August 2009

[New Series]: The Stew of Life

Title: The Stew of Life 有营煮妇 (previously known as  ‘Nutritional Housewives’ )
Cast: Louise Lee Sze Kei 李司棋 Christine Ng Wing Mei 伍詠薇 Fala Chen 陈法拉 Chung King Fai 钟景辉 Hung Tin Ming 洪天明 Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching 麦长青 Johnson Lee Sze Chit 李思捷 Ken Wong 王合喜
Episodes: 30
Release date: 7 September 2009
Producer: Amy Wong Sun Wai
Scriptwriter: Leung Man Wah & Wong Yuk Tak

Themesong: Perfect Match-Fala Chen

The Stew of Life


Upon returning from a trip with her husband NG MAN TAK (Chung King Fai), cookery teacher LO SIU LAI (Louise Lee Sze Kei) is shocked to find that her little daughter NG CHOI NI (Fala Chen) has started cohabiting with a homosexually inclined colleague LAU TAT YAN (Hung Tin Ming) while her divorced sister LO SIU MEI (Christine Ng Wing Mei) is seemingly caught up in a love triangle between tenant YAU KAI (Evergreen Mak) and her ex-husband. By and by TAK is forced to retire early and stays at home all day with nothing to do. LAI, on the other hand, is lucky enough to have the opportunity to host a culinary show on TV. Everything seems to have happened too fast but this does not leave LAI frustrated and accursed. Instead she tries to get round every problem with even more patience and dedication, which however is not appreciated by TAK. The bickering continues until LAI eventually thinks of a good way to tackle TAK.

Delivering a real taste of home, “The Stew of Life” gives you an insight into how women think and feel about relationship and family issues as a daughter, wife and mother.


Synopsis Credits to : Astro on Demand

21 Responses to “[New Series]: The Stew of Life”

  • Kelvin says:

    Doesn’t sound like a very interesting drama

  • Chloe says:

    Lee See Kei seems to be playing the same characters over and over again. I, personally, am losing interest in her acting and her dramas.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree..though you can tell she’s trying to act differently in this series. I think it’s through her voice (to make it softer). It doesn’t seem natural though

  • jenny says:

    Man , this sounds like a uniteresting drama . Why did they decide to air this instead of A WatchDog Tale’s ? i really wanna see that series with linda and steven . and mostly a bride for a ride . that drama is just ridiculous . I WILL NEVER WATCH THAT STUPID DRAMA .

  • grub says:

    I think in this drama, fala looks like a nerd with the big glasses and mushroom like haircut…not sure though…

  • meiz says:

    can i know whats the dog breed of the Jack inside this movie?

  • person says:

    yup it is…

  • Helen says:

    I’ve seen bits and pieces of this series, i like the character that Chung King Fai plays – he’s quite a funny man! I like Fala Chen since Moonlight Resonance, but in this series her character is a bit of a smart ass =S perhaps watch the first episode just to get a taste of it, and continue if you like it =)

    • KTVB says:

      My least favourite character in the series is actually Chung King Fai. I find him quite annoying in lots of respects ( like jealous over a dog :P)

  • Coco says:

    I haven’t watched this show, but the themesong looked like it was the same miniature schnauzer dog from The Seventh Day.

  • Jolie Fille says:

    I like this movie!!!
    it’s meaningful. It’s connected with family, career and character. From different dimension you can learn and pick up some value of life within though the series sound quite” aunty” for housewife audience, indeed, after watching, it’s interesting and i like Chung King Fai’s character.

  • Evelyn says:

    I love this movie. Actually, i love all of the TVB dramas 🙂 This movie is so great, i can learn something from it. I watch this movie because it had my favorite actresses in it.Christine Ng, Fala Chen and Louise Lee Sze Kei. <3 You guys should watch this drama. It's so funny and interesting.

  • Annie says:

    I am watching it! I really like the drama series! I think it’s really funny!

  • jenjen says:

    i like the relationship between timmy hung anf fala chen in this movie , they are very cute together ^_^

  • Annie says:

    This movie was okay, but at some points I found it quite boring

  • Seol ui says:

    I am still watching this drama and I totally love it. This drama is interesting and funny to me. =)

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