February 2008

[New Series]: The Seventh Day

The Seventh Day

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yui, Eddie Li, Sam Chan..

Episodes: 20

Release Date: February-March 2008


Unforgettable Encounter.

Two People with Same Birthday

Finding a True Heart as the Greatest Love of All

YAU CHI-WING (Kevin Cheng) and HUI WAI-YAN (Bosco Wong) were both born on the seventh day of August, but one takes relationships seriously while the other is so money-minded and sees love as a tool to get higher up the social ladder.

The tale begins on the seventh of August, when WING and YAN first encounter their own dream girl on the island. WING works as a lifeguard on the outlying island. He gets to know pet shop assistant LING KA-YAN (Niki Chow) by chance and is soon mesmerized by her endearing personality. YAN who works at a coffee shop meets a romance comic artist called WONG CHI-KWAN (Natalie Tong). Being misled into believing that the girl is from a rich family, YAN decides to chase her. He would never have thought that someone as calculating as himself would end up falling into a love trap.

Synopsis Credits to: Astro on Demand

The Seventh Day


When I read the first paragraph in the synopsis, I thought that Kevin would be playing the one who is “money-minded” ^^; I guess I was also influenced from the 2007 Sales Presentation clip for The Seventh Day when Kevin was with another girl. It sounds like a simple love story , or maybe the synopsis isn’t giving away too much. I hope it’ll turn out to be very romantic story because it actually doesn’t sound that exciting…

Screencaptures: From the 2007 Sales Presentation Clip

The First Day

The Second Day

The Third Day

The Fourth Day

The Fifth Day

The Sixth Day

19 Responses to “[New Series]: The Seventh Day”

  • cx839 says:

    I recommend you watch the newest TSD trailer:

    Would you like to exchange links?

  • kinki says:

    Where’s the “Most Beautiful” 7th Day?
    So do the entire 20 episodes focusing on 7 days?!
    That would be interesting!!~

  • Think says:

    No, Kinki i don’t think its 20 episodes on 7 days, that would be just weird. the seven days how they met/hang out whatever. Its basically how they started i guess. or somewhere along the lines of that

    i can’t wait to watch this series, been waiting forever though, but i don’t think i will actually be too interested in it after couple of esp

  • Summer says:

    Wa… KTVB.. u’re fast.. haha.. any waay love ur screencap of tis.. haha.. any way, i oso wil do screen cap for this series..cos, got Bosco lo. haha.. u know.. right,… hihi… and hows ur trip to Japan & HK?? nice.??? great??? i would love to listen .. haha…


  • groovy says:

    the synopsis implied that the couples first met their other half on the seventh day of august

    i read before that this series is about niki having some incurable disease and kevin turns from unemployed man to a better guy because of niki. kevin said he cried watching this series

  • Confused says:

    it’s not seven days in like 20 episodes. I think it’s called the seventh day because Kevin and Bosco’s birthday is on THE SEVENTH DAY of august.

  • KTVB says:

    To cx839: Sure I’d love to exchange links =) Woah~ that trailer! i jsut started watching a bit then was scared I’d get spoiled so I stopped lol Looks very romantic though 😀

  • tvjunkiee says:

    the actual beginning of this series, isn’t like the sales presentation at all.. how they meet and the whole seven days thing.. i just think it’s kind of weird..

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i like the seventh day cuz the movie were very good.
    the sad is that niki die becuz oh her cancer.
    and when niki first meet kevin niki hate kevin.
    and bosco and naltie were pretending to love each other.
    and then after all they really love each other.
    niki have a baby and also naltie.

  • Not Happy Jan says:

    OMG i just finished waching the 7th day…. it was lame!!! and the ending was kinda expected… i have no idea why the pole has the 7th day more popular then tai chai i fastforwarded T7D cos it was boring!!! Tai chi has me much interested cant wait to see ep 13!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I just finish it, it was awesome, i just watch the first few episodes in viet, but it got really interested so i watch the WHOLE thing in cantonese,i cried how Niki have to suffer soo much, well to be honest i think Bosco & Natalie wasnt that good, well i LOVE bosco but like in this movie he was like well i like how he tried but Natalie,NO,well i love the endin ,especially when she got over her disease & what happen 5 years later, i loved it. i getting toward of watchin Tai Chi.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Oh, i really liked the series, the best series i watched soo far, like this year. Even though Bosco & Natalie wasn’t that good but i still liked it.

  • Chummer says:

    I love this series and I also love this site! I cried so much to this series and its the best i’ve watched! `

  • Chun.ella&kevin.niki says:

    Hye…i watched diz series from eps 1 until 10 in dvd !! When i want to watch diss 2 aka eps 11 to 20 !! Tutttt !! No diss !! Hah?! I really want to watch eps 11 to 20 !! Dont know the cd was empty !! Soo hurt lh !! Tell me wat happen !! Hahaha !!

  • SAmi2346 says:

    These aren’t real footage’s from the seventh day are they
    if you guys have a video for these images can you guys show me the link

  • KTVB says:

    They were used in a promotional clip shown the year before it was released, sorta like a preview of what series was to come. Tho..it seems like the series was completely changed o and these footages weren’t used in the series. I don’t have a link to that clip anymore though. Maybe someone else could help out.

  • Wingie says:

    This is a beautiful serie!
    I love this.

  • Angie says:

    If you add in that Niki will die in the end, it will make the show soun much more interesting. 😀

  • Anna says:

    I like this movie but at the end Niki Chow was died i really don’t like that part.But i like the part when Natalie Tong & Charmaine doesn’t like Bosco Wong it is really funny. (*)

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