To be aired in Late June 2008…

Cast: Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai Lok Yi, Claire Yiu, Elaine Yiu, Kingdom Yuen
Episode: 20
Producer: Tsui Yue On
Scriptwriter: Ng Shiu Tung & Tsui Tze Shan

Taste the bittersweet, breathe the love.
Read my mind between silence and sound

TONG TONG (Kate Tsui) loses part of her hearing in an accident but she has a positive attitude towards life and she knows how to take good care of others. With the support of her mentor KO MING (Yue Yeung), TONG becomes a voice over talent by utilizing her lip reading ability and she meets another voice talent LEUNG KAI YIN (Kenneth Ma) who also has keen interest in the industry. YIN is fond of the leading voice actress YUEN SIU NA (Claire Yiu) and he asks TONG to be his matchmaker. TONG suffers from a lack of confidence to exhibit her love to YIN so she prefers to help achieve his wish.

YIN and TONG soon become the famous couple of the industry and their career grows swiftly. However, TONG’s younger sister CHAI KA YEE (Elaine Yiu) suddenly commits suicide after losing her love. In order to rescue YEE, TONG loses her hearing completely. YEE is deeply ashamed for causing the tragedy and CHEUNG YAU (Chris Lai) consoles her whole-heartedly. After the trauma, TONG abandons herself completely and she hides away from everybody including YIN. During the time, MING’s voice over team suddenly breaks up and YIN is the only person staying behind. MING is helpless and he urges TONG to return.

Synopsis Credits to Astro On Demand

24 Responses to “[New Series]: Speech of Silence”

  • sugar says:

    cool. the poster looks simple and i like kate’s hair too/ (:

  • chibi says:

    err…so…we have a blind, a disabled, a mute and now a deaf…TVB don’t stop, do they? ^^;;

    Actually, Kate looks a bit blind there.. o_O

    • Jeslene says:

      lol,but seriously,i know this doesn’t make much sense,but if Kate is blind,how can she really, i mean look straight and hold the cup at her ear?!?!?!? Sorry no offense >_____<

  • spice says:

    oh boy! i can’t wait! i love kate tsui!

  • bbfreak says:

    can’t wait… Kenneth is so cute!

  • chocolate says:

    LOL, so very original.

  • sirena says:

    Kate Tsui is soooooooo cute!!! Kenneth is sooo cute too!!!! They’re such a perfect couple!

  • BOL says:

    to get sound you have to download real alternative… that’s what gives the sound to the files which you play on Media Player Classic… just google it and the sites should pop up… if that doesnt work… i’ll try asking my cousin for you… coz he’s the one who told me that method… coz after i downloaded Media Player Classic hoping to make screen captures i didnt get sound either… then i downloded real alternative and it worked…

  • blowfly says:

    i watched first few episodes. its too slow for my liking. o_O

  • Cindy says:

    hey ive finised watching SOS its quite good, i like kenneth’s OK loves Tong Tong tongue twister its cute 🙂 27 Jul 08 15:18

  • miamour says:

    i love kate tsui! and i love her hair in this series, kinda reminds me of niki chow’s hairstyle in the seventh day.

  • sugar says:

    BOL – thankyou. sometimes when I miss episode i try to watch it on Media Player Classic, when I realized there was no sound… thanks. (:

  • teddybeargurl says:

    does anyone know where to buy da kuma kuma turtle cell phone strap in speech of silence? if u know where to buy it, pls tell me, thanx ~ ~ ~

  • ~tvbluva4lyf~ says:

    It’s such a cute drama !! Chris is soo funni…kenneth ma and kate tsui so cutee together…I LOVE THE THEME SONG!!!!

  • Tracey says:

    very original storyline and very good acting skills from cast. the drama is very good. the poster looks plain and simple, makes it feel less of artificiality. I just finished watching it and i really like it. i recommend everyone to watch the drama. very unique and different.

  • Annie says:

    I agree with MiaMour, I thought that TVB was trying to copy Niki’s look onto Kate.
    I wasn’t to fond of it, it’s probably because I’m a big Niki fan and not much of a Kate fan.
    But i think that Everyone should have their own look. I’m just being rude now!

    I thought this series was pretty good near the beginning until near the middle, then it started to drag and lack much point. I actually enjoyed watching Kate’s “sister” times more than Kate and Kenneth.

    • Chrissy says:

      Lol, now that you mention it, it does seem like Niki and Kevin together. Niki has cancer and Kevin tries to cheer her up, but instead, they break up.

      Anyway, I’m sorta liking this series, it doesn’t beat The Seventh Day. 😀

  • agnes says:

    although i haven’t finished watching this show,but this show is awesome.

    Love Kate & kenneth!

  • Wingie says:

    They’re a good couple.
    i like this drama.

  • Melissa Tan says:

    My hearing problem i have hearing aid they bth wearing aid. last time i small the time 13 year old.I was born in malaysia my hearing problem Nobody want me to dating me i am look sad lonely. I am now in usa california. I am watching before it is very nice show silence of speech.

    I am relly miss chinese guy anywhwere.

    always Love Melissa Tan

  • Gizelle says:

    I notice the opening theme and the closing theme song is different…and i prefer the closing one. anyone know how can i get it? 🙂 thanks. cause i just cant find it. everything i downloaded is the opening theme’s

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