February 2011

[New Series]: The Rippling Blossom

English Title:  The Rippling Blossom

Cantonese Title: 鱼跃在花见 (yue yeuk joi fa gin)

Cast:张 智霖 Chilam Cheung , 谢天华 Michael Tse Tin Wah , 胡杏儿 Myolie Wu , 刘松仁 Damian Lau , 杨怡 Tavia Yeung , 吕有慧 Koni Lui Yau Wai , 敖嘉年 Pierre Ngo , 卢宛茵 Lo Yuen Yan

Episodes: 20

Genre: Modern/love/Japanese Cruisine

Airing date: 7 February 2011

Official:Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: How Deep is the Ocean (究竟海有幾深) by Chilam Cheung (CD Version)

Executive Producer: Chong Wai Kin

Scriptwriter: Au Koon Ying &  Lo Mei Wan

The Rippling Blossom


A Hong Kong dining mogul leaves behind a sushi restaurant to his second wife, KONG YING-YUET (Lui Yau Wai), their son, YU CHI-HIU (Michael Tse) and the son from his third wife, YU CHI-YING (Cheung Chi Lam).

HIU and YING are remarkable Japanese cuisine chefs whose main aim in life is to pursue excellence in chefhood. Although HIU and YING have different mothers, they get along very well. When their father’s first wife, LANG YUNG-YUNG (Lo Yuen Yan) creates trouble for the restaurant, HIU declares to challenge her, claiming whoever wins will have the restaurant. YUNG sends her personal nurse, CHOI SZ-LUNG (Tavia Yeung) to get close to HIU. He is completely smitten by love for her but soon becomes unhappy with their lukewarm relationship.

On the other hand, their supply for fresh food has been shut out. YING has to make a trip to Hokkaido, Japan to buy fish. He meets KEUNG KEUNG (Myolie Wu), a willful girl from a wealthy family on the plane. They also meet MOYUNG CHING (Damian Lau) who is known as “The God of Fish” by chance in the fish market. As HIU and YING meet with setbacks in their career, family and their loved ones after their attempt to save the restaurant, the two brothers decide to have a competition.

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38 Responses to “[New Series]: The Rippling Blossom”

  • Madeline says:

    This is an interesting show to watch. I’ve seen Michael Tse’s acting ever since Virtues of Harmony and his role in this show is far different from the other roles he had. He seems more stubborn. But very interesting show to watch.

    And YAY Chi Lam made a comeback :D. It’s probably been like years until he shows up in a drama. <3 Myolie and Tavia. Hope this show gets better :)

  • 'Muff says:

    Chi Lam :D

    Looks interesting, set in Japan ^^

  • zihwye says:

    just started this show, but i managed to catch up with what’s showing in HK =) its been really awesome so far. plot’s moving on smoothly, so its not slow. i LOVE the cast and the acting.

  • faithict says:

    Just started watching this series and am episode 5 right now….the series seems to be pretty interesting with some exposure on different kind of sushi and not to mention Hokkaido is a very pretty place to visit….
    Michael Tse in this series, somehow i felt that his character seems to be always frowning and a lot of things running through his mind…making him a little complicated character…this also applies to Tavis but not to this extent…somehow i think TVB is trying to make Michael-Tavia like a more matured couple compared to Cheung Chi Lam-Myolie where it is more carefree…anyhow michael looks in here seems like a semi-villian kind of character but yet might be too early to jump to conclusion since i am only on the 5th episode…
    Been a while since I watched Cheung Chi Lam acting, but in here, it seems like he is one happy-go-lucky kind of character and carefree….i quite like his character in here which is pretty similar to other characters that he has acted….
    I could not stand Myolie in here…she is like all-princess kind of attitude even when her family goes bankrupt…hopefully there is some changes in here as the series progress…
    Overall i think i will give this series a chance and will drop by my thoughts once in a while or whenever there is something interesting to talk about…if anyone is following this drama, do share your thoughts… :)

  • KTVB says:

    I haven’t been able to catch this series (due to lack of time), but I watched about 3 episodes of it so far (Ep 12-14) and I quite like it XD I’m not sure about going back to watch the earlier episodes but these episodes were good enough for me to continue watching it. I love watching Chilam- adorable as usual haha I also like the bond between Chilam, Damian and Myolie- the 3 of them make such a fun group. I also like the Japanese bits in the series and watching Myolie’s enthusisam haha I haven’t watched the earlier episodes so I’m not sure what Myolie or the other characters were like…

  • jy says:

    does anyone know the title of the english song that goes…”did you hold me like the mountains….did you love me like the angel”??~! totally hooked onto it!

