The Green Grass of Home will be airring its final episode in Australia this Friday 13th July; so from the following Monday 16th July 7:10pm, it’ll be replaced by a warehoused series: Phoenix Rising

Cast: Louisa So Yuk Wah, Sunny Chan, Leila Tong, Krystal Tin Yui Nei, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong Chi Yin, Jack Wu…

Episodes: 20

The rich bride-to-be YIM PUI-WU (Lousia So) is arrested and thrown in jail for the murder of her adoptive mother shortly before her wedding. By coincidence, she is reunited with her long-lost younger sister SO FEI (Leila Tong), who is now a probation officer, and thus with her elder sister KONG LAI-NGA (Krystal Tin). Desperate to prove WU’s innocence, NGA and FEI bustle around every day to look for evidence.

But things do not go quite the way they hope. NGA is pregnant with her boyfriend YIN LEUNG (Sunny Chan), but she is diagnosed with an incurable disease after her son is born. Knowing that her life is coming to an end, NGA decides to take the blame and undergo imprisonment for WU. FEI continues with the investigation but is shocked to discover that NGA’s medical report is a made-up one, which in fact is part of a conspiracy by WU. FEI cannot imagine why WU has suddenly become so heartless.

Helping NGA out of the sufferings in prison, FEI decides to help her escape. To eliminate all those who stand in her way, WU is resolved to do away with NGA. WU’s evil deeds have finally caused her beloved husband CHEUNG CHI-HOI (Ben Wong) to lose his family, about which she feels so guilty. WU, NGA and FEI are to face the threat of jail and their destiny seems to be tied to the prison forever…
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Personally I find this poster sorta creepy! I just got the impression the two women in the middle are putting a fake smile on lol. What’s more scary is the mirror showing their backs which don’t seem to match the clothing they are wearing o.0 I didn’t read about what the series is about, so its just coming from random thoughts! I hope this series would be a great one! I only saw the trailer for this series once in the commercials but it happened so quickly I didn’t grasp anything XD

20 Responses to “New Series: [Phoenix Rising]”

  • cF says:

    You noticed the unmatching reflection too! Once you watch it you will find out what the reflection means. Seems like a real creepy series!

  • KTVB says:

    You started watching this series already?? How is it so far?

  • katey says:

    I also find this poster creepy! the mirror reflection frightens me! Does Crystal has a rope around her neck?

  • abcdTVB! says:

    O_o i know its creepy… i actualli look forward to creepy series now bcuz TVB hasnt dun 1 in veri long time…..

    woah!!!! katey!!! thank’s for pointing that out! i didnt notice that rope b4! O_O wow…. O_o LOL

  • cF says:

    I’ve watched the first episode. It’s slightly confusing.. not always in chronological order. but definitely dark and creepy

  • chibi says:

    wow..scary reflection….. I hope its not too creepy… interesting to see what tvb can pull off though

  • kinki says:

    ya..i agree with you guys
    this poster certainly looks creepy..!! :S

    has the series been filmed yet?
    does anyone know when’s it coming out?

  • KTVB says:

    woah ! I didn’t notice the rope either! 0_0

    To Kinki: I’m sure its filmed already since its already being released overseas~

  • Fairy says:

    Hey K :] It’s been a while since I visited your blog. Anyways, I heard Phoenix Rising was a dark drama on the life of sisters who were separated when they were young or something like that. They end up meeting in prison trying to escape or something like that. There’s also all this stuff with deceit and betrayal. I think it’ll be interesting since TVB hasn’t done something like in quite a while I think.

    Hope it’s good and you’ll get to do some reviews on it! :]

  • katey says:

    The first episode is released already? Oh good, I will get my hands on it too! Hopefully I didn’t spoil anything pointing out the rope thing

  • Jenn says:

    This series looks quite interesting! Anyways i don’t think thats a rope around her neck. If you look closely its actually a knife/ daggar thing that Louisa is holding kind of like “stabbing her in the back” You can see her fingers grasping on the knife and her arm on the side.

  • Leila says:

    Lol, I’ve just started Phoenix Rising… it’s pretty good so far, and creepy! haha… the beginning was counfusing but things get cleared up later on. Just some beginning thoughts 🙂

  • AC says:

    Actually, I watched the first 2 episodes (cuz I rented it) and it does seem interesting so far. The look of it is very unique and does give you a feeling that makes you a little creeped out about what is going to happen. I think the poster is very telling about what the series is about. I love Sunny Chan by the way!

  • christine says:

    total agreement. THAT POSTER IS CREEPY!!!!!

  • Linda Hai Yen says:

    When will this serie be out in vietnamese verison?

  • peggyjean says:

    its a really good series!!! tvb hasnt put something this good out for ages…thanks for pointing out the poster reflection though! i totally didn’t notice that…

  • the azn says:

    to linda hai yen:the series well probably be in viet in a few weeks time………
    that’s how long it takes>>.
    i wonder if the viet voices macth the characters’ real vice a bit…?
    who knows

  • kinny says:

    im at the 12 episode! cuz i live in CA but i watch it to Tuesday and Friday . tommorow the 13th and 14th eppie comes for me! >.

  • jen says:

    do you think louisa character in the movie is teh same as her real life.

  • emma says:

    hey did u watch the ending of PR yet? i hav mixed but mostly positive critique about it..hope u do a review on it to see wut yur thought are!

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