Relic of an Emissary

English Title: Relic of An Emissary

Cantonese Title: 洪武三十二 (hung mo saam sap yi)


马德钟 Joe Ma as 燕王朱棣 Yin Wong
谢天华 Michael Tse as 敖笑風 Ngo Siu-fung
徐子珊 Kate Tsui as 沈千三 Shum Chin-sam
陈键锋 Sammul Chan as 馬三保 Ma Sam-Bo
江若琳 Elanne Kong as 永暘公主 Princess Wing Yeung
陈山聪 Joel Chan as 建文帝朱允炆 Emperor Kin-man
陈展鹏 Rucco Chan Chin Pang as 寧王朱權 17th Prince
刘江 Lau Kong as the Monk

Kaki Leung as Joel Chan’s wife
Sire Ma as Siu-Kiu
Benjamin Yuen as Lee King-lung 李景隆
Skye Chan as Joe’s wife
Charmaine Li as Elanne’s servant
Grace Wong as Michael’s childhood friend
Yoyo Chen as Joel’s lover
Macy Chan as Mongolian Girl

Episodes: 30

Executive Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai,  Choi Shuk Yin

Airing date: 4 April 2011 (Replacing ‘Only You’)
Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ (English Subtitles)
Themesong: Regime (江山) by Joe Ma | Sub- I Wait for You (我等你) by Michael Tse and Kate Tsui



The founder and first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, CHU YUEN-CHEUNG have just passed away. CHU WAN-MAN (Joel Chan), who is the son of his designated heir, is made his successor.

MAN’s bodyguard NGO SIU-FUNG (Michael Tse) is ordered to search for CHEUNG’s lost will and in the course of his investigation, he gets to know the Prince of YIN CHU TAI’s (Joe Ma) counsellor, MA SAM-PO (Sammul Chan).

FUNG and PO appreciate and respect each other, but FUNG reminds himself not to drop his guard, as TAI is coveting the throne of MAN.

One day, FUNG loses his memory during a mission and has turned from a cruel person into a sympathy filled man. PRINCESS WING-YEUNG (Elanne Kong) has never liked or trusted brocade guards so she tells PO, a good friend of hers, to guard against FUNG.

MAN still thinks very highly of FUNG, but FUNG has become distrustful since his accident and for a reason he does not know, he finds the mysterious SHUM TSIN-SAM (Kate Tsui) and TAI, to be familiar.

Later when he comes to know a secret mission, he is caught in a dilemma of anger and guilt.








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25 Responses to “[New Series]: Relic of an Emissary”

  • Chibi says:

    Interesting cast and trailer I gotta say =O It’s been a while since I’ve seen Samuel (He’s not with TVB anymore)

    Michael looks kinda weird in ancient gown and Joe looks weird with the mo XDD

  • ey says:

    this series certainly looks promising!! especially that it came from the same producer as The Academy series. thoroughly looking forward to it. pity ron isnt here though, would have loved to see the interaction between sammul, ron and michael again. hopefully the plot turns out to be intriguing enough!

    • KTVB says:

      According to Wikipedia; this is the anicent version of EU!

      “First intended to be a continuation of The Academy series, casting for Relic of an Emissary (then known as “The Academy IV”) placed an emphasis on keeping the original The Academy cast. Sammul Chan was the protagonist Lee Pak-kiu for all three installments; Kate Tsui was introduced in the second; Michael Tse, Elanne Kong, Leung Ka-ki, and Joel Chan were introduced in the third. After major changes were added to the script, which included story setting and character background, slight casting changes also occurred. Instead of Michael Miu leading the serial drama, Joe Ma was chosen instead. His portrayal of King Fuchai of Wu in The Conquest sparked interest for Wong to cast him as Chu Tai. Wong further mentioned that he wanted Ron Ng to be part of the cast as well, who portrayed the other protagonist Chung Lap-man in The Academy. However, the writers could not afford to write in another male lead.”

  • Madeline says:

    I notice that the cast seems really similar to E.U and the academy with michael, sammuel, elanne, kate,and the girl that is next to sammuel at his left who I believe she’s in grace under fire as well and yeah I realize that it is the same producer as the academy as well. Really interesting how the producer chose his casts. Fascinating!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I just think that Elanne Kong is not really considered a “good actress” , her acting just reminds me of how her role play was in E.U and I’m not really liking her much. And I was hoping to see Kate appear soon.

