Airing after The Family Link: 緣來自有機 , (Australia) Starting from June 18 Monday to Friday 7:10pm

The Green Grass of Home

Episodes: 20
Cast: Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Suki Tsui, Yuen Wah, Lo Lok Lam, Lai Lok Yi, Natalie Tong..

The green love destiny already buried
Bickering enemies, calmly awaiting love’s seed

After many years competing at the office, interior designer Yip Moon Chi (Christine Ng Wing Mei) not only suffers from poor health, but her relationship with her family members is no longer like before. Therefore, she decides to slow things down and moves to a village lifestyle, in the place in which she grew up as a child.

She never thought that she would suddenly meet her enemy from work, Choi Ka Sing (Sunny Chan Gam Hung), there. Even more, she couldn’t have guessed that it’s because of Sing that her relationship with her father, Yip Cheung Faat (Yuen Wah), improves. Later, Sing falls in love with Chi, but he still hasn’t expressed his feelings for her. She then throws herself back into a materialistic life, once again competing because of her career.

Meanwhile, Faat’s farmland is selected by a real estate developer. He doesn’t hesitate to file a lawsuit against him and also wants a law to preserve the green countryside. It’s a shame his family doesn’t support him for this…

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~Screencaptures from the trailer~

Opening Screencaptures
Episode 11

Comments: First thing it reminded me of was “At Home with Love“(AHWL), from the seemingly boring-look and the word “Home” I guess…and how they are sitting on the tree (like how they were sitting on the buildings in the AHWL poster) I don’t particularly like the cast, especially the main leads =\ When I see things like this, I always try to cheer myself up by being a little more optimistic “Don’t judge a TVB series by its promotional image” XD But yeh, can’t help it..not looking forward to it and sadly its on the 7:10pm time slot =\

7 Responses to “[New Series]: The Green Grass of Home”

  • michelle says:

    heyy!!! i really like watching this series.. thanks for uploading it! tHANKS !

  • abcTVB says:

    LOL watched the first few eps an its pretti good i think the series is ok but HATE suki sum how mayb ’cause of rumors an stuff…

  • FaNNy says:

    the green grass of home is quite good actually despite it’s promotional pictures which kinda sucked =D

  • JJL says:

    The green grass isn’t as boring as it seems but it definitely can improve and also the first beat isn’t bad either but the academy was better there is alot to improve.

  • KTVB says:

    I think the first few episodes weren’t that interesting but I’m starting to find it interesting as it’s moving on. I particularly like Sunny’s character and Christine is slowly changing into a nicer person. I’m watching it for Sunny and Christine XD see how they will fall in love.

    I don’t like Ben or Mimi ..well actually I don’t like watching the two or Kingdom and Evergreen (who play husband and wife). I just don’t think they match and all the arguments at home are annoying.

  • Summer says:

    Just finished Green Grass.. is quite nice and it is out of my thinking of that nice series..cos.. while see the cast, i would felt, not too interesting..cos i dun really interested to watched Sunny & Christine Ng, any way, due to my fren did passed me tis series, so i just watched and i found it , it’s not that bad, and in another way, i would felt its quite interesting plus tis series, really give lots of signal to we all now aday that live in city …. would love the natural and green green grass in small village life…
    so, i would felt its quite interesting and is quite nice the story plus i m so interested wif Christine job in the series, cos i m working in renovation co, so whiel watching, will listen more detial on wat she saying on abt design or renovation lo.. haha…
    but too bad, is why ending Natalie Tong is not wif Chris Lai leh… at 1st, i thought the ending is they both will be couple just as Chritine & Sunny.. but no wor.. just as best frens…

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: I think it did quite well considering the cast xD

    You’re right about the health and environment bit..especially in Hong Kong. The air feels so polluted compared to Australia~ They make it feel that the country side and the city are so close though~ always switching locations so quickly.
    Maybe someday she will see him more than a friend ^^;

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