February 2009

[New Series]: The Greatness of a Hero

Title: The Greatness of a Hero 盛世仁杰

Cast: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Wayne Lai, Rebecca Chan, Leila Tong, Lee Heung Kam, Rebecca Chan, Raymond Cho, Claire Yiu, Stephen Wong, Queenie Chu, Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Tracy Ip

Episodes: 20

Released: 9th February 2009- Warehoused Series later released in HK

Producer: Leung Choy Yuen

Scriptwriter: Kar Wai Lam

Genre: Ancient/Politics/Drama/Mystery Case

Official: Purchase @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

TIK YAN KIT (Kent Cheng Jut Si), one of the most celebrated chancellors, is greatly trusted by Empress MO TSAK TIN (Rebecca Chan Sau Chu). TIN’s nephew MO SHING CHI (Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung) is jealous and he seeks every opportunity to frame him up. CHI accuses KIT for colluding with his daughter TIK CHING LUEN’s (Bernice Liu) husband SUNG TING YUK (Sunny Chan Kam Hung) of treason and an attempt to subvert TIN’s throne. KIT is left speechless and his family members are all seized in order to TIN has been incited to action by CHI. KIT escapes in chaos but CHI threatens to kill his second wife CHO YUET (Sonija Kwok). The incorruptible and intelligent KIT is miserably caught in a dilemma and he feels helpless in every way. Would KIT be able to conquer the traitors eventually and help restore order from a tragic turnaround?

Credits: Astro On Demand

6 Responses to “[New Series]: The Greatness of a Hero”

  • summer says:

    sure will watch Greatness of a Hero, cos got Kent , Wayne Lai , Bernice .. its sound so interesting when watch preview on Astro and even long time dun see Leila lioa… so happy to see, she is back lo..

  • b says:

    hello will you be writing review for this series and the other one?
    Dont know if I watch this too much study for me.

  • jennykay says:

    Hi I’m new for this website. so how can I see the movies.
    Look kind of cool website!

  • KTVB says:

    To b:
    I mostly likely won’t be writing any reviews for the coming series because I don’t have much spare time anymore~

    To jennykay: You can always rent the series when it’s released ^^ Or if you like to download instead, there are some links in the “Links and Credits” Page.

  • TVB fan says:

    OMG! this series was really good , i loved it sooo much. i like investigations one, this was interesting because it contained love relationships aswell. it made me cry loads of times near the end. i haven’t seen Kent Cheng before and i thought he was funny and was the best person to have the role.

    i enjoyed watchiong it!


  • chibi says:

    hmm..this series was so-so.. didn’t like the cast very much I guess and the story was rather bland.

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