : was a good plot but the charecters was not strong enough so it made me bored half way 3 1/2 of 5* christine ng was the best out of the cast

    don juan demarcado: this mini series was just comedy, made me laugh most of the time 4 1/2 of 5*
    wong cho lam charecter was a lil annoying tho

    parts of watchdog tale: this drama was a hype,so i watch a few esp. It was ok was not has interesting has i thought 3/5*

    parts of O.L supreme: I didnt find it all that funny but maybe i only seen a few esp. so far i give 2/5* bss is better

  • Fiona says:

    I agree!!! This drama really is good…although they did kind of drag the baby part…haha that’s true…not recommended for little kids, but if you think about it, it’s actually not that bad…nothing BIG happened…so I find it okay, and then you’ve got all these great cast here(although I personally don’t like Theresa…I think she can’t act) but overall, it was a really good drama, and was totally worth my time watching it… I’d give it a 5/5 too

  • shadow says:

    The series was good, but I think the last two chapters were a bit forced. Why does TVB feel they need to turn a perfectly good comedy into a drama for almost every series? I would have thought that the misunderstanding between Michael Mui and Maggie Cheung’s characters would have lasted longer. The whole baby thing was just not really necessary.

  • Re says:

    Didn’t like this drama. It was boring and incredibly unrealistic and the characters were either annoying or useless. The unnecessary amounts of English was getting on my nerves, especially with Teresa Lee’s character, who got extremely irritating before long.
    And the deal with the baby was not portrayed very well at all – realistically, there would be a lot more emotion and confusion and angst, but these guys were all happyhappy, as though there was no problem. Yeah, right.

    Not a good watch, boring and annoying. 2/10

  • Fifi says:

    Anyone know who played the undercover police in the drama, who works in their fruit company. Found him resembles Micheal Miu in certain way.

  • Jackie says:

    Haha, I was so happy for Maggie’s return! She’s one of my favorite actresses.

    The whole thing was pretty funny, but the baby thing really disturbed me.

    I loved when they dressed up as their idols lol. It reminded me of Maggie in Old Time Buddy, which was the funniest thing everrr. 🙂 Ahh, good times. 🙂

    • faithict says:

      that was exactly what i was thinking when i watched this series…maggie really reminds me of her activing in the Old Time Buddy….When micheal miu said he is going to dress up, i was thinking he is going to dress up as Lei Kei to match with Maggie…did not expect him to dress up as himself in the EU….

  • shasha says:

    can somebody translate the meaning of its theme songs?
    i really want to know what it means.

  • Austin says:

    Can someone look at the credits for episode 8 and tell me who the singer is and song title for the song at 24.20.

  • faithict says:

    I just finished watching this series…i felt it was a bit depreesing for the last few episodes except for the last episode…first Lai Sum got to know that she has lost her baby and could not give birth, and then the “headmistress” got cancer, then the michael could not have a child. When i was watching these few episodes, i was still optimistic that there might be a twist in the series that is they saw the wrong report and that Lai Sum still have her baby or something like that. I guess TVB chooses a different route to show that Asian people are no longer that conservative? That is have someone carry the baby instead of those who are not able to carry them? (referring to Gigi)
    Anyhow this is a good series…light hearted i would say…been a while since i watched Maggie in TVB series and i have to say that she still looks good and her acting is still great….i hope to see more of her series near future…

    • KTVB says:

      I haven’t seen he series so I can’t really comment but glad to hear you liked it 🙂 I think TVB likes to create a bit of drama for the episodes leading up to the ending XD

  • Annie says:

    I loved this series… but like every body else i found the baby part to be unnecessary, i think it spoiled the whole show.
    I love Maggie and Michael’s relationship, however there was a time where i thought the relationship of Michael tse and Theresa Lee stole the show…
    I dunno about the rest of you but i love it when hk actors/actress speak english… therefore i loved it everytime Theresa Lee spoke english.
    I really like the undercover cop… His so Cute. I loved him in D.I.E 2, the cocky “know it all” detective… n yes they porposely made him look like michael mui coz it make maggie remember her relationship with michael mui when they were younger.

    • Shermaine says:

      I TOTALLY LOVE the undercover cop! he’s quite handsome. and i like his role in D.I.E. Again too! especially the “janet Jackson” part which makes him look (and sound) like a BOSS!

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