Upcoming TVB Series to be airred after The Silver Chambers of Sorrow

Cast: Kiki Sheung, Michael Tse, Dominic Lam, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong etc
Episodes: 20
Producer: Lam Chi Wah
Scriptwriter: Choi Shuk Yin

“HOUSEWIVES” always are the good long
term bets compared to the other options

As a stockbroker, WONG CHI CHUNG (MichaelTse) is not cunning and tricky enough. Many of his customers have turned to the new securities firm in the same estate. Top broker of the firm, TING SHIU KING (Dominic Lam Ka Wah), tries to expand his customer base by developing the housewives market. He teaches CHUNG’s wife TSEUNG YUE CHU (Kiki Sheung) all about stock exchanges. CHU earns a lot of money through KING and many housewives follow her blindly. CHUNG wants CHU to stop indulging in stock market and they fight with each other all the time. Feeling lost in both his career and marriage, CHUNG meets his puppy lover KOO KA CHUN (Joyce Tang) and discovers that she also works as a stockbroker
While everybody has become a devoted stockholder, the market suddenly drops drastically. All the housewives lose large amounts of money and get devastated. CHU tries to pay for the debt by working multiple jobs and she also decides to reconcile with CHUNG. Unfortunately, CHUNG has been framed by CHUN and KING. As an extraordinary housewife, CHU is not defeated at all. She stays calm, bounces back and gets ready to strive against the villainy.

Synopsis credits to Astro On Demand

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Comment: I believe this is the sequel to The family link o_o Or some sort of adaption of it. I’m actually not very impressed and not looking forward to the series. I didn’t enjoy The family Link very much, the cast here doesn’t really appeal to me either and the synopsis sounds really bland. I think I might just skip this series …

10 Responses to “[New Series]: The Money-Maker Recipe”

  • summer says:

    KTVB~ Ya, i do feel as u, The Family Link , i did watch, but dun feel its very very nice, so i oso might same as u wont chase up wif this series “The Money-Maker Recipe” sound like dun really interesting plus there’s no 1, in the series tat i wish to watch..

  • Do you think this series will “live up” to the original “Family Link” ? The poster is erm… a bit… strange lol.

  • sugar says:

    i did watch a bit of The Family Link :]
    but skipped it a bit too haha.

    don’t know whether to watch it or not x)

  • nich says:

    Oh… I’m skipping this too. I did watch Family Link but found it a real bore, so I don’t think I’m going to subject myself to the same”torture” again. Hehe…

  • kinki says:

    Didn’t watch the The Family Link.
    If this is similar to that, then I might as well skip it too!~
    Plus, this cast seems to be weaker too.

  • RandomTVBwatcher says:

    I found the Family Link alright to be honest. But looking at this new series, I think I would only watch it to fill some time.

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: yea..esp about the stock-market thing.

    To blue_angel_12: hm..its not even the original cast..lol I dont think it will ‘live up” to the original..but I’m not saying the original was that good anyway lol I think it’s overrated..

  • qing says:

    do u like Family Link? I found FL pretty good but MMR is not as good compared to FL… hmm the first few eps were pretty confusing for me all about shares… den all abt the housewives gg gaga over buying shares and earing big money… eps 10 was the best so far, concrete content showing how stocks plunging affects the housewives… but i guess u have to try it out to feel it? 😉

  • KTVB says:

    I’ve watched the final episode of this series and previews for the episodes and I’m glad I didn’t spend time watching the series in full. Its not a series for me and the cast is not appealing. It was sorta amusing how Michael accidentally knocked the guy unconscious and started imitating him in the dark. Other bit I liked was when the bad guy called his dad before he was arrested and lied to him that he was gone to Canada.

  • Shawn says:

    Where can i get the green spectacle that Law Lok Lam wore in it? If you know pls tell me!!

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