English Title: Sisters of Pearl

Chinese Title: 掌上明珠 (Jeung Seung Ming Jue)

Cast: Jessica Hsuan宣 萱, Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor 商天娥 , Bowie Lam 林保怡 , Michael Tao 陶大宇 , Joyce Tang 滕麗名, Macy Chan 陳美詩 , Joel Chan 陳山聰 , Tsang Wai Kuen 曾偉權

Episodes: 28

Airring date: 3 May 2010 (Replacing ‘Suspects in Love’)

Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Scriptwriter: Suen Ho Ho & Lee Yee Wah

Themesong: Forget Myself 忘掉自己– Myolie Wu

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Sisters of Pearl


After the death of her husband, CHU PIK-HA (Jessica Hsuan) returns to her maiden home with her son, in a deliberate attempt to take over the family jewelry business from her big sister CHU PIK-WAN (Kiki Sheung). To prevent HA from getting too out of hand, WAN needs her matrilocal husband HO CHEUNG-HING (Bowie Lam) to create trouble for her sibling. HING does not follow her instructions, but instead secretly helps HA tackle her problems one by one. WAN soon comes to realize that HING has never really got over HA. WAN’s little sister CHU PIK-LAM (Macy Chan) is still attending school and too young to deal with such family issues. WAN feels a profound sense of helplessness and becomes even more frustrated when SO LAI-SHEUNG (Joyce Tang) turns up suddenly claiming to be a mistress of her late father and pregnant with his baby. Out of respect for their father, the sisters agree to put SHEUNG up for the time being until the situation becomes clearer. Shortly thereafter, HA discovers that SHEUNG is just a tool of her cousin HUNG YIU-SANG (Michael Tao), who has been plotting to wage a battle of wills against the CHUs.

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朱碧霞(宣萱)丧夫后帶同儿子回外家,刻意插手一向由大家姐朱碧云(商天娥)管理的珠宝店业务,碧云为免二妹得势,着入贅丈夫何祥兴(林保怡)施计令碧霞出丑,可惜祥兴枪头对內,竟暗中帮助碧霞渡过多次难关,碧云始发现祥兴对碧霞余情未了,而正在求学的三妹朱碧霖(陈美诗) 对家事亦一晓不通,碧云感四面楚歌间,一名自称是朱父的情妇蘇丽嫦(滕丽名)突然杀入朱家,更声称已怀有父亲的骨肉,朱家三姐妹为表尊重亡父的遗属,只好暂时收留丽嫦,靜观其变。未几,碧霞却发现丽嫦原來是表哥洪耀生(陶大宇)所埋下爭家产的棋子..

Credit: TVB.com.au

25 Responses to “[New Series]: Sisters of Pearl”

  • chibi says:

    What a strange..strange combination of cast O_O Looks like TVB really is pushing to bring back some old faces.

    • KTVB says:

      haha agree with the “strange combination of cast” bit XD Makes things refreshing I guess!

      I’ll probably give this series a go because of the period it’s set in lol!! That’s usually the reason I don’t watch these types of series, but these types of series seem to exceed expectations. Looking forward to this!!

  • Rin says:

    What’s with Jessica’s and Kiki’s hair…? Lol. It makes it seem like this series is set in last century… lol.

    I’m probably gonna past this series unless I hear good things about it. I’m only a bit interested in it because of Jessica, Bowie, and Joyce but that’s it… bleh.

  • rachel says:

    i’m not very interested in this series..with the weird hair and costumes, and sorta weird time period and the especially old fashioned theme of pearls…ehhh not very appealing to me haha but i think i’ll still watch it and give it a try…but michael’s hair is very…don’t know what else to use but ugly hahah and he doesn’t really match with jessica..like chibi said, a very weird combination of actors lol

  • engsamnang says:

    i really want to watch it as it from the writer of slive chamber of sorrow and when the easterly shower falls on the sunny west. really similar plot and wait for it but the poster not look that good. it make the series like the comedy.

    • turtle88 says:

      now that you mention it, the poster does make it seem like a comedy… somehow. lol

      i’ll probably skip this series (not appealing at all IMO) like many other tvb series nowadays… sigh.