    • Ri says:

      Yea, I was expecting to see Ron pop up somewhere too because it’s almost like an E.U. reunion! haha. The girl at Sammul’s left is Kaki Leung i think and she was Sammul’s gf then wife in E.U. Then again, I have no complaints so far because I did enjoy E.U. for both its storyline and its cast 🙂

      Elanne Kong’s character is v childish and appears even more so because she’s playing by Elanne Kong. She over reacts a bit and she really doesn’t act like a princess haha but I guess that’s who her character is suppose to be – tomboyish and childish. I hope she improves (or at least we can get used to it) over time! but I like Sammul’s character the most so far! 🙂

      • ey says:

        sammul has the charisma! as for elanne kong, i suppose its her princess-y voice that turns me off. whenever she appears, i just have the urge to turn down the volume!! and joe ma is gonna be a villian in this series, rite? i hope to see more evilness oozing from him soon!

      • Madeline says:

        I agree, Elanne doesn’t really act like a princess although her attitude is like a snobby princess. She seems to be very nosy; almost like she wants to know everything but she can’t really help or do much.

        Sammuel’s character is very nice. I like how’s he’s always looking out for Elanne 🙂

  • misstila says:

    im watching this series and its pretty good so far but its a shame for sammul to be a eunuch hes too handsome =[

  • alleynecarlinda says:

    i dont quite get the character thing.

    so kate tsui is playing two characters, the brothel owner and chor chor. which twin is the nice one? chor chor? or the brothel owner?

    but i read in wiki that chor chor is going to be the 4th prince’s wife.

    so who does au siu feng love? chor chor or brothel owner???

    • Madeline says:

      I think both qin sam and chor chor is nice. It’s just that qin sam is more strict, her character is like Icy from DIE 2.

      I’m not certain about Chor Chor but I think Chor Chor is nicer than Qin Sam.

    • Madeline says:

      I think Au Siu Feng likes Chor Chor but I guess she had to move on since her twin Qin Sam doesn’t want Chor Chor to be with Siu Feng so Chor Chor is with Joe Ma.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea I think they’re both “good” althoug Chor Chor is the nicer one. Siu-Fung likes Chor Chor, but because he doesn’t know the two of them exist (only one of them), so thinks Chor Chor is actually Chin-Sam.

  • Jean says:

    Gosh… I truly can’t stand the voice of Elanne Kong. It’s so yakky… And this princess is so damn free to be tagging along everywhere. I hate it when she’s butting in between Michael & Sammul. Think the show is better with her erased.

    • KTVB says:

      I actually don’t mind Elanne that much- I just kinda over look that part of her and enjoy the series 🙂 You gotta admit Elanne can be pretty cute at times!

  • Jessica says:

    So I’m confused before Michael had amnesia he met Kate’s character as a brocade guard and did he slept with her or Chor-Chor. He wrote her hairpin while having sex. I remember I scene wear she kept the broken hairpin in the box. I scene wear she (Chor Chor)came to see Michael and saw him with Siu-Kiu. Then Michael came to see Kate (Tsim Sam) and she was hiding in the cabinet underground thingly. When he actually see Chor-Chor she said that was Tsim-Sam and she did fall for him before she met Prince Yin.

    • KTVB says:

      Before he had Amnesia, he fought with Kate (Chin-Sam)-without knowing what she looked like since she had a face-mask on. Michael got injured and then fainted. Chor Chor then comes along and saves him, and the two of them (Michael and Chor Chor) fall in love.
      Chin-Sam never had a relationship with Michael, it was Chor Chor the whole time- that hairpin belonged to Chor Chor. When Kate was looking at the broken hairpin in the box- that was actually Chor Chor. We can tell because Chor Chor was the more gentle looking one who was helplessly in love with Michael, while her sister “Chin-Sam” told her to stay away from him.

      So..essentially Michael doesn’t know there’s 2 of them! He thought the girl he slept with was the same person, i.e “Chin-Sam”, since Chin-Sam and Chor Chor share the same identity (only one appears when the other hides). He thought the girl he slept with, and loved, was Chin-Sam all along.

      Chor Chor loved Michael, and then after her sister died, she ended up falling in love with Prince Yin.
      Chin-Sam loved Prince Yin the whole time, not Michael.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Do you guys like Michael before he had the amnesia or him after he had the amnesia?

  • Linda says:

    I have a big question!

    Who did Siu-fung really love?? The princess or chor chor??? Why did chor chor reject him if they already had sex???

    • KTVB says:

      He loved Chor Chor at the start, then later fell in love with the i think he loved both-at the end he ened up with the Princess, so guess that is who in the end

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