September 2010

[New Series]: The Comeback Clan

English Title: The Comeback Clan

Cantonese Title:翻叮一族 (Faan Ding Yat Juk)

Cast: 关永忠 Kwan Wing Chung , 蔡淑贤 Choi Shuk Yin , 夏 雨 Ha Yu , 许绍雄 Benz Hui Shiu Hung, 商天娥 Kikki Sheung Tin Ngor, 伍咏薇 Christine Ng Wing Mei, 陈键锋 Sammul Chan, 敖嘉年 Pierre Ngo Ka Nin, 杨思琦 Shirley Yeung, 唐诗咏 Natalie Tong

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 20 September 2010 (After Growing Through Life)
Official: Website

Themesong: Before & After 80 (八十前后)- FAMA

Executive Producer: Kwan Wing Chung
Scriptwriter: Choi Shuk Yin &  Lee Yee Wah

The Comeback Clan


Severely hit by the financial turmoil in Hong Kong, TAI KU-TUNG’s (Ha Yu) restaurant is running short of capital while YIP MO-SING (Benz Hui) is interested in acquiring the restaurant’s location. He decides to invest in it, ignorant of the restaurant’s financial situation.

With the restaurant’s problem temporarily solved, TUNG concentrates on working out new dishes and ideas for the restaurant. He discovers TSUI HEI-HEI (Kikki Sheung), a novice cook with a signature egg fried rice recipe. She even wins the appreciation of the Michelin food critic experts. As a result, TUNG treats her extremely well.

One day, a bank representative, LEI YUNG-CHI (Christine Ng) pops into the restaurant and claims that HEI has a debt with the bank. She picks a fight with CHI in a heated argument. In the fight, HEI is injured and loses her memory.

For fear of losing the restaurant’s reputation, TUNG decides to put on a show and pretends to be HEI’s elder brother while SING acts as her husband. Cello teacher YIP TSIK-LEUNG (Sammul Chan) plays HEI’s son and his girlfriend, TAI YING-LEI (Natalie Tong) is assigned the role of HEI’s cousin.

In the meantime, YUNG is fired from the bank but now claims that she is a shareholder and plans to reform the entire restaurant. Now all three owners want to make decisions but all three have different ideas. A triangular power struggle is developed in the process.


一天,银行代表利蓉姿(伍咏薇)突然出现,喜喜因迷债事件与她大打出手,喜喜受伤失忆,顾东为保米芝莲星级声誉,安排所有人假装为喜喜的家人,自己是喜喜的大哥,慕升是丈夫,儿子是大提琴教师叶积良(陈键锋),就连女儿戴莹莉(唐诗咏)也被迫由积良的女朋友变做表妹,关系乱七八糟,惹来连番笑话… …麻烦事一浪接一浪,被银行辞退的蓉姿突然声称自己是茶餐厅的股东,要为茶餐厅作大改革;一家本来平凡不过的港式茶餐厅,突然三权分立,人人各怀鬼胎……。

Synopsis Credits : TVB.com

7 Responses to “[New Series]: The Comeback Clan”

  • Chibi says:

    ummmmmmm….. Is it just me or does this synopsis doesn’t sound like much of a strong story-line..? xD

  • Snow says:

    i want to watch this one 🙂 a nice warm funny family drama
    plus, sammul looks too good for wordS!!! XD

  • echizen says:

    This one look like a sweet meaningful family story. Yeah Sammul is so pretty 😀

  • Hellokitty1044 says:

    i’m going to give this drama a try. Als, i sent k for tvb a message and hope she could answer it and if she could read this, i must say her website is great!

  • Rin says:

    The storyline does sound kinda ehh.. but can I be shallow and just watch it for Sammul and Natalie? Lol. It seems like they might be a cute couple (:

  • KTVB says:

    I don’t think this series did that well… XD I didn’t watch this series because it didn’t appeal to me from the bits I saw…it seems pretty average and the older casts didn’t really appeal to me either. I didn’t really like Sammul’s character either and he doesn’t deserve to have 2 girls after him lol

    Here are the lyrics from the themesong for those interested- FAMA:

    baat sap chin hau faan ding yat juk jue tai kuk nung foo
    八 十 前 後 《 翻 叮 一 族 》 主 題 曲 – 農 夫
    nei chang
    jang ging yue fung bo daai siu gwoh ya chang
    jang ging dong hoi siu lik chaang gwoh
    你 曾 經 於 風 暴 大 笑 過   也 曾 經 當 海 嘯 力 撐 過
    cham yat mo chaang gwoh gam yat yau bin do dak taan woh
    嗱 尋 日 冇 撐 過   今 日 又 邊 度 得 嚟 嘆 喎
    ting yat wooi dim bin goh wooi ching choh
    聽 日 會 點   邊 個 會 清 楚
    gei doh fung boh ngoh do ging gwoh gwoh
    幾 多 風 波   我 哋 都 經 過 過
    gam yung hoi siu ngoh dong kui ngaan mei tiu
    金 融 海 嘯   我 當 佢 眼 眉 跳
    bat yung tai siu ngoh gai juk mei siu lau dak ching saan joi na pa mo chaai siu
    不 容 睇 小   我 哋 繼 續 微 笑   留 得 青 山 在 那 怕 無 柴 燒
    me nin doi woot dak ji joi do hoh yi yau paai siu
    喺 咩 年 代   活 得 自 在   都 可 以 有 排 笑
    nei baat sap chin baat ling nin yi hau chut sai wai jeuk
    jue saam chaan saang
    sang gai chaang do dai
    * 你 八 十 前 八 零 年 以 後 出 世   為 著 三 餐 生 計 撐 到 底
    hui do muk chin nei ying yin ho mo gui wai sun nei sam huet mo jok fai
    去 到 目 前 你 仍 然 毫 無 懼 畏   信 你 心 血 冇 作 廢
    nei baat sap chin baat ling nin yi hau chut sai jau si guk dai do wooi yau faat fai
    你 八 十 前 八 零 年 以 後 出 世   就 是 谷 底 都 會 有 發 揮
    dui nei min chin nei ying yin hung to daai gai sun wooi lek gwoh nei lo sai
    對 你 面 前 你 仍 然 鴻 圖 大 計   信 會 叻 過 你 老 細

  • Anne says:

    this drama is kinda boring…weird storyline

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