February 2011

[New Series]: Only You

English Title: Only You

Cantonese Title: 只有您 (Zi Yao Lei)

Cast: 李司棋 Lee Sze Kei , 蒙嘉慧 Yoyo Mung , 郑嘉颖 Kevin Cheng , 田蕊妮 Krystal Tin , 麦长青 Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching , 黎诺懿 Chris Lai Lok Yi , 陈宇琛 Chan Yu Sam , 张美妮 Meini Cheung
Episodes: 30

Airing date: 21 February 2011 (after “7 days in Life“)
Official: Website
Themesong: I Do- Cherry Ho (何紫慧)

Executive Producer: Wong Sum Wai
Scriptwriter: Choy Ting Ting &  Wong Yuk Tak

Only You Poster
An unrelenting and boastful woman, MAK YAT-MAN (Yoyo Mung) wants to be a wedding planner after she gets the axe, simply for its simple job nature and attractive income. CHONG SZ-TIM (Lee Sze Kei), an expert in the trade and a person of principles, declines to take her as a student as she sees through MAN’s motive, but MAN will not yield. She tries her best to please TIM’s younger brother, CHONG SZ-CHAI ( Evergreen Mak) and his wife, SZETO FEI-FEI (Krystal Tin) who employ her as a coordinator in their bridal wear company.

MAN is determined to do something big in her career, but the appearance of photographer, HA TIN-SANG (Kevin Cheng) makes her rethink the meaning of life. MAN and SANG have met all kinds of people at work, from couples in quarrel to couples in distress, neurotic brides to lovers with disabilities. Every couple has a unique love story to tell; in front of MAN and SANG they exchange wedding vows in an atmosphere of beauty and serenity.

Although MAN and SANG love each other, their different outlook on life begins to tear them apart. Should lovers stand firm with principles or let go for love?





Synopsis Credits : TVB.com


19 Responses to “[New Series]: Only You”

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    i remember seeing the promotional clip for this, not exactly hyped abt it but it should be good with kevin ;). also in the clp i rem seeing raymond wong and stephen huynh! looks like they took them out? 🙁

    • Madeline says:

      no they didn’t. They will appear soon in the show. If you see the actual theme song, it shows both Raymond Wong and Stephen Huynh.

      I’m really looking forward for Raymond Wong’s appearance :), not much for Stephen.

      • gohanDLuffy says:

        yep i read that they play cameo roles? raymond plays a blind man.but still looking forward to raymond wong love him!!! 😉
        stephen is a decent actor, i liked his role as pierre in DIE contrasted to his creepy ‘franky’ character in gun metal grey which gave me chills*

    • kes says:

      I like Stephen 😀 ( – even though he doesn’t get many good roles. Maybe because he aren’t a great actor? )

      • Madeline says:

        I wish Raymond Wong can play like a main role, not a cameo role…

        yeah raymond wong plays as a blind man and he’ll soon appear in the next episode 14 I think because I just saw the promo.

        Stephen is ok I mean yeah I like his acting in DIE but in gun metal grey, it’s kinda freaky..Maybe Stephen should get better roles. I don’t know if you guys notice that he has an accent when speaking canto.

  • nange says:

    Heh, first ep was so-so, but I get the feeling it’ll pick up. Evergreen Mak is cute in this one though.

    • Madeline says:

      yeah, just keep watching 😀

    • Snow says:

      yes for me, its definitely picking up. last night’s episode 9 left me in stiches, it was so funny lol

      • Madeline says:

        I watched all the episodes of OY that came out and I’m like up to episode 14 which Raymond Wong will appear and I can’t wait!!!

        The storyline is getting a lot juicer and a lot sweeter too <3. Keep watching

  • Sandy says:

    This series is ok… So far I really like Chin Ka Lok n Ella Koon’s love story… Had me laughing from the moment Ella came on screen right to the end.
    Hope I’m not spoiling anything for anyway one, but yah! Kevin n yo yo r together now!!!

  • Lexi says:

    Who’s the actor that plats Natalie Tong’s husband? Can’t find the info online anywhere…

  • zz says:

    Awesome series!

  • IceCream says:

    This series is so sweet and funny Out of all the guest stars in this series, I enjoyed Macy Chan and Ruco’s love story the most. They’re so cute and compatible together. The picture Kevin took at the end is the sweetest thing! <3

  • KTVB says:

    I didn’t end up watching this series, and it doesn’t really appeal to me so Im just gonna let it skip XD

  • nange says:

    I finished this series recently. It actually ended up pretty good (better than I expected). They had different arcs , with some stronger than the others, but over-all they were all above average.Favourite arc had to be the one with the kung-fu clan. Hilarious.

    Only thing that really bugged me about this series was the continuous pattern of TVB painting marriages as things where women boss the men around. I know they try to “resolve” this at the end, but they spent most of the series showing that women apparently think that marriage should be utterly lopsided with reins in her hand.

  • Shermaine says:

    Lok-yi and his fiancee died in the last ep.. It’s so saddening.

  • yuting says:

    i like Raymond and Elena the most in this series! their story was so touching.. 🙂 their love is so real lol.. seeing them being together at last makes me so happy! 🙂 Elena, keep it up, i will always support you, add oil!

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