Starting from January 7 Every Monday to Friday 8:30pm on TVBJ Australia Satelite. Unlike in HK, this series is airing on the time slot after “The Building Blocks of Life“, instead of “Marriage of Inconvenience”.

Survivor's Law II

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan, Ella Koon, Selena Li, Rebecca Chan, Li Chi Hung , Chan Kwok Pong, Queenie Chu..
Episodes: 20

“Equal Justice Under Law”
It isn’t Slanted by Prejudice or Bias of Any Kind.

Righteous young man SUN MAN KWAN (Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming) comes from the grassroots. To put the doctrine “All men are equal before the law” to the test, he study law at university. After a few years of hard work he has finally become a lawyer. Although his boss appreciates his unconventional way of doing things, his colleagues always try hard to avoid him. His personal assistant, CHEUK WAI MING (Sammul Chan Kin Fung), is an exception. MING admires KWAN’s out-of-the-box style and always lends him a hand on the quiet. As time goes by, two men become good friends.

KWAN defies the rich and the influential. In light of this, he looks down upon SUEN LEI LEI (Ella Koon), who is also a lawyer, for what she does and how she behaves. Their frequent co-operations very often are full of hilarious episodes. In LEI’s eyes, KWAN is no different than a rascal who leads a lousy life and who always dallies with women. Later on, LEI is attacked and almost gets killed because of a lawsuit. Fortunately, KWAN comes to her rescue. Not until then does she realize she loves him indeed. But fate has it that she and MING have become lovers for the sake of her father’s business. Meanwhile, just when their relationship is at a standstill, MING learns that his ex-girlfriend, CHENG CHOI YUK (Selena Li Sze Wan), is pregnant with his child.

Synopsis Credits to: Astro on Demand

Adjustments to Official Synopsis
*Sammul does not admire Kenneth’s style of solving cases.
*There is no such case about Ella being attacked and almost killed with Kenneth saving her.
*Ella and Sammul do not become lovers, nor was it for the sake of her father’s business
*Sammul has never given up on Selena before or after they broke up. The loved each other “painfully” and Sammul tried hard to win Selena’s heart back.

– – – – –

Comment: Awhile back when I first heard that three of the main casts from the original Survivor’s Law (Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu) weren’t going to be in the sequel, I was quite disappointed as Sammul was my least favourite among the four characters and still prefer them over the current casts. However, I really enjoyed Survivor’s Law so I’m really looking forward to its sequel! I enjoy watching Lawyer series (an exception being When Rules Turn Loose) and the cast here does look a bit refreshing. Hope the series won’t be a disappointment =)

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8 Responses to “[New Series] Survivor’s Law II”

  • chibi says:

    I hope it’ll be good =) I can’t quite remember much of the first SL though ^^;;

  • KTVB says:

    lol me either ^^ so I guess even if they have references i wouldn’t notice..its been a long time since SL first came out. Making it a sequel just gives me an impression that it’ll be just as good as the first one =)

  • chibi says:

    on a random note..Selena and Ella Koon kinda look alike on that promo pic ^^;

  • FaNNy says:

    i havent want SL so i wont watch SLII either….but the cast looks nice, except for ray not being there. i didnt watch SL because myolie was in it.

  • Jadedreams says:

    At first, I was mega-disappointed about them changing the casts, but now that I see and read more about this serie, it seems very promising…much more so than War of In laws II.

  • vee says:

    is sl2 great? i’m not a fan of kenneth and i think his acting’s really weird? but i hope sammul ella and selena( which tvb should promote more rather than Fala or Kate .. ) makes up for it !

  • jobobi says:

    I recognize Kenneth as a bin tai “butt-pincher” from the first series. even though his character is kind of perverted now, I’ve been rooting for him ever since Scavenger’s Paradise XD. his interaction with Ella is so cute

  • sugar says:

    heya KforTVB, im watching Survivor’s Law II right now. I read ur thoughts too lol. I think this is a pretty good series lol. i think im on episode 4 right now lol. 😛

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