To be released in mid August 2008 (HK)

To be airred on TVBJ Satelite Australia 7pm Time slot after Your Class or Mine 29th September

English Title: The Legend of Demigods

Cantonese Title: 搜神傳 (Sau San Chuen)

Cast: Linda Chung, Benny Chan, Sunny Chan, Halina Tam, Nancy Wu

Episodes: 22 (44 for Hong Kong)

Producer: Lee Tim Shing (also Producer of Best Bet)

Official: Purchase DVD @ (English Subtitles)

Scriptwriter: Chan Ching Yee


A classic fairy story infused with the latest CGI technology,
It depicts a fight among human, the immortals and the evil spirits!

Influenced by her mother, who has transformed into a magic herb, a cheerful young lady GWAI CHOI-CHI (Linda Chung) has become a demigod. As a child, SHEK KAM-DONG (Benny Chan) was constantly bullied. Wong Tai Sin (literal translation: Great Immortal Wong) pitied him and he has since become a man of unusual physical strength. AN HEI (Sunny Chan) is always sleepy because of a curse that has put on his family. Once, his body has accidentally been rested upon by the God of Sword (Stephen Au) and he has become the master of swordplay since.

The three of them are good friends. They are determined to wipe out the Grand Wizard (Halina Tam). With each of them having an extraordinary power, will they be able to make it and bring peace to human?

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Comments: Yay! It’s finally here! It has been a long time since I first heard about the series but its release has been delayed again and again. I’m really excited to watch this series because it looks like it’ll be fun. I haven’t seen a costume/ancient/fantasy series in a long time (I like this type of genre) and it’s been awhile since a Benny Chan series too ^^ I think it’s a little strange TVB is cutting the series up into shorter episodes each, making it a total of 40 episodes. It’s sounding like a sitcom when I think of such small short episodes! Nevertheless, I will be anticipating its release!

Screencaptures captured from 2007 Sales presentation

26 Responses to “[New Series]: The Legend of the Demigods”

  • sugar says:

    OH!! I love the cast! xD
    I don’t know when it will air where I live though :/

  • xen says:

    linda is in thr AGAIN …. >< but charm wif benny chemistry is gd , linda is gd wif frankie their chemistry rocks 😀 she pairs up wif steven oso nice

  • Rin says:

    OMG! It’s finally gonna air… been waiting forever XD
    I just kinda hope that Linda will be pair up with Benny & not Sunny.. they just kinda look better together instead of her and Sunny. But the trailer doesn’t look like it blah.

    Yeah it is weird that it’s 40 episodes instead of 20? Haha. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we’ll be able to watch it.

  • Jessica says:

    I can’t wait for this drama to air =) i waited so long for it haha. but yeah..hopefully it be good
    I want a Linda-Benny pairing..but from trailors i seen mite be a Linda-Sunny one instead.

  • Wendy says:

    Benny reminds me of his character in Gods of Honour. this series looks cool! i love this genre and its about time TVB released this series.

  • ^^ says:

    this is soo awsome!!!
    so cool.
    so fun.
    one word to describe it: awsome!!!

  • ^^ says:

    still one word to describe it:
    awsomer than awsome

  • michelle says:

    omg i wanna watch!!it’s comin out on monday!! AUG 18!!!hehe i think

  • BOL says:

    OMG!!! it looks really good… i love the cast soooo much… especially the three main ones – Sunny, Benny and Linda….
    i remember seeing the sales presentation of it when they were saying which movies were coming out and i think i saw it in 2005 or 2006 and i saw the part where linda’s flying on the ropes which is one of your screencaptures and i really wanted to see it… i thought i missed the show but turns out it hasnt been released yet… so i’m really looking forward to this show… also Linda looks really pretty in the last set of screen captures where they’re all in red

  • WeeMan says:

    I’ve seen the first 2 episodes. I heard the series already went on air 25 Aug.

    What time though? My parents don’t believe me, no commercials of it on TVBJ.


  • KTVB says:

    To Weeman: It hasn’t actually airred in TVBJ yet- probably awhile since its likely to be released after “Best Selling Secrets” finishes.

