Airring in Australia on 21 May at 7:10pm, after [A Change of Destiny] ‘s final episode this coming Friday.

TVB The Family Link

English Title: The Family Link

Cantonese Title: 師奶兵團 (si naai bing tuen)

Casts: Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Cecilia Yip, Michael Tse, Leila Tong , John Chiang, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen

Episodes: 21

: Modern Drama/Family/Women


Many people say that housewives are good-for-nothing and will only idle away their time on boring chores. But Mung Ka-Ka (Sheren Tang), Ting Mui-Heung (Cecilia Yip) and Cho Mei-Ngo (Kiki Sheung) will prove them wrong. Contrary to what you might think, being a housewife is as stressful as fighting in the battlefield. The never-ending housework and the persistent family conflicts will put them on the alert at all times.

Ka suspects that her husband Fong Yin-Cho (Michael Tse) is a cross-dresser and her constant worries have caused her to suffer from anxiety disorder. Heung has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from her spouse while Ngo agrees to arrange a sham divorce for the sake of his husband without knowing that he has been cheating on her. The women’s neighbor Ko Wing-Kuen (John Chiang) was widowed in his younger days. Since the death of his wife, he has taken up all kinds of domestic work, which puts him in a very awkward position.

The wife of Kam Shing-Tsun (Kenneth Ma), the owner of a tea restaurant in the neighborhood, has recently committed suicide. Before the tragedy took place, the three housewives had given the lady a warning, about which they feel so guilty…


The promotional image looks so funny ^^ I’m expecting something new and refreshing here~ and I guess it starts with the cast~ I’m not really famiiar with two of the ladies up there. We have three of the cast in La Femme Desperado but I’m assuming there’s not gonna be much resemblences. As usual, I’ve avoided reading the synosis to avoid spoilers XD but I’ve included it up there for those who are interested. Have to see how this series goes =)

5 Responses to “New Series: [The Family Link]”

  • groovy says:

    I think The Family Link has potential to be a good series. Even the cast are good already and the story is interesting too 😀

  • william says:

    omg… the family link promotional pic looks so… SCARY!!!!

  • puffins says:

    to K: yr banner is xtremely good : ) i also looking 4ward 2 Leila new show … kekeke

  • Ger-Yen says:

    I’ve wacthed this show now i found it slightly boring it wasn’t funny enough i thought it was going to be a funyn show but no i was wrong

  • KTVB says:

    Some random things we learn from the housewives!

    Episode 6. If you’re tight on budget, how do you save?
    *Wait for a fresh fish to die. Bargain for cheaper! if it falls on the floor, it’ll be even cheaper!
    *Use the air conditioner at the shopping centre. Saves electricity fees at home.
    *Get tooth pickers and napkins at the food court!
    *You can be just as happy pretty and proud using sample products!

    Episode 7 How to bargain!
    *Think of the money you can save. $20 a day= xxx in x years
    *Think of your daughter! For your daughter’s future, you have to be thick skinned! You can do it- everything for your daughter

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