  • kes says:

    Finally….Chi lam i back. – It’s been a while since I last saw him in a drama.

    I don’t know why but this drama reminds me of a Japanese drama? – maybe because of the sushi theme? :D

    Either way, Chilam and Michael are good enough for me :D
    I’ll look forward to the release in my area

  • Snow says:

    i love this series!!! chilam is super cute, im like hoping for his scenes the 45mins im watching each episode lol. he n myolie make a really cute couple!

  • primeo says:

    Finished all the 20 episodes. Myolie is good in here. She can speak Japanese well. She looks great with this style and clothings here. Japanese scenes are good. Damien is good as usual. As for Julian, it’s great to see him back after long absence from tvb series. It’s refreshing to see this new pairing Julian and Myolie. As for the sushi and sashimi, looks so good and yummy.

  • marina says:

    whts the english song title in this drama??? with lyric.. did you hold me like the mountains….did you love me like the angel????

  • chris says:

    yeap,i want that song too >< anyone know tat??

  • clare says:

    anyone know wats the name for the english song??did you love me like the angel~~

  • zihwye says:

    just finished watching this series – did a pseudo review kinda thing on my blog, but actually i just ended up praising it to the skies. i cannot believe how much i enjoyed this show! maybe its cuz i love food, but the storyline and the cast both impressed me. i’d love to watch this again.

    ps: i am also looking for that ‘did you love me like the angel’ song. myolie and chilam <3

  • howie says:

    theres a non talking tvrip mp3 on this site
    hope it helps alittle bit

  • Sandy says:

    I love watching this Serie!!! CHi-Lam n Myolie are so funny!!! Either chocking each other or thinking about chocking each other!!!
    I also love watching this serie because it brings back memories of my recent trip to Hokkaido!!! The place they filmed at i was there too!!!
    Can’t wait to see what else this serie has installed for us…

  • faithict says:

    I just finished this series today…overall it was pretty good series, been ages since the last time i watched chi lam acting..and i must say that he always does has the boyish look and never fails to disappoint me in his series….hopefully there will be more of his series in future…
    I really like to watch the trio myolie-chilam-damian, they are really funny to watch especially when three of them are trying to make or taste the sushi…i must say that i am not a big fan of damian and usually avoid watching his series, but in here, he is good…he looks cool and knowledgeable on the types of sushi….another thing that surprise me is that myolie really does speaks good japanese in here…i wonder how long she practiced and memorized the script….she has quite several of conversation in japanese…amazing!
    I dont feel Tavia shines in this series…pretty common and easy character to portray…on the other hand, pierce ngo, althought he does not has a lot of screen time, but i think he did a good job in portraying the 10 years old character…i bet he must have watched the “ah wong” series several times to portray this character so well….^_^

  • KTVB says:

    Myolie & Chilam in The Rippling Blossom

    I just finished watching the series on Friday! I only started watching this series from about episode 13onwards until the end so that’s all I could comment on I guess ^^; (Have been a bit busy previously so haven’t had the chance to follow it)

    The most appealing aspect of the series for me was watching Chilam! XD He was the real reason I watched this series- I really enjoyed seeing him on screen XD Although predictable, I thought the plot was pretty interesting how the 3 brothers had such different characters/personality (makes sense given only half brothers) I guess- with Michael playing the selfish arrogant good-turned-villain. I honestly disliked Michael’s character to the max..he let all his jealousy take over him and used everyone around to get what he wanted..and there was REALLY NO NEED! It was frustrating watching him blame Chilam for everything…and he’s constant persting of challenging Chilam, Ikept thiking “JUST GET OVER YOURSELF!” It’s the contrast in characters which make Chilam particularly likable! XD I really like Chilam playing these kinda roles! eheh

    Chilam’s character is pretty realistic too- while having all these great qualities, his character’s greatest flaw is always running away from problems…such a pity!

