To be released in late Feb 2008..

Cast: Vincent Zhao Wen Zhuo, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Selena Lee, Derek Kwok, Lau Siu Ming, Lau Kong Chan Kwok Pong

Episodes: 25

Demonstrates the philosophy of the Way,
Shows the Path to wisdom and harmony,
A Master is here to teach the essence of Tai Chi!

Orphaned as a child, MO MA (Vincent Zhao) grew up in the country and started learning Tai Chi from his mentor at a very young age. The devastating experience of being abandoned by his mother has left him twisted and full of hatred. To help remove the anger and hatred in MA’s heart, his mentor finally sacrifices his own life.

To express gratitude to his mentor, and to accomplish the will of his father, MA seeks to pursue the highest level of Tai Chi. He challenges TUEN HIU-SING (Raymond Lam), the leader of the top-ranked Chong Lung Sect, to a contest but is defeated in the end. To beat SING has then become his only goal. For a girl named YIN CHI-KWAI (Myolie Wu) and the ambitious martial arts master LUI YAU-NGO (Derek Kwok), MA and SING get into fights again and again.

As MA is on the road to his dream, the gap between him and his soul-mate SONG CHING (Melissa Ng) is growing wider and wider.

Synopsis Credits to : Astro On Demand

Screencaptures I’ve captured from the 2008 Sales Presentation Clip

Comments: Woohoo! Another Raymond Lam series ^^ (even though he is not the main lead) A grand production with 30 episodes! I’m quite anticipating for its release, the story looks good and I haven’t seen some action in a while! I’m not familiar with the main lead- Vincent Zhao, I haven’t seen him before…

24 Responses to “[New Series]: The Master of Tai Chi”

  • triumph says:

    K, here are some trailers of “Tai Chi”

    and TVB cuts down TC to 25 eps
    TC seems to be really tense and have a different feel compared to the recent typical series, hopefully it turns out to be good 🙂

  • summer says:

    KTVB~wa.. ur Ray is airing soon wor.. haha.. i cant waif for TSD, and u oso cant wait for TMOTC lo.. haha…

  • tvbtoday says:

    cool! master of tai chi is coming out…can’t wait to see raymond’s performance…haven’t seem him in ancient for a while now

  • Aeris says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen Ray in a series. I didn’t even finish TDOL. =P

  • j00ky says:

    w00t! I soooo cannot wait for this series to come out! Vincent is a great actor, along with Ray, Derek and Power, I absolutely love the whole cast line up ^_^ ‘Tai Chi’ should be awesome!

    Vincent can be seen in films such as “Once Upon a Time in China” as Wong Fei Hung (after Jet Li stopped in part 3?). And also in ‘Fong Sai Yuk’ where he played the baddie vs the good guy Jet Li (I thought he was too good to be the baddie though hehehe).

    He has also starred in Taiwanese series.. latest that I know of is the ‘Storm Raiders’ TV series where he plays Ekin’s character from the film. Other China/Taiwan TV series previously played as Wong Fei Hung/Fong Sai Yuk/ and even Huo Yuan Jia! Which Jet Li played all the characters in the films! haha

    Another bit of tidbit about Vincent.. he once dated the late Anita Mui a long time ago.. and it was quoted by Anita previously that he was the one that she loved the most…

  • . says:

    can’t wait to see rayolie in tai chi!!! the whole series looks so pretty and the cast is just wow!!! it’s more of a veterans’ based series i guess…….

  • Nem3sis says:

    ya.. Vincent is one of the greatest martial art actor out there. Pity that you don’t know him. Acted as Nie Feng beside Peter Ho in FengYun 1&2,2004 CCTV drama, aired at 8TV some times ago. Ah..really love the ED song.

    Due tothe late Anita Mui furore…he stopped doing movies since 2001.

  • F.B.I. says:

    Tai Chi does seem good but I have no interest in the main cast and not a fan of fighting series but TVB’s period series are usually good

  • Lil Ang3l says:




    <3 U ALL

  • KTVB says:

    To triumph: Thanks for the trailer links =) yea..they’ cut it down to 25 now =( Hope the cutting down was for the better ^^

    To Summer: lol yup! I’ll likely be watching both though!

    To j00ky: wow! you sound like a big fan of his 😀 so cool~ love to watch experienced actors

    To Nem3sis : Thanks for extra bit of info =)

  • Elizabeth says:

    hahaha i cant wait to see this movie, looks soo awesome,I so agree with tvbtoday.
    but it looks very interesting,it sound kinda to much off vincent but yeah urmm i don’t
    don’ think rayolie is good looking together ;/ my opinion soo yeaahhhhh 😀

  • sscc says:

    I can’t wait for tc!!!! I love selena li in FTF! She looks like the loyal kind of girl in this show. Does anyone like selena li?

  • susan says:

    i hate vincent, always showing off and stuff
    my opinion

  • michelle says:

    ray so mesmerized by myolie ..

    nice drama

  • guest says:

    Tai Chi is excellent! I wish more people would vote for it on your poll. 🙂

  • Terence Tseng says:

    Iam from Singapore and would like to get hold of the DVD/VCD “Master Of Taichi” … Can anyone please advise me where I can buy this? Thank you.

    Terence Tseng

  • From reading all your episode write-ups of Tai Chi, I’m getting the impression that myolie is so annoying!! ><” she just wouldn’t let vincent go… arghh

  • JJL says:

    man i love taichi people underestimate its power.

  • TVBlover says:

    This series was great!!!! Everything was inplace and the story went so well =] will obvisouly there always something that annoys you but overall was great =] I’m really happy that everyone ended up together and many people turn good=] there is some sad scene and werid scene that could be cut but like what I said before, the series was good =] Just finished it today =[ I missed it already =[

  • marsha says:

    LOVE THE SERIES and watching again! Love Vincent after watching this, always loved Ray. Ray-Myolie surprised me with their chemistry. Boring in some parts but overall, very grand and excellent

  • tvb addict says:

    im a fan of raymond, myolie, bosco and kevin, and seriously, as to which show is better, between 7th day and master of tai chi, frankly speaking tai chi master is nicer, and i was shocked abt the vote

  • Princess101 says:

    *Comment Contains Spoilers*

    i watchd tai chi coz of raymond 2 but l8r i really liked vincent and myolie. kenneth’s character

    was b!t irritating tho…

    i lovd taichi coz of the relationships, touching moments, fyting nd the suspense but i wish vin n melis gt 2getha at the end.

  • loveless_soul says:

    finally gonna watch The Master of Tai Chi… so many are raving about how good it is lol.

  • Meagan21May says:

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