    • chibi says:

      Ohh..that’s interesting.. I liked Silver Chambers of Sorrow a lot so I might give this one a go =) Really looking for a good story to watch..

  • Elle says:

    Looked interesting! Love the casts with Jessica and Michael, reuniting after the long time File of Justice.

  • Fiona says:

    whoa…the story line’s so complicated!!! And the synopsis is kinda confusing too o.O and it looks like everyone’s evil too, haha, it’s like War and Beauty…I guess we’ll just hope that it will turn out as good as War and beauty…or at least BTROC (which, IMO wasn’t THAT good, but…)I’m not too fond of the cast either

  • Nicole says:

    i’ll be watching this for Jessica/Michael & Joyce, even though i don’t like this time period nor their costumes/hair. O_o the trailer totally reminds me of The Charm Beneath.

  • dreamlucky says:

    Haha, but the theme song by Myolie Wu is really good! It sounds sad yet eerie at the same time. =D I think I will add this to my to-watch list! 🙂

  • Fiona says:

    OMGSH…I just watched the first episode, it’s actually…not bad (imo, lol) it’s pretty good, I’m gonna continue watching it

  • Ronaldtat says:

    Can’t wait for the full themesong and film in my country(vietnam always late with another country cause the dubbing), this is the first time Jessica Hsuan playing the evil role OMG can’t wait

  • kcin says:

    the best series this year so far

  • Sora says:

    I just finished watching episode 10. This series is so addictive to watch. The characters have so many different layers to them. They have a evil side and a humane side.

    It’s a nice change from all the silly tvb series (with nonsense plots) that have been out.

    Try it if you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

  • ANONYMUS says:

    who can tell me the themesong download location?

  • chibi says:

    I have only recently started this drama (watched ep 2) and I must say is very promising 😀 Looking forward to seeing more of it for sure. I’m liking Jessica’s character so far =)

  • Jenny says:

    I absolutely love this.. so far anyway. I’m only up to EP 4 though. Jessica is sort of scary to me, the way she plans things and such. But she is such a great actress, she never disappoints me.

    I’m really looking forward to see how her relationship with Michael Tao unfolds 🙂

  • MQ says:

    Just saw the first 5 episodes…..so far it’s a little flat. All the situations seem to happen just to show the characters are evil. Jessica, in particular, is particularly flat. Her villainous portray is a little 2 dimensional, it’s like she’s 24/7 evil. I mean, WHO THE HELL IS EVIL ALL THE TIME? Even Hitler had his soft moments, his funny moments, his vulnerable moments. But Jessica seems to make everything “this is my scheme and I’m evil” she has on that same expression all the time, even in those private moments with her son.

  • thzdth says:

    I’ve followed this series till episode 22. I like seeing Micheal Tao as an ambiguous bad (BUT not the murderous kind of bad) guy here (quite rare, IMO).

    Everyone in this show seems to have their own selfish agendas, but none will want the other party dead. So they are not very evil but neither are they truly good (like Lau Sam Ho). Come to think of it, we have the male version of Lau Sam Ho in this show! It is Yuk Chai, the Nanyang pearl farm bumpkin! Hahahaha… 😀

    The same boy who acted as Marcus’s son in Born Rich is also here as Pik-Ha’s son Pak-Tim and this boy…you all better watch out… is a really good child actor! Only hearts made of stone will not ache upon seeing him cry for his mum (oops spoiler… but if you watch on, you will know!). It’s so touching.

    The character who stands out from all the bitchfighting and political backstabbing is none other than Joyce Tang. Her timid and ditzy country-bumpkin Lai Sheung is hilarious, even the way she faints on the street makes me want to laugh. Very 难兄难弟-type of campy acting (reminds me of Maggie Cheung’s potrayal of Chen Bao Zhu) so befitting of this era.

    Who is the most evil of all the characters here? You’ll find out in due time but you will also pity him/her. I would recommend this to anyone who likes rich-family-having-internal-fights dramas (such as Born Rich, Moonlight Resonance, Heart of Greed). 🙂 Cheers!

  • Sandyicee says:

    I’m at episode 20ish but Bowie is too evil, given I understand his reasons for revenge but grandma was innocent. Overall, good movie because there’s alot of drama, internal family drama.

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