After [The Price of Greed], the new series airing next Monday is The Brink of Law! I heard lots of great comments about the series, some say its just as good as [Dicey Business]. I do look forward to this series ^^ we get to see an evil Shirley for once =P

The Brink of Law

Episodes: 25

Cast: Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Lo Lok Lam…
Breaking through layers upon layers
Unearthing a corporation’s many layers of dark secrets!

The court prosecutes Tong Chi Ko (Steven Ma Chun Wai) for slander. After reforming his life, he joins a fashion corporation as a legal advisor. He becomes good friends with Tung Yat Jun (Ron Ng Cheuk Hei), the nephew of corporation head Tung Jin Lung (Ngok Wah). Ko encounters his first love, Tsui Wing (Bernice Liu Bik Yi), but discovers that her relationship with Lung is atypical. Lung’s wife, Kam Chi (Michelle Mai Suet), accidentally learns Jun’s life-changing secret and swears to set him into a deathtrap!This time, Ko suspects that the fashion company isn’t simply engaged within the bounds of its business, but is furthermore involved with an international off-track betting activity. However, the truth of the matter causes people to be confused. Actually, who is the real person behind the scenes pulling strings?

Synopsis Translations Credits to : TVB Musing


Adjustments to the synopsis given by TVB:

Tong Chi Ko (Steven) becomes friends with Tung Yat Jun (Ron) before the court prosecutes him.


Entries– contains Spoilers and Screencaptures : Those marked with ** contain episodic thoughts.

Series Info & Synopsis
After watching the first 10 episodes
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 12
Episode 13 **
Episode 14, 15**
Episode 16, 17**
Episode 18
Episode 19**
Episode 20**
Episode 21**
Episode 22**
Episode 23**
Episode 24**
Episode 25– Final **


Opening Screencaptures
Family Relationships
: the link between the characters
Evil Villainesses
: Michelle and Shirley shines
Dicey Business vs. The Brink of Law

Ron Shirley Kate

Bernice and Steven

15 Responses to “New Series: [The Brink of Law]”

  • chibi says:

    ooo.. I havent seen the lady act in ages!! Last time was from heavenly sword, dragon sabre ^^

  • KTVB says:

    Yeh, I look forward to seeing Michelle Yim as well, she’s so cool xD

  • cF says:

    I was really drawn in by the “evil Shirley” as well.. I’m so used to the innocent or childish Shirley

  • Jacqueline says:

    Wow! I really like this show so far….its so good…Bernice Liu has improved a lot and Steven Ma, sometimes i think that he is really stiff while he is acting. Keep up the good work Bernice! =D

  • aweto says:

    this show is quite nice to watch as the villains acted very well

  • ANNA says:

    i’m really glad that we all finally get to see ron in a different role. not in his typical hot headed ones. he’s improved a lot i must say. ^^ and even though i hate shirley and michelle onscreen. they’re amazing at being so evil. expecially michelle. i’ve never watched her in these types of roles

  • anna says:

    i love ron in this series!! he’s improved so much. and im glad he’s taken on a different role from his hot headed ones. ^^ and michelle and shirley are really great too. even though i want them to die in the series. haha

  • anna says:

    i agree. but it was also like they were so evil that i wanted to punch them in the face

  • Tessa says:

    I loved this series so much! It was so intense with all the villainous characters!

  • the azn says:

    the dad seems a bit like he doesn’t know anything about wat michelle and tong yut chiu id doing……..
    never thought he would turn out evil!

  • Cheryl says:

    I love this show. It was just as good as Heart of Greed. Should have gotten a higher rating anyway.

  • shurelee says:

    I made a GIF animation using your screen captures! Thnxx

    Here it is:

  • KTVB says:

    Here are the PinYin for the Themesong =)

    Credits to Alice @ Starz Central for the translations!

    Wai jeuk lik jui sam jung na yi si
    Woot jeuk wai ji yuen jun lik seung si
    Nang chung sam wan nuen ta yan
    Yat sik gwong bat mit

    Wa bit yeuk yau hang ding nang chung yue
    Yat hau yeung goo si chung tau loi suet
    Ching yung yat sang hui jau suen
    Yat tin jung yue yuen

    # Hon jeuk pong yan chang jok sui
    Wai kau si sat lik taam na goon nei si sui
    Mo jung jik gan chui jun tui yau gei hui #

    * Je sai gaai gwok do gok yau gok chek do
    Nei ngau yi choh jau sat hui fong heung dit do
    Ji hei ngaan gwong si nei jau gang foot dik lo
    Je sai gaai gwok do na wooi yau gui ho
    Kuet yi hui yung chong bat lei doh yuen ya ho
    Nei na git gwoh ji kaau yat goh nei po lo
    Sui woh sui loi dak jo ya hon gwoh na cheung lo

    Nei wai hoh foo chut sam lui ji
    Ngoh mik cham mung lui dik lo sin
    Fan lik loi woot chut jan yi si *

    Si sat yuen chung dong sam oi kaau yi
    Mei kap man sai si mo seung naan min
    Loi wooi seung yi jui jung si
    King yat sang sam si

    Mei kap yeung oi maan maan loi cham din
    Yat hau mong jok yat chin min ching jit
    Yan ming tin jung hui ji si
    Fai bat hoi ching yi

    Repeat [#] x 1
    Repeat [*] x 1

  • lynnwei says:

    i love this series! nicely done! story was good, the teaching behind each situation was great!
    not to add, Ron Ng looks really nice… ^^

  • yvonne says:

    Like the show but hate the agony. Literally half e casts died. Biggest agony is Chun’s death!

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