  • 吴嘉欣 says:

    Repliying Wendy ^^^ Benny Chan in Legend of the demigods does reminds me about Gods of Honour because how hes acting and how he looks.

  • Annie says:


  • Ashley Chin says:

    Did you no,that Linda is so gd.She protect lots of people.

  • michelle says:

    I’m confused why does it it says 20 ep but in parenthesis 40 for Hong Kong?

  • KTVB says:

    Originally there is 22 episodes (44mins each), which is also released overseas that way. But since it is airring in HK in the time slot after “Best Selling Secrets” has finished, they cut up the episodes into 22mins long each, amknig the total episodes 44.

  • michelle says:

    Ohh..thanks for the clear up!

  • 吴嘉欣 says:

    I’m done watching it in crunchyroll and it was great, I thought that if I get to watch it all it doesn’t matter if my mom buys the disk or not.  After that day my uncle brought it and gave it to us to borrow or something, and I didn’t even know he was going to buy it. One more thing in this movie Benny Reminds me of Gods of Honour.

  • 吴嘉欣 says:

    In that second picture I can see Benny’s hand he was just wearing the dragon hand, his sleeves are too big!

  • AZN PRIDe says:

    someone plz tell me wher i can watch it with eng subb w all the episodes

  • tvb fan says:

    Halina tam is such a great actress especially on this series !! if there was legend of demigods 2 i think they should have the same cast. HALINA TAM ROCKS !!!! GO HALINA !!!!!!!! =D=D=D

  • Meemee says:

    This is a good drama!!

  • KTVB says:

    * I found some old entries drafted up back when I watched in 2008 but never I’ll just add it in here now!

    * I’ watched this series slowly but I enjoyed it. It was a Light hearted series and had some funny parts.
    There were parts I found kind of boring and at times the story moved very slowly, especially at the beginning. I hated watching Benny being a bully along with Linda’s so-called friend, but I’m glad to see Benny change =) As for Sunny’s character, I started liking him when he was possessed by the swordsman. My main driving force for the series is Linda’s Ho Choi Mui. I enjoy watching her character and I think this is my favourite Linda role. I grew to like her right away because of her happy-go-lucky, optomistic personality and she looked really cute. I watched LegendofDemigods because of her. I didn’t think I would like such characters so I am pleasantly surprised and relieved haha..There are some parts where she’d do or say something that would make me cringe (like trying to teach Demons about people about loving each other XD Those were just so cheezy!) The story started to pick up when the three of them starting going on the quest to save Linda’s mother. The three share many adventures and battles together. I quite liked the -Benny and Sunny Vs. Evil Stephen battle too!
    * I felt there were some references to sailormoon/Dragonball e.g -When Evil Benny was choking Linda and the evil lamp (like chibichibi in the final battle with Galaxia) asks Linda to pick her up and use it killBenny. It reminded me of when Mamoru was being controlled by Beryl and Sailormoon was trying to wake him up XD Also, when Sunny and Benny were training in some dimension, where people couldn’t die- it was like where the DBZ characters trained in some time room in hope to boost up their powers in the shortest time possible (though DBZ was time -extension)

    Scenes I Liked:

    There were touching scenes in the series which I liked! I thought Linda did a really good job when she was turned into an old woman. Her wedding scene was very touching to watch and I felt so bad for her especially when she was trying on the gown and asked Sunny to bring a mirror to her. She would have made a really pretty bride, but instead, she had to get married as an old lady. However, she still remained optimistic. At the moment of death, Sunny’s tears dropped onto the red/green ball (Nancy and Stephen’s swords) and a blast of light into the heavens saves Linda! The spell was broken and Linda changed back =)

    I also really liked watching Stephen (Swordsman)’s scenes and sideplot.

    Scenes I disliked:

    One of the most annoying scenes was when Benny and Sunny so stupid to go find Linda and offer their blood to Halina. I thought it was very childish and dumb of them to go and it was embarrassing to see the two fight over Linda in front of everyone. Let’s not go there…lol

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