To be aired after A Journey Called Life in late April 2008

Cast: Nancy Sit, Paul Chun, Ng Wai Kwok, Shirley Yueng, Winnie Young, Christine Ng, Nancy Wu, Jack Wu…
Episodes: 21

A Rich Family is Ruled by LustA Hymn is Mourned Over by Feuds

“Sheung’s Silver Chamber”, the largest jewel company in Foshan, Guangdong Province China, is facing serious financial difficulties. In order to obtain a loan from SHUM’s family, SHEUNG HANG (Paul Chui Pui), owner of the Chamber, together with his primary wife, CHOI SIU-DIP (Nancy Sit Ka Yin), plot to arrange marriage between SHEUNG WAN (Ng Wai Kwok), HANG’s younger brother, and SHUM WING-TUNG (Winnie Young Yuen Yee), daughter of SHUM’s family. Fueled by hatred, CHING SAU-HANG (Christine Ng Wing Mei), WAN’s lover, marries HANG and ironically becomes WAN’s sister-in-law. WAN falls out with HANG, and opts to live abroad and disconnects from his family. After leaving home for years, WAN does not return home until the occasion to celebrate his father’s birthday. Tension between the two brothers comes to a head when HANG is reluctant to pay ransom to save the youngest son of WAN. WAN is determined to disconnect completely from his family ever since.

Since WAN’s return, SAU-HANG suffers from her husband’s neglect and gets framed for causing the fourth concubine FEI FEI’s (Nancy Wu Ting Yan) miscarriage. Hatred leads her to commit act that revenge. She seeks to subvert SHEUNG’s family by luring KWAN. Intentionally, she unveils TSAU GUK (Shirley Yeung Sze Ki), the maid in the family, is HANG’s illegitimate daughter. The dark age of a once-prominent family begins.

Credits: Astro on Demand

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11 Responses to “[New Series]: The Silver Chamber of Sorrows”

  • someone over the rainbow says:

    is shirley’s role or nancy’s role bigger in ‘silver chamber of sorrows’?

  • Jessica says:

    im soo hoping to see this movie i wonder how Shirley and Jack relationship will be.. if it good then i think for the coming HOG2 it be good too.

  • Jadedreams says:

    I just watched an intense clip from Szeki World on this serie, and the clips was really good although it revealed a lot of the plot though.

    Will you be watching this serie?

  • chibi says:

    lol..everyone in the poster has a scary facial expression ^^;

  • KTVB says:

    To someone over the rainbow: I have no idea..^^;

    To Jadedreams: I’ll probably be watching it, but later on after exams etc. It’ll be later but i think I’ll give it a go.

    To chibi: haha..they mean business XD

  • KTVB says:

    I’ve finally caught up on the series and watched all the episodes!

    I started watching it after “When Easterly Showers falls on the Sunny West“, and it really remind me of the series. The music, Nancy’s servant, the betrayals, everything for the name of their family, forcing marriages..or maybe this is all existence in that period of time ^^;

    I really enjoyed watching Silver Chambers of Sorrow 😀 There’s lots of suspense in it that makes me want to watch more of it. So much bad things happen to characters in the series, back stabbing and false accusations, complicated relationships and character-changes that creeps me out. I kept wondering if the series would have a happy ending and I’m glad it sorta does 🙂
    The parts that didn’t really interest me were watching Shirley, Jack and Charmaine’s love triangle. I couldn’t really care less for these three characters and I still found Shirley’s exaggeration somewhat annoying to watch. Other than that she’s pretty cute as the servant.
    I really like how the story revolves around the woman and the central theme about the pains, struggles, hardship and sorrows that woman face in that time period. I really feel sorry for them! All of them have distinct personalities (even the servants) which is interesting to watch too.
    The cast did a great job and I’m happy with Christine, Nancy Wu and Nancy Sit’s nominations for last years TVB awards. The series deserves in top 3, but unfortunately it didn’t make it. I’m also disappointed Paul didn’t get a nomination.

  • i was very happy to read your thoughts..hahah and agree very much with everything you i was thinking of the same thing when i watched fact i think theres like this main outfit thats in gold..that both the ah jies wear in the series..LOL…

  • chibi says:

    Just finished watching Silver Chambers, and I loved it! Every episode was intense..exciting and intriguing. I really felt sorry for Christine’s character at the start and was disappointed she turned so evil.. I was torn between hating her or understanding her motives and her reasons. There were times that I hated her so much, but then couldn’t help but have empathy for her when she was forced to kill Feifei (Nancy). The whole story is depressing and as the episode move further along, it becomes more brutal, more inhumane and ultimately overwhelming.

    I think Christine, Paul and Nancy Sit did an outstanding job.

    The opening theme is sooo lovely and soft..matches the whole mood of the show. A must watch!

  • Ivy says:

    which website has all the hk tv drama series in cantonese?

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