    At the end, all the characters change for the better which gives this series a happy TVB ending.

    In terms of character chemistry, I quite like watching Damian, Chilam and Myolie- the trio are quite fun together. Damian and Myolie (esp Damian) have these weird personalities ahahha- like father like daughter lol I think Chilam and Myolie made a fun couple. In contrast, this made Michael and Tavia (the more mature couple) a bit dull..I didn’t feel much for Tavia’s character..I thought she kinda dumb to let Michael use her like that and she was willing to..I mean, marrying someone you don’t like for someone else? erm….

    Overall I thought his was one of the better TVB series released this year so far. While I would not say it’s one of my favourite series, it is still enjoyable to watch.
    I thought Pierre did pretty well as the dumb boy as well-he seemed pretty convincing XD

    • Snow says:

      hahaha i also went to have japanese food a couple more times that i usually would! ;)) japanese restaurants must have LOVED this show lol

      i agree with everything u said! watching chilam-myolie being so cute and everything made me dnt wanna watch michael-tavia at all. they were so boring, either quarelling or using each other. and the tears == i also loved damian-chilam-myolie, they were quite funny and always helping each other :D

      there were some good parts with pierre but mostly i just wasnt convinced tho

    • faithict says:

      lol…that was what i did too…but i did not wait till end of the series to go and eat sushi…i went to a sushi buffet in the middle of the series ^_^
      After watching this, I would really like to go to Hokkaido one of these days…very pretty…
      The best thing I like about this series is the trio (Myolie-Damian-Chi Lam) and followed by the love interest between Myolie-Chi Lam. Hopefully I get to see more Chi Lam series in future… :)

  • gary1510 says:

    I am also looking for tat song, “love me like an angel” can anyone tell me where to download the song pls? thank you

  • Snow says:

    its called hold me like the mountain i think

  • Stephanie says:

    I also agree with you. The Rippling Blossom is an enjoyable drama. Chilam DOES play a BIG part in making that happen. I haven’t seen Chilam act in a long time. Definitely miss him.



    Wow, Masked Rider references.

  • Crystal says:

    The name of the english song in “The Rippling Blossom” is “Love me like the angels” IF im not wrong.. :)

  • Fiona_x33 says:


    download link for “Love me like the angels”

  • Fiona_x33 says:

    Some say its called “hold me like the mountain” either way thats the song from the drama ^^

  • james says:

    I really like the spectacle frames worn by the Cheung Kwok Keung character. Anyone has any idea what brand it is and where I can get a pair??

  • Sandy says:

    I haven’t started this series yet, next on my list, but based on everyone’s reviews, getting very anxious to watch. Not sure how long I haven’t watched a series with Chi Lam.

  • Tim says:

    English song is by Celine Dion – Because you love me

  • Channie says:

    I’ve seen the movie and I loved it.

    I loved the english theme song for Chi Lam and Myolie (.. “did you love me like the angel..”) but cannot find it anywhere.

    Does anyone know if there’s a CD sound track? If so would it have that song in it?

    Pleaseee let me know.

  • Elvis says:

    Best drama ive seen :D

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    I finally watched it! i love chi lam in this, soo cute and funny. Michael and Tavia loves to play the “if you find me we are destined to be together” first cupid stupid now rippling blossom. i found there scenes ok to watch. finally they paired up!! i liked damien, myolie and chilams scenes always funny! and man im craving sashimi and sushi and want to go back to japan so bad! and this time im heading to hokaido for sure!
    also im loving the theme song!!

    gotta say my fav drama for 2011 so far.. been hearing a lot of negative comments for yes sir no sir :( have yet to watch it…

  • Shermaine says:

    Lol some of th screenshots tt ive taken it’s the same as above

  • ohooh says:


    click on “the rippling blossom”, then right click the download link to save :)

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