February 2015

[New Series]: My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover

English Title:  My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover

Cantonese Title:  倩女喜相逢 (sin nui hei seung fung)

Cast:Nancy Sit 薛家燕,Edwin Siu 蕭正楠,Evergreen Mak 麥長青,Oscar Leung 梁烈唯,Joyce Tang 滕麗名,Angela Tong 湯盈盈,Jinny Ng 吳若希,Yu Yang于洋

Episodes: 14

Airing date: 9 February 2015 – 27 February 2015 (replacing ‘Madam Cutie On Duty‘)

Themesong: Repay (報恩)– Nancy Sit, Edwin Siu, Evergreen Mak

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Official Synopsis

Poor scholar NING CHOI-SUN (Edwin Siu) is aiming to be the champion of the imperial examination, however, after several failed attempts, he has to stay temporarily in the lantern store owned by his second sister-in-law, YING CHUN-FA (Joyce Tang), and make a living as a painter together with his eldest brother NING CHOI-MAN (Evergreen Mak). His eldest brother is penny-pinching, and his second brother, NING CHOI-KWAN (Oscar Leung), is a henpecked husband who is uneducated; whereas his childhood sweetheart YING CHUN-KIU (Jinny Ng) often pushes him to finalize their wedding date. On top of that, his father NING PING-YAN (Yu Yang) becomes sick. Driven to despair, honest CHOI-SUN has no other choice but to agree to participate in CHUN-FA’s lantern selling scam by conning their neighbours, leading to a fierce battle between a Taoist master YIN CHIK-HA (Angela Tong) and a swindler DOU MAN-CHUN (Ricky Fan). Ever since then, NING’s family has been turned upside down. With all sorts of bizarre things happening to them each and every day, each of them starts behaving abnormally. At that moment, CHOI-SUN discovers that a “Spiritual Auntie”, NIP SIU-SIN (Nancy Sit), has been safeguarding him in secret so as to repay his kindness. Unfortunately, SIU-SIN’s power is still so incompetent that she often screws things up, resulting in endless hilarious-riots……


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